Sunday, December 15, 2013

Diabolik Lovers 12 - Kill it with Fire

Scenes have never changed so quickly so many times as they did in this episode.
I love how they're all just standing there
The final episode starts off with everybody commenting on Heroine's actions. One of praise (?), one of disapproval, one of concern. Ayato calls Subaru and asks him if he can remove the knife, he motions to remove it. Subaru goes over and tells him to stop. Subaru takes on the task instead. 
I thought you already did
Meanwhile, former mystery man Richter is dragging himself down the waterway for whatever reason. He stumbles (literally) upon a rusty, but still somehow appealing rotating staircase. 
She's turning whiter than the vampires!
We get back to the brothers, as they try to figure out a way to drive Cordelia's (or as they referred to her, "the bitch's") spirit out of Heroine. 
We then get to Subaru who is in the rose garden staring at the bloody knife for some reason. He gets mad and cuts a rose in half, because that's what he does when he's mad...I guess. 
We then get back to Richter, who is making his way somewhere and is leaving blood stains all over the house. It turns out he's been on his way to the secret room where he's been keeping Cordelia's dress. He collapses and dramatically reaches for the bloody rose on the dress (which for some unexplained reason, can possibly save him). Then, the Fedora finds him.
Then we get back to the other brothers and Heroine, as she writhes about in her sleep/comatose state. Emo Shota makes a monotonous comment of how painful it looks, and then Ayato walks up to her and tells her to wake up (yeah, that helps...). Turns out she is going through all this because of the awakening. And there is no clear idea of what's gonna happen because no vessel has endured the awakening before, AND Heroine has Cordelia's heart!
During all this, Fedora and Richter are having a confrontation. A better word for it would be interrogation (and a failed one at that) because Fedora keeps on asking Richter questions, and he's just not answering them! 
  We then get back to comatose Heroine and the brothers again, and glasses has shown up with a mysterious potion. It turns out he needs just one more ingredient and then he can kill Cordelia's spirit! He needs a "piece of Cordelia," a rather difficult thing to find apparently. BUT, never fear, because Emo Shota has something (hidden in his teddy bear for some reason)! He says he no longer has a need for it (I wonder what he needed it for in the first place...) and gives it to Glasses who identifies it as "that woman's..." (I can only guess it was some type of bodily fluid) and completes the potion with it.
 Then we get back to the Fedora and Richter. Fedora tells Richter that he will never let him or "that woman" run their (his and his brothers') lives again. Richter then goes on to say some crap about inescapable destinies. Fedora doesn't seem to care though and picks up a lantern and throws it in Richter's direction. Setting everything around him on fire. Fedora wishes Richter a nice time in hell, and walks away.
We then return to Heroine and the brothers (though the house is potentially on fire), as Ayato orally transmits the potion into Heroine. She regains her color. He backs away, and mutters her name (for the very first time~). Heroine then wakes up, and Ayato greets her (cue the touching music). Heroine acknowledges that she is alive, and then asks what she's doing there. Ayato tells her that she doesn't need to know that. She sees all of the other brothers behind him (usually, this sight would be rather frightening, but in this episode it's touching).
If you know what I mean *wink*
 Then Heroine says she's thirsty. Uh oh...
We are then greeted with the end credits, followed by little statements from each brother about how glad they are about her presence and the possibility of tormenting her further. How joyful.
Someone's probably gonna open that door again, it's inevitable
We then get to a little epilogue (?) where Ayato is returning Heroine's cross while she is holding a rose (miraculously, the house has not burned down). She drops the rose and it loses all it's petals. We then see chains, and an image of Cordelia behind them. Then we see a lock, and one of the brothers (probably Glasses) locking it. We then see a full image of the locked door, that shall, hopefully, never be opened again. Because you shouldn't start trouble when there's already a fire.

Episode rating 2/10: Heroine is still stuck in a house full of rapists, and that is most certainly not a good ending. 

Well, this series was a 2/10, despite my decent ratings for some of the episodes, this show was just generally disgusting.

For those of you who stuck with me while I blogged this, I offer a thank you. I really couldn't do this without you. I'll be back in a week or two to post my final thoughts on the season, and I'll start blogging a new show in January (hopefully one that's more stupid than disgusting). See you all next time!  

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