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Diabolik Lovers 11 - Family Reunion

Fuyukai desu
So this episode starts off with Glasses discovering an "awakened" Cordelia. She presents interest in Glasses and asks him to come closer. He tells her that scheming comes to them (her and Richter) as naturally as breathing,and she replies with a little speech about her desire to stay "vibrant" and how boredom is the most painful thing for immortals. After awhile she proceeds to compare him to as well as insult his mother. Glasses is insulted by this, and Cordelia goes on to say that his mother didn't love him as much as she did Shu, so she (Cordelia) thought he wouldn't mind her insulting her. Glasses concludes this is how she tore his father and uncle apart, but also concludes that their relationship was probably not all that close for it to be ruined by Cordelia.
That's...kind of disgusting
She is impressed by his observance, and advances toward him. She tells him his eyes resemble his father's and takes off his glasses (lost identity). She then reveals that she came back to kill their father (out of love, apparently) and starts making out with former Glasses. She then tells him she is becoming interested in him as a man (oh my), and subtly asks him to continue (while in front of his uncle, because he, apparently, doesn't care). HOWEVER,
In other words, he doesn't like people like him
he rejects her, saying he is not attracted to her in an insulting manner (seen above). 
She then slaps him (aww, it hurt your feelings?).
Then, interrupting this little conflict, Fedora and Emo Shota show up, followed by Subaru and his usual not making of sense, and then Shu.
Cordelia questions if this is the best "entertainment" they could provide (after they've all taking turns at making remarks at her) and that they're as dull as ever. She then says that the worst thing about them is that they prevent her from being her "vibrant-self" (that is the most ridiculous/brilliant line I have ever heard), and orders Richter to kill them all (oh no...) and hands him Subaru's knife (and explains the use of it... with Cordelia's assistance). She tells Richter that she'll make him head of the family after he's killed them. Richter then tells her that she promised him the same thing while she lying, that if he saved her, she would "put him on the throne."
He then tells her that she is useless to him in her "less than pristine condition" (ouch), and that all he really needs is her heart (he can even use Heroine for the same thing he was gonna use Cordelia for). He then tells her that it was not she that was using him, but he that was using her (DUN DUN DUNNN). He then pulls her down and makes a motion to bite her neck, BUT....
For once, I am happy to see him
Ayato arrives, claiming rights to Heroine's body. He tells Richter not to touch her without his permission. Richter tells him not to interfere, and then starts mindlessly swinging at him with a sword with Cordelia/Heroine in hand. The Fedora throws Ayato a sword (that's dangerous) and Ayato gracefully catches it and flips it into battle position. Dramatic sword fight ensues.
 Richter manages to stab Ayato right in the shoulder. Blood spatters everywhere, and right before Richter lands the final hit, Heroine awakens!
She pushes Richter away and scurries to the middle of the stairs.
She then points Subaru's knife at herself, mumbles "now no one will get hurt" and stabs herself in the heart. She falls over, and Ayato catches her. Richter screams "the heart is mine!" and takes his sword out once again. Ayato stabs him before he can get close. Ayato then tells Heroine to open her eyes, and then sees movement.
Not sure whether to agree with you or not on that
But alas, it is Cordelia once again (seriously, can we ever get rid of this bitch?). She calls Heroine foolish, and tells Ayato that Heroine's death and her (Cordelia's) awakening are only a matter of time. Soon, Heroine's body and soul will be Cordelia's (probably).

Episode rating 6/10: Another positive rating?!?! Well, there was a lot of plot (gasp!) in this episode, and I like this series when there isn't so much rape and blood-sucking. Too bad most of the previous episodes consisted of this.

Next episode is the finale! What can possibly be in store for us?!?!

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