Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Diabolik Lovers 9 - Domination (Not in the S&M Sort of Way)

A lot of things, actually
So this episode starts off with a mysterious voice calling out to Cordelia (or as I lovingly call her, Mommy-kins). Heroine awakens, and contemplates what is wrong with her and why she has chest pains. So, like any logical person, Heroine decides to wander the property in the dead of her school uniform (well, I suppose it's better than wandering in your pajamas). Suddenly, she is attacked by bats. She tells them to stop, and then hears a moany-groany voice saying to be quiet in a nearby...tomb? Heroine immediately recognizes it as the Space Cadet (who else would it be?). He asks her what she wants. Heroine apologizes for the disturbance, and attempts to consult him about her recent...issues...which inevitably results in...
Why do all conversations end with this?
  Him sucking her blood. How unexpected.
However, something is off. Space Cadet notes how her blood has changed and that the awakening is at hand *GASP*. Heroine seems a bit surprised by this remark, so Space Cadet repeats himself, adding in that her blood is hot and bursting out right now (gotta love the adjectives they use here). He attempts to go back and suck more blood, but even with her meager amount strength, she manages to block him.
Please, enlighten me with more information
He also adds that  new, fresh, blood also flows through...(wait for it)...her wrists!
After he sucks some blood from her wrists, he states that her blood is of the finest quality (just in case y'all forgot). Then after some more blood sucking and 'delicious' comments, Space Cadet says something else about the awakening and Heroine finally asks him what it is. After some more reminders of what a sacrificial bride is, former mystery man Richter shows up and explains the whole situation.
Where should we start?
Heroine immediately recognizes him as the man from the flashback. After Space Cadet leaves, Richter apologizes for the poor manners of his nephews (because that is totally relevant at this point). After Heroine barrages him with questions, Richter explains to her that she was not chosen per say. It turns out she was picked because she was simply the right age and was easy to obtain (so this could've happened to anyone! Even...YOU!) and that her father had no involvement in this. Heroine is relieved by this news, but then, suddenly, her chest pains begin again. This means the awakening is progressing, and Richter couldn't be happier about it. He somehow renders her unconscious (her will is unconscious, but she can still walk and stuff) and takes her to the attic(?). He turns her father's (fake?) diary and her (fake?) baby picture to dust, stating that there is no further need for them.
Well, I guess I'm not sleeping this week
He takes her to the location of Mommy-kins's bloodied up dress. Suddenly, her hand is covered in blood, and then everything becomes dark. Mommy-kins creepily fades in, and slowly reaches for Heroine. Heroine looks as if she's about to scream.
The bitch is back
After the reunion, Mommy-kins (in Heroine's body) laughs evilly. This awakening is noticed by all of the brothers, some of whom certainly more perturbed than others.

Who knows what's in store for us next week?!?

Episode rating 6/10 A-a postive rating?!?! What kind of sorcery is this?!?! 
Well, it's nice to see a somewhat interesting development every once in awhile.

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