Saturday, November 16, 2013

Diabolik Lovers 8 - Killing the Queen, Blood-Sucking with Subaru, and Cuddling

Oh yeah, I think she's very warm now
So the episode starts off with Heroine walking in on the Fedora playing the piano. She immediately (and I do mean immediately) asks him who the lady with purple hair is, and her question is then answered with a flashback of the brothers murdering her. I'm not gonna get into the intimate details of it (because this scene was shockingly exciting). And that was half of the episode right there.
I like Subaru, he tells it like it is
After they finish telling her the story, she runs away. She says she can't take it anymore, and then, suddenly, Subaru arrives, and tells her she should've left when she had the chance. She asks him if he knew about what the triplets did to their mother, and he responds "and if I do?" He prepares to walk away, when she asks him why he gave her the knife. She steps towards him, and he responds as such:
Ah, so we're back to Mr.Wonderful mode again, aren't we?
And to add to that, he says he will not only destroy her body (oohh) but her mind as well (I think he's trying too hard). Then he throws flowers at her (so scary). She automatically flashes back to the woman she saw standing in the tower. She then asks him if that was his mother (because now is obviously the best time to ask questions). He blows up again screaming "what do you know?!" and grabbing her arm.
Well, I guess he's destroying your wrist first
Heroine is in pain, and demands Subaru let go. He then proceeds to beat himself up and act as if he is talking to his mother. He then returns to reality, and hugs Heroine. Then he bites her (well at least he was more gentle about it...). Of course, he also comments that it's so sweet.
Isn't that statement a little bit redundant?
Then he pulls down half of her shirt (pulling an Ayato here, aren't we?), and sniffs her (?) then bites her upper arm. After all that, he provides her with an answer to her question. He tells her that he gave her the knife to stab him with, should he want her to. She says she can't possibly do that, so he tells her to use it to kill herself instead (well, okay then). He tells her that she has no right to refuse, just like how she can't deny him her blood. Heroine cringes in fear, and Subaru is seemingly pleased by this. He tells her to always be quiet and allow his fangs to enter her (oh dayum), and bites her again.

Later, Heroine is quietly lying in bed, when someone else enters it. She turns around.
That's not exactly very intimidating to say while you're clinging to her like a small child
It's Ayato. He tells her not to look at him, and pulls her back down. He holds her (kind of) and tells her not to disobey him, and then falls asleep (?)

Episode rating 5/10 not a bad rating, isn't that crazy?!? That chase scene really was something.

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