Friday, November 8, 2013

Diabolik Lovers 7 - More Mommy Issues and an Epicly Long Flashback

Well, that is totally not creepy at all
So this episode starts off with some unpleasant weather. Heroine awakes from her slumber, and takes a look out the window. Who does she see? It's that random lady we saw back in episode 1!
So something possesses her to go to this waterway under the house. She then enters a room that triggers an episode-long flashback!
Aww...they were so cute before they became rapists..
Heroine regains her consciousness, and wonders where she is. She then sees pint-sized Ayato, Fedora (who didn't have a fedora when he was little), and Emo Shota. Tiny Emo Shota is sad that the bats he caught got away, tiny Ayato volunteers to catch them back for him. Suddenly, mystery lady appears (turns out she's their mom)! After tiny Emo Shota and Fedora take their leave, their mom tells Ayato to go back inside and study. Tiny Ayato refuses, and asks why Emo Shota and Fedora get to play outside while he is forced to study all day. She tells tiny Ayato it's because he's different, because he is the successor. In order to be the successor, he must be number one, otherwise, he is not his mother's child and he will be sunk to the bottom of the lake (parenting!). She tells him, unless that is what he wants, to return to his room and study. Tiny Ayato runs off, wearing a sad expression. 
Even if she's a bitch, I've got to admit, she certainly carries herself well
 Mommy-kins takes a seat on a bench. She calls over the Emo Shota, and tells her to sing "that song" for her. He does so, tiny Fedora also comes to listen, smiling peacefully, as their mother wears this conceited look on her face. We then return to Heroine who ponders "is this pretty lady their mother? But that..."

We then get a change of scenery, as Heroine stumbles upon the Glasses with his mother.
He's the cutest
Tiny Space Cadet comes about with a puppy (this was the most adorable thing this show has ever presented to me), his (and Glasses's) mother does not look pleased. She asks him what he's doing, and he shows her the puppy gleefully, telling her a friend gave him to him. She tells him to release "that thing" at once. Glasses glares at him. She then lectures him about how he is the oldest son, and therefore, the next head of the family (everyone wants their son to succeed in this family). She tells him that he must know how to conduct himself at all times (and apparently, the puppy gets in the way of this). The puppy is then confiscated by the creepy butler who hasn't appeared since episode 1 (or maybe he has, I don't really know since he doesn't have much presence). Space Cadet has a fit, and says that he promised Edgar he'd take care of him. His mother then stares at him with cold eyes, he lets go of the puppy and runs away.
No one cares, Glasses
Glasses then attempts to impress his mother by telling her that he has finished memorizing an entire book (wowza). His mother doesn't seem to care though, so he goes back to reading, looking a bit frustrated.
We then return to an onlooking Heroine who steps on a white rose. She tries to pick it up, but she cuts her finger (even though she's kind of a ghost-thing in this flashback, she can hurt herself).
Why does he dress exactly the same way as he does when he's older?
Heroine is somehow magically transported to another floor, and stumbles upon a tower. A young Mr.Wonderful stares at the tower, which, it turns out, is where his mother is being held captive (like a princess). Young Mr.Wonderful looks sad. Heroine notices the knife he gave her in his hand. He drops the knife.
I think that's just a little bit of a stretch
We then somehow return to ground level, back to Mommy-kins. Here we find her getting her ass kissed by the former mystery man, Richter. After he basically tells her that she's the best thing that has ever come into existence, Mommy-kins tells Richter that she wants him to always stay by her side, just to whisper his sweet nothings. Heroine then notices young Ayato, bearing witness to his mother cheating (implied).
Suddenly, things turn black and white. Everything has stopped moving, but somehow, Mommy-kins turns and looks at Heroine. Heroine panics, and her chest pain causes her to collapse, therefore ending the long flashback.

Heroine is woken up by Ayato. She asks him where she is, and he tells her that they're in the underground waterway. She asks how she got there, and he is surprised to hear that she doesn't remember. He tells her to stay away from there when it rains (he's caring again!). She then asks him what's behind the door that's next to him, he tells her that she doesn't need to know. He notices the cut on her finger. She wonders where she got it from, and then remembers the rose in the flashback.
Suddenly, a wild Fedora appears.
That can never mean anything good
He was lured in by the smell of her blood! He says he's glad that she's there, and proposes they have some fun together (just when I thought there wasn't gonna be rape in this episode!). Ayato notes how Heroine's blood is indeed potent, and how he's smelled it before. Heroine attempts to escape, but just as all her previous attempts, it is futile. Fedora pushes her against the gate she was trying to escape from. Ayato pushes him out of the way, and bites her neck. He mumbles how it's the flavor he remembers while sucking her blood. Suddenly, he stops, looking a bit freaked out. Fedora asks if Ayato's done, and if he could have a turn. Ayato says "be my guest" and after saying that she can't escape (this time using a butterfly in a spiderweb analogy), he bites her thigh and says he loves her. Ayato looks at Fedora with shock. He pulls down Heroine's pajama a bit (OH SHIT), and bits her shoulder (?). Both brothers suck her blood simultaneously, until Ayato decides to stop (because he's "bored") and walks away.
That's right, Mr.Cool. Walk away.
As he walks away Fedora glances at him momentarily, and then continues to suck Heroine's blood. Heroine then passes out.

Episode rating 4.5/10 Would've been decent if they didn't include the rape. Seriously.


  1. They made Cordelia too nice. In the VN, she sexually abused two of them (she wanted Kanato to sing for her because his voice made her aroused) and wanted to abuse Ayato but couldn't lay a finger on him, she did drown him often (not threats, she held his head down and drown him). Those three are fucked up in the head because their mother was a monster who also abused and raped Christa (Subaru's mother) and everyone. She's the one who taught her babies to be rapists.

    You might recall the name Edgar from the previous Shuu flashback. That's his real personality. Unlike the triplets who are too damaged and insane thanks to Cordelia's abuse, in his route and Subaru (a little), Shuu gets his old self back. He's just has a case of crippling depression (his lethargic apathy is this), with a touch of consensual sadism to be explored as a way to get his self back.

    I feel bad Subaru gets zero screentime. He has the same clothes because his mother is a prisoner, he's not a fancy spoiled prince like the rest. He doesn't have anyone to educate him on a fancy way.

    And yeah, nobody cares about Reiji. He's an asshole without justification. So his mother was neglectful but she did love him. She wasn't a monster like Cordelia or had to deal with Subaru's issues. His behavior against his brother is something I can't forgive. He never did anything to him (he's even graceful in his route, turning down Yui when she throws herself at him under Cordelia's influence).

    1. This is a whole family of nymphomaniacs isn't it?

    2. Yes, Subaru and Yui are repressed first.

      Cordelia was just the one who would make everyone blush, she willingly had sex with animals and loved it.