Friday, November 29, 2013

Diabolik Lovers 10 - Heart Transplant and Some Lovin'

Well, aren't they romantic?
This episode starts of with Cordelia and Richter reminiscing about the good ol' days. Richter reminds Cordelia that she is still his brother's wife, and that is an "inescapable" fact. He tells her how he fought for her (with his brother) and lost, and that he attempted to forget her by wandering the world for 100 years (a love story of multiple centuries). Cordelia says that there was no need to forget her, and that he owes nothing to his brother. She also states that all that is meaningless now, it's all in the past. 
Not sure if pissed about mom being alive or Heroine being potentially dead
Suddenly, Ayato arrives, extremely displeased. Cordelia can see this, and tells Richter to explain. She takes her leave, saying that she needs rest because she is not used to the body yet, and that Heroine seems to be trying to eject her. Ayato then asks Richter what he did to her.
We then are presented with a flashback of Cordelia's heart being cut out by Richter (just before Emo Shota burns her body) so it could be transplanted into her next vessel. It is then obvious to Ayato that his mommy's heart is in Heroine's body. Richter states that Heroine is indeed still alive, but once Cordelia is fully resurrected, Heroine's soul will be...obliterated for eternity (DUN DUN DUNNN). Ayato is stunned when hearing this, and Richter adds in that the awakening is already at hand.
I can already see where this is going
Next we see Cordelia standing on a dock, where Ayato approaches her. She asks him if he'll kill her again. He tells her that he used to be a bad swimmer. She responds that he improved all because of her. He tells her that it is now her turn. She responds that she is a excellent swimmer (a little conceited there now, aren't we?), but alas, she does not know. Though Cordelia is a good swimmer, Heroine is not. Ayato pushes her into the lake (haha, I knew it), and Cordelia drowns and loses consciousness.  Ayato starts to walk away, but then he hears a familiar call. It's Heroine (she's back)!
Once he brings her back to shore, she starts asking about why she was in the lake, why she was wearing the dress, yadda, yadda, yadda. Ayato tells her to be quiet (lol) and then starts sucking her blood (as always).
Oh my, is that a proposal?
He makes some of the usual "sweet" comments, but he also adds in that is so filling (ಠ_ಠ). He then tells her that she belongs to him, her blood, her heart, her body, her soul...and then he tells her to devote her blood and life to him. He appears to be leaning in to kiss her (ohhh) but is interrupted by Emo Shota and Fedora (awww), who also wish to enjoy some of Heroine's blood. 
How do these two manage to out-creepy everyone else?
Heroine gets scared and, successfully for once, runs away. Ayato blocks the path for the two of them (he does care!). Fedora comments that "it's not nice to be greedy," (as seen above) and Emo Shota adds in that they want to taste her too. Ayato tells them to "shaddap" (oh Ayato, you're so graceful).
Now, just what are you gonna do with that, missy?
Heroine manages to run all the way to her overly pink room. She opens her drawer, and takes the knife out. Suddenly, Subaru grabs her from behind. He bites her (how unexpected....), and then stops, comments that it's good (okay..), and then says that he'll make her really feel his fangs (ಠ_ಠ) and then bites her in a more sensitive part of her shoulder.
What is up with you and destroying people?
He tells her that her blood is irresistible, and that he will make it all his, down to the very last drop. She drops the knife, which surprises Subaru. Heroine falls over, and Subaru picks up the knife. He asks if she's become afraid of them (he and his brothers) now (well, who wouldn't after being assaulted and possibly raped several times?!?!?!?). She says she hasn't (well, I guess the answer is Heroine...). She says that if she carries the knife with her she doesn't know what she might do (I wonder why she went and got it in the first place if she didn't really want to kill them). Subaru tells her to keep it and disappears.

Suddenly, Richter appears, telling her that her blood drives them mad (oh really? I didn't notice) and it makes them want to claim her as their own. He says that this will lead to a conflict (a Brothers Conflict perhaps? Buhahahaha that was awful) that will result in tragic deaths for the lot of them (and we all know that we should definitely be concerned for rapists' safety). Heroine asks what she can do. Richter tells her to clear her thoughts, and that the answer shall eventually come to her, all she needs to do is accept it (I have a feeling these are some Jedi mind tricks for her to accept the awakening).
Suddenly, Cordelia (in spirit, of course) is standing on the balcony. Heroine becomes dazed again, and reaches for Cordelia. She collapses. Richter states that the time for the complete awakening has finally arrived, and Heroine opens to eyes...but it is no longer Heroine. She has become Cordelia!!!

Episode rating: 5/10 because more plot and Ayato cares

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