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Diabolik Lovers Episode 5 - Mommy Issues

So this episode starts of with Yui in denial of what the Fedora told her last episode. Suddenly, the Emo Shota arrives, tells her to pick up the roses she is plucking, and follow him. She does so (dooming herself in the process), and they end of up the family graveyard. Yui asks why they're there, and after saying how great graves are, he presents his mother's grave to her. After a comment from Yui, the Emo Shota remarks that he had killed her....and then asks Yui if she would believe that. He asks her to place the roses on the grave. After she does so, she tries to take her leave. 
The Emo Shota gets pissed, calls her selfish, and beats his mother's grave with the roses. Yui tells him to stop, and he gets even angrier, saying not to order him around and calling her a "lousy mortal" (oh dayum) and telling her that she doesn't understand him (typical Emo talk). Yui apologizes, but he tells her that her apologies annoy him, and then asks her if she likes deceiving others. Yui backs away from him, and trips in the process. Emo Shota laughs at her. He tells her she looks pathetic, and tells her that if she crawls around in the dirt some more and cries like "the pathetic girl" she is, he might forgive her (are you serious?).  Yui apologizes again, and suddenly, Emo Shota has a change in mood (like a complete 180). He calls her sweet, and tells her "that's enough," then gets on top of her.
He starts making a motion to bite her, then stops. He recalls how human women (apparently) get angry if they aren't  kissed before being pleasured (I didn't know sucking their blood induced pleasure...weird). He says it's a pain, but does it anyway. He bites her neck afterwards, then stops to sniff her. He notes that she smells like "something he remembers" and laughs about it (like the crazy mother he is) and proceeds biting her. She (like always) says that it hurts. He stops (being surprisingly considerate) and says that he should make it feel good for her. So instead of biting her neck, he bites between her boobs (?). As he sucks her blood he remarks that it's delicious, and then tells her that he won't let her go. You then her disturbing sucking/slurping sounds as you get a pleasant view of the Emo Shota's bear (that scene sent chills down my spine).
Oh, hey! Where have you been the last 3 episodes?
 As Heroine walks zombishly back to the manor, we see mystery man in the back. We then hear "what are you doing here, Richter?" from behind him, only to discover it's Subaru! Also, it turns out Richter is their uncle (apparently), and Subaru does not like him. Subaru (being his usual, charming self) tells the guy to shut up and go away. Dramatic wind starts blowing, and Richter states that "the awakening will manifest without awaiting its time" (???) and he disappears. Subaru looks back and the dazed heroine, and ponders what Richter said.
So this is Glasses without the glasses? Not bad...not bad at all.
So after she reaches the door to her room, Heroine notices that the door next door is open. Throwing caution to the wind she decides to go in (that's one more bad decision today to add to the list). She discovers Glasses sleeping in this room (which appears to be a study/laboratory), and wakes him. Glasses (without his glasses on) is not pleased. He comments that he cannot believe that he was awoken by the smell of her blood (are you gonna tell me that's rude?). Yui apologizes, but he says that it's better than the nightmare he was having. Yui commented that she did indeed come because she hear moaning. Glasses puts on his glasses and goes to make some tea. 

He gets just a cup for himself, and Heroine is wondering why. He asks her if she honestly believed he would make tea for her, and tells her to stop being so conceited (OH SNAP!). He tells her that he will, however, allow her to enjoy the smell. Heroine decides to switch the topic, and asks if anybody else, like the Space Cadet, uses it. Glasses then comments that just hearing his (Space Cadet's) name makes his ears feel unclean. Heroine asks why he hates him so much, but Glasses refuses to provide her with an answer. He then goes off to stare out a window and has a flashback.
Oh...he was jelly of the Space Cadet
And what's the flashback of? Him staring out a window (at his mom and the Space Cadet). This suggests that the reason he hates the Space Cadet so much is that his mom favored him instead. Suddenly, after his flashback ends, Glasses offers to share his tea (which is totally not suspicious). Heroine sips the tea, and drops her cup, and grabs her mouth. Turns out it was poisoned (yep, totally unexpected)!
That is not the only problem, and you know it!
Glasses reassures her that her life is not at risk (which makes it totally okay that he poisoned her), he also states that he dislikes how it made her numb (now she won't moan in pain, and that simply will not do). He says he'll have to make it again, and then forces some other chemical in her mouth. She starts coughing and falls on the ground.
Well, shit, maybe she forgot her manners after you F***ING POISONED HER.
 He tells her that her coughing is impolite (ಠ_ಠ) and asks her what's wrong with her (really?). He then tells her that she must clean up the shattered glass off the floor (....). Heroine looks at her hand, so see a horrid gash on it. Glasses grabs her hand, and tells her that he has no interest in things with imperfections (I'm sure she's heartbroken). He then tells her, despite this, she "infuses the air with a sweet aroma" and proceeds to lick her hand. He then stops and mutters "what is this?", and gets up. He takes his remaining glove off (aw shiet) and tells her that he has soiled himself with her blood (pfft...really now?). Heroine starts to say that it wasn't her fault (and it really wasn't), but glasses stops her and tells her that he doesn't want to hear her excuses. 
He tells her to get up, and she does so, and notices him glaring at her...hard. She backs away, he drops his glove, and slams her against the bookshelf (ouch). She begs him to stop, and then he asks her "who in the world will hear you scream?", and proceeds to try to bite her. She screams, and then he makes a whole speech that mortals are merely containers of blood, and despite her position, he wishes to give more pleasure her more than anyone (wait...what?). He then bites her, and Heroine struggles, eventually pushing one of his arms away. He then slams her against the bookshelf again, and tells her to know her place and that he will not tolerate disobedience. He tells her to learn to fear him more and more (I think she already fears you enough, thank you very much).
That is the most frightening utterance of that line I have ever heard
  He then asks "shall I bandage your wound?" (what?) and then says that he will bind it so tightly that her blood flow will be cut off, and her hand will rot and fall off at the wrist (of course...). He then says the very idea of her screaming at that moment makes him very happy (ಠ_ಠ). She then collapses as he goes more into the description of this ordeal, then suddenly, he has yet another flashback.
I'm pretty sure that wasn't his goal
So apparently he killed his mom, and she (his mom) was very happy about it. He was angered that she was satisfied by this, and yelled that he had no intention of allowing her a peaceful death. We then get back to him and Yui. He pulls Yui closer to him, and mumbles "I will not allow it."

Episode rating 3/10 why do you think it took me so long to blog this episode? Though, I was quite happy to see the return of Mr.Wonderful, learn mystery man's name, and see that Glasses's mother pissed him off when he killed her. Still, I hate psychos, and this show is full of them.

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