Friday, October 25, 2013

Diabolik Lovers 6 - Would've, Could've, Should've

I really don't understand why you care
So this episode starts off with the Emo Shota singing....on the balcony railing. Heroine arrives, and is worried about whether or not he will fall. They have another typical conversation of theirs (Emo Shota calling her cute expression cute, then says he hates it..etc.) all the while Heroine tells him to get off the balcony. Eventually (after more of this typical, bipolar conversation of theirs) this happens:
Okay, do that
Yep, he falls. Heroine rushes to his aid. Unfortunately, he does not die from this. He wakes up, and calls Heroine annoying. He says that a mere fall from the 2nd floor would not kill him, and that he could only wish he died that easily (if only...). Heroine then asks him if he wants to die, he says maybe, but not at the moment (not today, but maybe tomorrow!). He then says that there is a place he is fond of (he does like things aside from his bear! Surprising, I know.), and that today he would like to take Heroine there (should I be worried?).  
This is totally not creepy
Emo Shota takes Heroine to a place completely full of wax figures in wedding dresses. He notices that Heroine is not enjoying being there. Heroine says that wax figures are kind of eerie (I second that), and that she just wished that they were as cute as Teddy (is this...ass kissing I hear?!?). Emo Shota replies that he does realize that Teddy is the cutest of them all (of course), but in terms of soullessness, they are the same (to think that he knew that...). He then comments that Heroine would be beautiful as a silent corpse (this is where you run).
That's okay, I wasn't planning on sleeping tonight anyway
He then proposes that Heroine become a wax figure as well (you should be running by now). He says that he will keep her displayed carefully (RUN) and that it would make Teddy happy to have a new friend (RUN, BITCH-CHAN, RUN), it would be a win-win situation for her (NO IT WOULDN'T YOU LITTLE SH*T).  Heroine then says that she does not want to become one of his "sick figures" and attempts to run away (FINALLY). However, Emo Shota catches her (noooooo!) and slams her against the wall. He asks her why she's so frightened (ISN'T IT OBVIOUS???) , and begins to lick her, while commenting how wonderful fearful expressions are, and how he wonders why they excite him so much (because you're mental, that's why). Then he starts saying how he'll make her into a wax figure, and then bites her. He tells her that she will be lovelier than the prettiest bride (that so sweet, and so scary at the same time...) and then reveals that the wax figures are really the previous sacrificial brides. He then starts strangling her. Things aren't looking good for Heroine, but never fear
For once, I am very happy to see you
for Ayato is here! Heroine thanks Ayato, but he tells her not to get the wrong idea. He motions as if to bit her, and she cringes. Suddenly, he stops. He says he's not in the mood at the moment, he's too tired (was this out of sympathy?!? *GASP*).

Later Heroine is walking through the hall, and she spots Mr.Wonderful. He tells her that she will die if she stays there (you think?). She asks him what choice she has, and he tells her that she has a chance to leave now. She takes advantage of this opportunity and begins to pack her bags. She then notices her "father's" diary, and picks up the photo in it of herself when she was a baby (w/ priest/father?) and then says that she does indeed want to learn the truth (apparently, getting out of a place full of rapists isn't the top priority right now).
Stupid bitch
 She goes back to Subaru, and asks him if he knows anything about her or her father, and tells him that she was told (are you following this?) that she was offered up as a sacrifice by the church. Subaru tells her that he knows nothing, and then, he sees his mother's solemn expression while looking at hers. He then gives Heroine a knife ( a silver knife, that is), and tells her that it can be used to kill vampires with a stab to the heart (jackpot!). Heroine asks him why he gave her this, but he walks away, and has a flashback instead of answering.
Gah! He's cute even when he's scared!
 Turns out, his mom gave it to him (when he was a child, of course), all the while frantically begging him to murder.

Heroine returns to her room to find the Fedora lying in wait. She tells him to get out, he chuckles. He notices she's holding Mr.Wonderful's knife. He holds it up to his chest, and says that he never knew how much she loved him. Heroine is confused. He tells her that murder is the ultimate way to tell a vampire you love them (you hear that, ladies?). He then asks her if she knows what it feels like to love someone so much that she hates them, and slams her up against the wall (that seems to be a recurring action in this show). He tells her that they are very much alike, and that her hot blood "speaks to him." He says that it knows she wants him (ohhh), she pushes him away. He tells her to scream that she wants him (why in the world would she do that?), and then goes back to that religious argument they had two episodes ago. Then Heroine makes a speech as to why she still believes.
and suddenly the Edwyn Collins song plays in my head
Because of this speech, the Fedora is interested in Heroine for reasons other than blood. Way to go!

Episode Rating 4/10, because of bad decision making


  1. Subaru's mother, Christa, was brought in the house as sacrificial bride too because his father was obsessed with her. Cordelia, the trio (fedora, ayato and shota) mother became infatuated with her too, so they did nasty 3-ways to unwilling Christa who was also turned into a vampire and forced to marry Karl against her will. She gave birth to her son, kind Subaru, who was driven mad by his mother's blood curling screams of help every night. Christa asked Subaru to kill her but he can't do that. He can't defy his father or family because he's extremely weak to the point he can't control fully his instincts. All his trashing objects and screaming he has to appear scary are just pent up impotence. He's trapped there, he can't leave his family and his mother like that, he's emotionally stuck as wishes he could run away.

    He stays away from every single sacrificial bride process too. Yui was the only one he was around for (which Ayato in the game comments how rare the sight was), because he heard her scream which made him angry in general because of mommy issues.

    The only time Subaru hurts Yui in the VN, is when he loses control of his vampire instincts during full moon (and he had warned and begged her to stay away from him, but Yui wasn't listening). He can make threats but he immediately crumbles afterwards and tries to comfort Yui. His route is the most romantic one. He's pretty bad in sexy things because he's inexperienced unlike his brothers. He blushes and stammers lamely.

    Also Laito's statement is just his idea of love (and Cordelia's), not a general vampire love thing. His endings usually are killing Yui, killing Cordelia (in Yui's body) or Yui feeling like shit because Laito didn't love her enough to kill her. While, for instance, Kanato's idea of love is "love to madness". Subaru's pretty normal once he calms down and Yui notices the cover up. His endings are he dies against his father trying to fulfill his promise to his mother, Cordelia is taking over Yui so she kills herself to stop this for happening, because Subaru wanted her to remain herself, she kisses his corpse as she dies holding him (bad end). They are unable to kill Christa but elope together with Shu's help, Yui made him promise to live with her a peaceful life and feed only in her blood to get stronger and beat his father one day (good end). Subaru kills his mother (who thanks him happily to be free at last) and defeats his father, Shuu becomes vampire king and banishes both Subaru and Yui from the mansion so they'll be free without concerns. Subaru timely asks if Yui wants to spend the eternity with him, Yui happily accepts and becomes a vampire. They kiss and marry.

    Kanato's bad ending how he sets fire everything and then makes a wax doll out Yui, trapping her soul there. Good end is how Yui kills everyone for Kanato, she's insane and turns into a vampire slowly. His true end is Yui losing her sanity, and becoming vampire king and queen together.

    1. *He blushes and stammers lamely when he's holding hands with her. That's how unsexualized he is. They do make love eventually in the game. It was full of sparkles and rose petals (and fade to black). Subaru always feels terrible when he accidentally hurts her, he licks her wounds after feeding from her (to get stronger and is consensual) or holds her.

      He just doesn't want to be like his father. He doesn't want anyone to suffer his mother's fate. But what can he do when he's so weak? He wasn't born from two pure blood vampires (while the other brothers were), but a recently turned vampire and the vampire king.

    2. "it was full of sparkles and rose petals" XD
      Subaru sounds wonderful
      Though, from all that I've been told, I can conclude this is perhaps (one of) the most disturbing VNs ever made (at least, for females)

    3. Subaru is the most "normal" route in the otome aspect. Yes, there's abuse mostly in how he flips out and trashes stuff around her in frustration or anger, but he's immediately sorry (specially if she's afraid). He controls this later, thanks to her blood, which strengthens him. He's like still learning how to feel comfortable with himself. The 'abuse' is just like your average manga and more normal as expected of a crude vampire.

      Shuu route is also romantic, but it takes time for Shuu to warm up to Yui. He places her in ignore zone for about half of his route. He's more traditionally 'sexy' in the sensual stuff. Yui takes an active role though, since he's too lazy to top. Heh.

      The rest are just... freaky, sometimes hard to stomach. I understand WHY there's so much abuse in the triplets routes (she's basically their mom without memories reincarnated and their mother abused them, so I feel it's like a karmatic debt, even if Yui personality isn't Cordelia. Cordelia did a lot of horrible things to her sons and to Christa). Reiji's route is pretty disturbing and doesn't have this reasoning.

      It's a kink-specific VN, so I suppose. I don't mind to try something different, although I admit I liked the least dark routes. Though I loved Kanato's too because it was creepy as hell but in a good way? I mean he's disturbing and I loved how forward and manipulative he is like that. He's an horrible person, straight out a slasher film but that makes him effective. Yui's properly creepy too in the endings she survives.

      I suppose the best end in terms of 'traditional' storytelling is Subaru true end. I felt, at least me, Subaru and Yui had the best romantic chemistry (but Shuu is my favorite vampire, I just liked Yui/Subaru more?). Shuu as king (which Cordelia didn't want, she didn't want Beatrice's first born as the heir, she wanted Ayato and Ayato as her lover) and a bit less apathetic (one step a time. Shuu is the perfect pick for king if he's just learned to give a damn about things again), Christa at peace at last, Karl dead, Subaru and Yui out that mess and happily living with their sanities intact.

      I doubt anime will follow a route but make a mess of them (expect Subaru attacking Yui in a full moon without a proper setting and explanation of why this happens: because he can't control his instincts in those nights, which was explained in the VN but the anime makers wouldn't care).