Sunday, September 22, 2013

Magi: The Kingdom of Magic Cast Announced

Just as I did the first time the Magi series had a cast announcement, I shall now post my opinions on the newly announced cast for the sequel.

The New Cast Announcement Includes:

Maaya Sakamoto as Scheherazade           Kana Asumi as Toto

Ayahi Takagaki as Muron Alexius             Kishou Taniyama as Rohroh

Mamoru Miyano as Muu Alexius               Yoshitsugu Matsuoka as Titus Alexius

Ryota Ohsaka as Sphintus Carmen            Kikuko Inoue as Myers                          

Cho as Matal Mogamett                            Tetsuya Kakihara as Ren Kouha            

Hino Satoshi as Ren Koumei

My Opinions on the Individual Cast Members:

Maaya Sakamoto as Scheherazade   

Well, this choice is certainly...interesting. I wasn't really expecting this at all, I was expecting them to give Scheherazade a higher voice, but if Maaya Sakamoto voices her in a tone similar to Shinobu from the Monogatari series, then this should play out well.

Kana Asumi as Toto

This choice was another I wasn't expecting at all. I was expecting a lower tone of voice (the exact opposite issue with Scheherazade, go figure). Still, I have heard Kana Asumi's somewhat lower tone (as Chihiro in Kami nomi zo Shiru Sekai), and that just may suit Toto.

Ayahi Takagaki as Muron Alexius

Ayahi Takagaki is getting so many jobs lately, it's ridiculous. Although I was expecting someone along the line of Marina Inoue or Yoko Hikasa, I believe Ayahi Takagaki just may do a good job.

Kishou Taniyama as Rohroh

When I see Rohroh, I think of a deep, rough, intimidating voice. I'm not really sure how often Kishou Taniyama does such roles, but I guess he can pull it off...perhaps.

Mamoru Miyano as Muu Alexius

I like Mamoru Miyano, I really do. However, I just do not like this choice. I was thinking of a much, much deeper voice. Still, this guy is an amazing voice actor, so maybe he'll do well in this role. I can only hope at this point, though.

Yoshitsugu Matsuoka as Titus Alexius 

It seems every single time I want a character to be voiced by a female, it doesn't happen. Putting my whining aside, I guess this is a fair decision. The only other time I've heard Yoshitsugu Matsuoka play a shota was back when they made the iDOLM@STER series. I'm pretty sure I didn't have any issues with him then, so I'll be optimistic about this decision.

Ryota Ohsaka as Sphintus Carmen

I like Ryota Ohsaka. He's been doing a lot of work lately, and since I didn't really have anyone in mind for Sphintus anyway, I'm pretty pleased with this choice. I just hope I don't go crazy thinking of all his other recent roles while I'm watching him as Sphintus.

Cho as Matal Mogamett

Well, I hear Cho a lot, I just never really noticed. The fact that I've never even bothered to look him up even after hearing him in 4 or 5 other roles tells me he never really left a strong impression. He does, however, sound old (every single role I've heard him as was an old man). So he'll do.

Kikuko Inoue as Myers

I haven't really heard her much, but seeing as she's a veteran in the business, I'd say that we can most likely expect good things from her. Also, this is completely unrelated to how she'll do, but damn, she is very pretty.

Tetsuya Kakihara as Kouha Ren 

Ughh...Half the time I hear this guy I think of f*cking Shino from Hakkenden. I don't like Shino from Hakkenden, he's almost as annoying as Nai from Karneval That aside, as long as I don't think too much of Shino...this could be okay...maybe...

Satoshi Hino as Koumei  Ren 

I'm really not too sure what to think of this choice. When I look at his previous roles, if I could choose any of those ranges for Koumei..I'd say somewhere along the lines of  Saito from Zero no Tsukaima. Yeah, that would be good.

So those are my thoughts. If I were to give these additions a rating, I'd say a 6.5/10. It's a pretty decent selection, but to be honest it was absolutely not what I had in mind for it at all. The only ones I can say I actually dislike are the choices of Tetsuya Kakihara and Mamoru Miyano, but I'll probably get used to them when I hear them in the roles.

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