Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Brothers Conflict Episode 12 - Rejections, Confessions, and College Acceptance! OH MY!

It certainly narrowed down the size of this ridiculously large harem.
So the episode starts off with the squirrel kind of sort of comforting Heroine about the whole thing with Subaru. Then Doctor-kun comes and tells Heroine that Subaru has made contact with them. He'll be staying at school, and don't worry about him. Doctor-kun also announces that the Molester Monk will be leaving for some temple duties (Heroine's chastity is safer now) and God will also be leaving, to go abroad.

Heroine is somewhat saddened by this, but Doctor-kun states that as long as their home is a place where all of the siblings can always go back to , it's okay. He then gives Heroine a lolipop for being a "good kid" (I got just a little bit of a pedo vibe there). 
I love how she uses the same blank expression in any and every situation
Later, she and Classmate-kun go and check and see the results of their university entrance exams. Heroine has been accepted, and Classmate-kun seems to be more excited than she is. He, however, was not as lucky. He vows to pass the next exam and become a student there next year. He is that dedicated to going to the same school as her again.
I think this is the most innocent thing the Molester Monk has said to her in a long time
Later, the Molester Monk comes and congratulates her with a hug. He says he can now "do his ascetic practices with his heart at ease" (???). Heroine is upset that he is leaving to do said practices. Molester Monk says that he should get serious like Heroine did (???), and that he wants t answer he expectations and become a true brother to her (he'll probably still molest her though). 

Before he leaves, he asks Heroine to call him "onii-chan" for the last time. Heroine hesitates (as she always does), and he shrugs it off, saying it was a joke. As he walks away, she tells him to have a safe trip and calls him onii-chan. You can see that his heart is warmed by this.
Dude, I forgot you existed while you were still living at the house.
Your future, at least in my memories, does not look very bright.
Heroine also talks to God about his leaving. He asks her to take care of his flowers. More specifically, his forget-me-nots. He then asks her not to forget about him (CHEEESYYY). Heroine then says that she couldn't possibly forget about him. He then smiles like a creeper while chimes sound, and says that it would be great to meet her again with a smile (???).

After a semi-heart warming scene where Hippie-kun comforts Heroine over her "brothers" leaving, Tsubaki and Azusa ask her to go to the amusement park (with both of the same time...).
The fact that they said it at the same time is a little bit creepy
After a day of fun in the amusement park, Heroine and the twins are enjoying a lovely view. Heroine thinks of this as the perfect time to reject both of them simultaneously. After her family-zoning them, they say in unision that they still love her, and each of them kisses one of her hands. 

After arriving home, Heroine looks very perturbed. She ponders whether or not she conveyed her feelings properly. When suddenly--
Jock-kun has returned! But only temporarily. He talks with Heroine about the punching issue (Again? Really?), and how he knows he should apologize to Ginger-kun (this is not news to us, Jock-kun), but he doesn't really want to. He also acknowledges that his actions were completely for his own benefit (no shit, Sherlock). He says he doesn't know how much he may have hurt Heroine(jeez, doesn't even give a shit about his brother) and apologizes to her. After he's done he starts leaving. Heroine thanks him for talking to her about it. Then he says some stuff about becoming a true man and hugs her, then kisses her on the forehead.
Miracles really do happen!
Later, the brothers throw a party for Classmate-kun and Heroine's graduation. The brothers, as usual, make Classmate-kun take the backseat to Heroine. There's a knock on the door, Classmate-kun answers it. It turns out, by some miracle, I got himself a Supplemental Pass. After asking a couple of questions in disbelief, Classmate-kun collapses. He makes a speech about his inferiority complex, and how now he won't give up anymore.

While enjoying the feast that the brothers prepared, Heroine receives a call from Idol-kun. He pretty much confesses to her over a TV broadcast, but in a way that couldn't be noticed by his fans. The brothers roll their eyes about it, and someone shuts off the TV. The identity of the one who had done this remains unknown.
Boy, all these guys are rather persistent
Later Heroine attempts to family-zone Ginger-kun. However, all does not go as planned once again, when Ginger-kun tells her he still loves her, and even kisses her.
Afterwards, he apologizes to her, and walks away (like an ass).

Tranny-kun bears witness to all this.
Please don't, I love you too much to lose you
Tranny-kun is astounded at how Heroine manages to confess in such a way that leaves the brothers with a bit of hope. Tranny-kun shows Heroine his Microsoft Excel chart for the brothers conflict. Since this "conflict" is over, he sets fire to it, and tells her to enjoy her time at peace. He tells her when the next conflict starts, he shall participate as well (noooooooo!).

In the last bits of the episode, each of the conflicting pairs of brothers are challenging each other all over again.

Then for the last time, we see this:
They would end the show with this

Episode rating 6.5/10 It was pretty decent, a little bit disappointing though.
Overall this show was a 6/10 for me. It went nowhere, but damn, this show was so bad it was good. The cliché plot, the archetype characters, and the sheer number of people in this harem made it loads of fun to watch.

Well, it's been fun, guys. I hope you enjoyed my blog posts about this series. I will be posting my final thoughts on the summer anime season once all of the shows have concluded. I also just may start blogging another ridiculous looking show or two, but who knows. 

Thanks for reading everybody!


  1. Thanks to you! your articles was all awesomely good !I enjoyed every single one :)

  2. Do you know if there is going to be season 2? They left the story so open T.T . Natsume-san is the most persistent and yet has advance more xD, he is my favorite but in manga he is more handsome.

    1. I know there's a second season for the novel, but they're still publishing it. So if there is a sequel, it might be a little far off into the future :/