Friday, September 13, 2013

Brothers Conflict Episode 11 - Exams and Jock-kun Drama

I can see it now..."...Siblings" the Musical! 
So the introductions are back to "normal" now (which is certainly an unfortunate turn of events). This was another episode I'm afraid I wasn't too fond of.
Way to rub it in, shota.
Heroine is in a bit of a pickle, her grades have been dropping since the trip (I guess doki doki fun time does that to you), and to cheer her up by preparing a feast (because food is the solution to all problems). Of course, being the tact master that he is, the shota voiced by Yuki Kaji blatantly says why, even though Lawyer-kun and Doctor-kun were trying to keep it on the down low. 

Heroine says she has backup plans, but that simply will NOT do for Classmate-kun. He tells her not to give up, and encourages her by saying so. Of course, following his speech his family tell him that he is the last person to be lecturing anyone about this. He is apparently so hopeless when it comes to exams that his family has lost faith in him (I pity Classmate-kun). 

There is also a part where the shota gives her coupons for his time and affection.
I will say it again.
He is not cute.
To your feelings. Heroine has no feelings.
Later, Tsubaki and Azusa are heading out, and Heroine walks in. Tsubaki goes ahead to make a phone call. Azusa proceeds to tell Heroine how Tsubaki has changed (for the better, of course), and then tells her that he wants an answer to his confession. Not now of course (I'm guessing all the replies will be saved for the last episode...?), but around the time she's done with her exams. He says he will accept her reply, no matter what it is (hopefully he'll hold true to these words).
There never was a you and her in the first place
Also, look! Same pose as the picture above.
Then we have Jock-kun. He's dressed up today, because he's going to get a look at Kyuushu. He tells Heroine that he unfortunately will not be back for her exams, and unfortunately cannot help her (is he smart? He seems kind of like a meathead to me). He then says that she can forget about the things between them for the time being (it seems that he is unaware that half of their family is trying to get into her pants).

The day of exams arrives, exams happen (nothing too significant in between, apart from a flower from God and a promise of a "reward" from Ginger-kun). Later, she is sitting beneath a tree, sighing because she lacks confidence.

The Molester Monk, as always, is using this (just as he would use anything) as an excuse to molest the Heroine. Heroine makes note of her gift of an Iris from Iori (AKA God), and Molester Monk takes his leave. He passes by God.
Why, of course you do! Practically everyone does at this point!
Of course, this flower has some super secret meaning of love! the mighty have fallen.

Later, as promised previously, Ginger-kun rewards Heroine with a trip to some cafe within an indoor amusement park...thing (I honestly am having trouble figuring out what that place was). They discuss video games for a bit (Heroine is a hard core gamer, guys), and then...Jock-kun. More specifically, his success, and Ginger-kun looks so proud!

After being driven home by him, Heroine thanks Ginger-kun, family-zones him, and takes her leave. As she walks away, Ginger-kun pulls her from behind, and while in the process of confessing...
Jock-kun uses punch, but it is not super effective. Ginger-kun completes his confession, and Jock-kun gets even more pissed. He says he "won't lose" to Ginger-kun who "already ran away once." And marches off. 
While Heroine treats his face wound, Ginger-kun explains to her that he used to be in track, and Jock-kun admired him for that. However, he quit, and played it cool, never explaining to Jock-kun why he quit. He does, however, admire how Jock-kun has gotten so far by his own power. 

Ginger-kun does tell the Heroine that he would like to hear a reply to his confession whenever possible (two confessions in one episode? Crazy stuff!). 

Heroine goes to Jock-kun's door (he doesn't let her in because he's all flared up) and tells him that Ginger-kun admired his accomplishments.
I pity him, I really do
In the dead of night, Jock-kun sets off, Heroine stops him. Jock-kun says that he never really knew how Ginger-kun felt until Heroine told him. He tells her that he has been childish, and hurting his brother, in front of Heroine, no less. He tells her to forget everything he's said to her up to that point in time, and that he can't make her happy the way he is now. Heroine watches him walk away, and tears up a bit (A SIGN OF EMOTION?!?!?).

At the end of the episode, we see Classmate-kun vowing to confess to Heroine once he's passed his exams. Will he really do it?!?

Episode rating 5/10 Way too sappy for my taste and the shota talked way too much in the beginning, but the squirrel didn't talk much and we have (temporarily) eliminated one member of the harem.

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