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Diabolik Lovers Episode 2 - Night School and Epic Douchiness

Oh, there's a theme song!
So the show starts off with the heroine waking up to find that she has not been mauled or raped. Suddenly, the Fedora is on her bed, and is proceeding to crawl towards her (due to apparent "seduction") to commit unspeakable acts, but then Ayato comes along....aannd attempt to do the same thing.

But, never fear, Mr.Glasses is here! And he comes bearing news of the heroine's new educational facility! Yes, that's right, school! Night school, to be exact.
That's right ladies, with 100% Cranberry Juice, you too can become a rapist vampire magnet
On their way, after a typical confrontation of the lack of breasts with Ayato, heroine is given cranberry juice by Glasses. She thanks him, but he tells her not to. He tells her that she needs to become aware of her position as their "prey", and to drink that stuff everyday. So, to sum it all up, this shit makes her taste better to them. 

Then the Emo Shota mumbles about human fear with that same creepy look on his face that he always has.
That's a damn nice school
So upon arriving, Glasses man tells the heroine that she's in the same class as Ayato and Emo Shota (RUN BITCH, RUN) and that unless she wants a whipping (exact words) not to try anything reckless. 

So her first class is home economics, which is apparently not interesting enough for Ayato. Ayato kidnaps (?) her and takes her to some random kitchen, where she must cook him takoyaki. After a short planning session (she makes takoyaki, he eats them, they don't go to class), Ayato eats the takoyaki. He is pleased with the results. He and the chick eat the takoyaki. Then later as she's doing dishes, she demands assistance, which results in this happening:
It may look like he's giving her a hickey, but he's really sucking her blood
After the first dose, the guy loves it (the blood). It's uber sweet, so he sucks more blood, ignoring her requests to stop. She yanks away, but her tears and pained facial expression really "do it" for him. So he lays her down (???) and sucks more of her blood, and she faints. Then Glasses walks in (what timing!). He comments what a disgrace Ayato is and how he never would have though he would do this at school (I guess assaulting people is only normal at home). Glasses tells Ayato to be responsible and make sure Heroine gets home.

Later, Heroine wakes up nearby a pool (???) and Ayato is there. She panics, tells him to stay back, and then asks him why he's doing what he's doing. He comments that she still doesn't have it through her head yet (something like that) and he picks her up.
Not sure if psychopath, or just the biggest asshole alive
He tells her that she's at his mercy, and to stop "quibbling" (college vocabulary) over every little thing he does. Then he throws her into the aforementioned pool (LOL), and demands she tell him he's the best (LOL), better than anyone else, and that she belongs to him. 

Problem: Heroine can't swim.

As she's drowning, Ayato has a flashback (THIS IS NO TIME FOR FLASHBACKS, THE BITCH IS DROWNING). It's of him drowning and reaching for his mother (?), who just sits and watches. Then, as Heroine is sinking to her watery doom, Ayato decides to save her, and then this happens:
Did I miss something? What made this happen?
Nothing makes sense anymore (well, I don't think it made any sense in the first place).
Mmmm...iron and chlorine...a taste only dreams are made of
He then starts sucking her blood (she's half dead and you're sucking her blood out? Nice, real nice) while still underwater. They then emerge.
He looks absolutely insane
He then states how her (Heroine's of course) blood is flowing through his body, and that it is totally overwhelming him with a crazed expression on his face. Heroine mumbles something along the lines of "make it stop", so Ayato says that they're done for the day (expect more of the same tomorrow!). He gets her out of the pool, and places a towel on her head and leaves (perhaps the nicest thing he's done throughout the show so far). Heroine gets a shy expression on her face (this is the moment where she thinks that deep down, he's a really nice guy) as he leaves. 
He looks absolutely fascinating
Then at the end, we see this guy epicly gazing off into the distance.
Who is he? Well, I guess we'll find out next week!

Episode rating 5/10 was slightly incredible at its peak of stupidity in this episode.

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Magi: The Kingdom of Magic Cast Announced

Just as I did the first time the Magi series had a cast announcement, I shall now post my opinions on the newly announced cast for the sequel.

The New Cast Announcement Includes:

Maaya Sakamoto as Scheherazade           Kana Asumi as Toto

Ayahi Takagaki as Muron Alexius             Kishou Taniyama as Rohroh

Mamoru Miyano as Muu Alexius               Yoshitsugu Matsuoka as Titus Alexius

Ryota Ohsaka as Sphintus Carmen            Kikuko Inoue as Myers                          

Cho as Matal Mogamett                            Tetsuya Kakihara as Ren Kouha            

Hino Satoshi as Ren Koumei

My Opinions on the Individual Cast Members:

Maaya Sakamoto as Scheherazade   

Well, this choice is certainly...interesting. I wasn't really expecting this at all, I was expecting them to give Scheherazade a higher voice, but if Maaya Sakamoto voices her in a tone similar to Shinobu from the Monogatari series, then this should play out well.

Kana Asumi as Toto

This choice was another I wasn't expecting at all. I was expecting a lower tone of voice (the exact opposite issue with Scheherazade, go figure). Still, I have heard Kana Asumi's somewhat lower tone (as Chihiro in Kami nomi zo Shiru Sekai), and that just may suit Toto.

Ayahi Takagaki as Muron Alexius

Ayahi Takagaki is getting so many jobs lately, it's ridiculous. Although I was expecting someone along the line of Marina Inoue or Yoko Hikasa, I believe Ayahi Takagaki just may do a good job.

Kishou Taniyama as Rohroh

When I see Rohroh, I think of a deep, rough, intimidating voice. I'm not really sure how often Kishou Taniyama does such roles, but I guess he can pull it off...perhaps.

Mamoru Miyano as Muu Alexius

I like Mamoru Miyano, I really do. However, I just do not like this choice. I was thinking of a much, much deeper voice. Still, this guy is an amazing voice actor, so maybe he'll do well in this role. I can only hope at this point, though.

Yoshitsugu Matsuoka as Titus Alexius 

It seems every single time I want a character to be voiced by a female, it doesn't happen. Putting my whining aside, I guess this is a fair decision. The only other time I've heard Yoshitsugu Matsuoka play a shota was back when they made the iDOLM@STER series. I'm pretty sure I didn't have any issues with him then, so I'll be optimistic about this decision.

Ryota Ohsaka as Sphintus Carmen

I like Ryota Ohsaka. He's been doing a lot of work lately, and since I didn't really have anyone in mind for Sphintus anyway, I'm pretty pleased with this choice. I just hope I don't go crazy thinking of all his other recent roles while I'm watching him as Sphintus.

Cho as Matal Mogamett

Well, I hear Cho a lot, I just never really noticed. The fact that I've never even bothered to look him up even after hearing him in 4 or 5 other roles tells me he never really left a strong impression. He does, however, sound old (every single role I've heard him as was an old man). So he'll do.

Kikuko Inoue as Myers

I haven't really heard her much, but seeing as she's a veteran in the business, I'd say that we can most likely expect good things from her. Also, this is completely unrelated to how she'll do, but damn, she is very pretty.

Tetsuya Kakihara as Kouha Ren 

Ughh...Half the time I hear this guy I think of f*cking Shino from Hakkenden. I don't like Shino from Hakkenden, he's almost as annoying as Nai from Karneval That aside, as long as I don't think too much of Shino...this could be okay...maybe...

Satoshi Hino as Koumei  Ren 

I'm really not too sure what to think of this choice. When I look at his previous roles, if I could choose any of those ranges for Koumei..I'd say somewhere along the lines of  Saito from Zero no Tsukaima. Yeah, that would be good.

So those are my thoughts. If I were to give these additions a rating, I'd say a 6.5/10. It's a pretty decent selection, but to be honest it was absolutely not what I had in mind for it at all. The only ones I can say I actually dislike are the choices of Tetsuya Kakihara and Mamoru Miyano, but I'll probably get used to them when I hear them in the roles.

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Diabolik Lovers Episode 1 - House of Creeps

You probably saw this one coming.
That's an ornate looking chandelier they have there
So this chick moves into this mansion, right? And it turns out, she finds a dead person there, right? BUT, it turns out the dead guy isn't really dead!
Are you following this?
This is all happening so fast
So, pushes her onto the couch, and starts licking her neck, and starts motioning to bite it. When suddenly--
Well, then your father really sucks
His onii-chan (who wears glasses) shows up! The girl tells the onii-chan that her dad sent her to live there, but the guy knows nothing about this, and neither does the one that was just licking her. The one that was licking her also takes a second to insult her breast size (because that's new and different), the chick was totally O-fended.

The brother wonders why he knows nothing about this, and as the girl tries to ask him another question, he tells her that they should talk in another room. A mysterious old butler comes and takes care of her luggage.
That doesn't necessarily mean you can just go and lick her
  As the chick tries to explain her situation, two new brothers appear. The first, a guy wearing what looks like a fedora. He calls the girl "Bitch-chan". The next a really creepy looking guy that dresses like an emo five year old. They both lick her, but the glasses brother tells them that they're being impolite (who would want to be licked by a guy they just met?!?). The fedora wearing guy comments that anyone would want to taste something that looks yummy. The creepy one agrees.

The one that licked her first (Ayato) calls dibs on the chick, then someone comments how they hate how he (Ayato) addresses himself. This turns out to be yet another brother!
That's a question?
This guy who seems to be pissed off at anything and everything for absolutely no reason! The girl asks him how he got in but...
He got a little testy and broke the wall. Oops. 

The girl says that she thinks this must be some kind of misunderstanding, and attempts to leave. The glasses brother says that he's trying to find the truth behind this, and that it would be impolite of her to leave (I think it would be rude not let her leave at this point).

Then a guy asks whether she's "the woman he mentioned."
Yeah, that would be nice
This turns out to be yet another brother, a space case who has the info on the whole situation. Turns out, the girly was sent by the church (apparently as a prospective bride) and the guy also adds that they shouldn't kill her. Mr.Fedora comments that they're gonna have a verrrry long relationship with her (if you catch my drift). 

Glasses introduces all of the brothers, but the girl is still in disbelief. She needs to contact her father, BUT, Ayato has her phone. As he holds it away, Mr.Wonderful grabs it , and breaks it.
That's gonna be a little difficult since you JUST BROKE HER PHONE.
The Fedora and tells her that she won't need her phone anyway, since they're gonna be such great friends (if you know what I mean). And the Emo Shota comments that he's feeling sort of "pekkish." Fedora says she smells delicious, and motions to bite her, but she runs away, and falls. 

She scrapes her knee, and it is bleeding (shit just got real).
Their eyes begin to glow, only then does she realize that their vampires (I guess the fangs and their attempts to bite her just weren't enough to get her to notice).
She holds her cross up to them.
No effect.
She runs.

As she runs, she passes tables full of sweets, and then this guy:
He's so f*cking creepy
None of the phones work, the taunts of the Fedora echo the halls, and suddenly he's behind her. She continues to run. She finds the door, but it does not budge. Ayato appears behind her, and tells her it's time for her to scream as he inches closer. She pushes him away, and continues to run. His laughs can be heard from behind.

She finally finds a room to hide in, a lock and chains lying broken on the floor below the door (not even a bit suspicious, no sir). On a dresser in the room, jewelry, and tons of it. The girl looks out the window, and sees a woman in a dress. She begins to turn around, but the girl's (the heroine, to be exact) heart starts thumping painfully. She falls back, and looks at the window again. No one is there.
She notices a book with a photo of herself as an infant and a priest. The book turns out to be her father's. In it, the fact that her father is not her real father (PLOT TWIST)! Suddenly, the brothers surround her, and all hell breaks loose.

Turns out, that was supposed to be a secret! And that room was supposed to be locked!
She's stuck here! Forever!
After getting confronted by the brothers, a look of fear grows in her eyes. This causes Ayato to assault her, Fedora and Emo Shota wanting to join in. Meanwhile, Glasses and Mr.Wonderful pretty much tell her that she can't escape, if she runs, she dies. Space Cadet knocks down a picture and breaks the frame, which momentarily halts Ayato, Fedora, and Emo Shota. Ayato continues a second later.

So, the episode ends with her about to be raped (?) by Ayato, and her begging God for help.

Episode rating 4/10. Brothers Conflict was so bad it was good...this show is so's bad. And it's way too fast paced (all of this happened in less than 15 minutes). Still the show's episodes are only half the length of a normal series, so I guess it'll be tolerable.

My guess is that if she ends up with any one person, it'll be Ayato, since he was the first dude she met in the house. That's a rule of thumb in shoujo series.


Thanks roflbot for putting your label there

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Brothers Conflict Episode 12 - Rejections, Confessions, and College Acceptance! OH MY!

It certainly narrowed down the size of this ridiculously large harem.
So the episode starts off with the squirrel kind of sort of comforting Heroine about the whole thing with Subaru. Then Doctor-kun comes and tells Heroine that Subaru has made contact with them. He'll be staying at school, and don't worry about him. Doctor-kun also announces that the Molester Monk will be leaving for some temple duties (Heroine's chastity is safer now) and God will also be leaving, to go abroad.

Heroine is somewhat saddened by this, but Doctor-kun states that as long as their home is a place where all of the siblings can always go back to , it's okay. He then gives Heroine a lolipop for being a "good kid" (I got just a little bit of a pedo vibe there). 
I love how she uses the same blank expression in any and every situation
Later, she and Classmate-kun go and check and see the results of their university entrance exams. Heroine has been accepted, and Classmate-kun seems to be more excited than she is. He, however, was not as lucky. He vows to pass the next exam and become a student there next year. He is that dedicated to going to the same school as her again.
I think this is the most innocent thing the Molester Monk has said to her in a long time
Later, the Molester Monk comes and congratulates her with a hug. He says he can now "do his ascetic practices with his heart at ease" (???). Heroine is upset that he is leaving to do said practices. Molester Monk says that he should get serious like Heroine did (???), and that he wants t answer he expectations and become a true brother to her (he'll probably still molest her though). 

Before he leaves, he asks Heroine to call him "onii-chan" for the last time. Heroine hesitates (as she always does), and he shrugs it off, saying it was a joke. As he walks away, she tells him to have a safe trip and calls him onii-chan. You can see that his heart is warmed by this.
Dude, I forgot you existed while you were still living at the house.
Your future, at least in my memories, does not look very bright.
Heroine also talks to God about his leaving. He asks her to take care of his flowers. More specifically, his forget-me-nots. He then asks her not to forget about him (CHEEESYYY). Heroine then says that she couldn't possibly forget about him. He then smiles like a creeper while chimes sound, and says that it would be great to meet her again with a smile (???).

After a semi-heart warming scene where Hippie-kun comforts Heroine over her "brothers" leaving, Tsubaki and Azusa ask her to go to the amusement park (with both of the same time...).
The fact that they said it at the same time is a little bit creepy
After a day of fun in the amusement park, Heroine and the twins are enjoying a lovely view. Heroine thinks of this as the perfect time to reject both of them simultaneously. After her family-zoning them, they say in unision that they still love her, and each of them kisses one of her hands. 

After arriving home, Heroine looks very perturbed. She ponders whether or not she conveyed her feelings properly. When suddenly--
Jock-kun has returned! But only temporarily. He talks with Heroine about the punching issue (Again? Really?), and how he knows he should apologize to Ginger-kun (this is not news to us, Jock-kun), but he doesn't really want to. He also acknowledges that his actions were completely for his own benefit (no shit, Sherlock). He says he doesn't know how much he may have hurt Heroine(jeez, doesn't even give a shit about his brother) and apologizes to her. After he's done he starts leaving. Heroine thanks him for talking to her about it. Then he says some stuff about becoming a true man and hugs her, then kisses her on the forehead.
Miracles really do happen!
Later, the brothers throw a party for Classmate-kun and Heroine's graduation. The brothers, as usual, make Classmate-kun take the backseat to Heroine. There's a knock on the door, Classmate-kun answers it. It turns out, by some miracle, I got himself a Supplemental Pass. After asking a couple of questions in disbelief, Classmate-kun collapses. He makes a speech about his inferiority complex, and how now he won't give up anymore.

While enjoying the feast that the brothers prepared, Heroine receives a call from Idol-kun. He pretty much confesses to her over a TV broadcast, but in a way that couldn't be noticed by his fans. The brothers roll their eyes about it, and someone shuts off the TV. The identity of the one who had done this remains unknown.
Boy, all these guys are rather persistent
Later Heroine attempts to family-zone Ginger-kun. However, all does not go as planned once again, when Ginger-kun tells her he still loves her, and even kisses her.
Afterwards, he apologizes to her, and walks away (like an ass).

Tranny-kun bears witness to all this.
Please don't, I love you too much to lose you
Tranny-kun is astounded at how Heroine manages to confess in such a way that leaves the brothers with a bit of hope. Tranny-kun shows Heroine his Microsoft Excel chart for the brothers conflict. Since this "conflict" is over, he sets fire to it, and tells her to enjoy her time at peace. He tells her when the next conflict starts, he shall participate as well (noooooooo!).

In the last bits of the episode, each of the conflicting pairs of brothers are challenging each other all over again.

Then for the last time, we see this:
They would end the show with this

Episode rating 6.5/10 It was pretty decent, a little bit disappointing though.
Overall this show was a 6/10 for me. It went nowhere, but damn, this show was so bad it was good. The cliché plot, the archetype characters, and the sheer number of people in this harem made it loads of fun to watch.

Well, it's been fun, guys. I hope you enjoyed my blog posts about this series. I will be posting my final thoughts on the summer anime season once all of the shows have concluded. I also just may start blogging another ridiculous looking show or two, but who knows. 

Thanks for reading everybody!

Friday, September 13, 2013

Brothers Conflict Episode 11 - Exams and Jock-kun Drama

I can see it now..."...Siblings" the Musical! 
So the introductions are back to "normal" now (which is certainly an unfortunate turn of events). This was another episode I'm afraid I wasn't too fond of.
Way to rub it in, shota.
Heroine is in a bit of a pickle, her grades have been dropping since the trip (I guess doki doki fun time does that to you), and to cheer her up by preparing a feast (because food is the solution to all problems). Of course, being the tact master that he is, the shota voiced by Yuki Kaji blatantly says why, even though Lawyer-kun and Doctor-kun were trying to keep it on the down low. 

Heroine says she has backup plans, but that simply will NOT do for Classmate-kun. He tells her not to give up, and encourages her by saying so. Of course, following his speech his family tell him that he is the last person to be lecturing anyone about this. He is apparently so hopeless when it comes to exams that his family has lost faith in him (I pity Classmate-kun). 

There is also a part where the shota gives her coupons for his time and affection.
I will say it again.
He is not cute.
To your feelings. Heroine has no feelings.
Later, Tsubaki and Azusa are heading out, and Heroine walks in. Tsubaki goes ahead to make a phone call. Azusa proceeds to tell Heroine how Tsubaki has changed (for the better, of course), and then tells her that he wants an answer to his confession. Not now of course (I'm guessing all the replies will be saved for the last episode...?), but around the time she's done with her exams. He says he will accept her reply, no matter what it is (hopefully he'll hold true to these words).
There never was a you and her in the first place
Also, look! Same pose as the picture above.
Then we have Jock-kun. He's dressed up today, because he's going to get a look at Kyuushu. He tells Heroine that he unfortunately will not be back for her exams, and unfortunately cannot help her (is he smart? He seems kind of like a meathead to me). He then says that she can forget about the things between them for the time being (it seems that he is unaware that half of their family is trying to get into her pants).

The day of exams arrives, exams happen (nothing too significant in between, apart from a flower from God and a promise of a "reward" from Ginger-kun). Later, she is sitting beneath a tree, sighing because she lacks confidence.

The Molester Monk, as always, is using this (just as he would use anything) as an excuse to molest the Heroine. Heroine makes note of her gift of an Iris from Iori (AKA God), and Molester Monk takes his leave. He passes by God.
Why, of course you do! Practically everyone does at this point!
Of course, this flower has some super secret meaning of love! the mighty have fallen.

Later, as promised previously, Ginger-kun rewards Heroine with a trip to some cafe within an indoor amusement park...thing (I honestly am having trouble figuring out what that place was). They discuss video games for a bit (Heroine is a hard core gamer, guys), and then...Jock-kun. More specifically, his success, and Ginger-kun looks so proud!

After being driven home by him, Heroine thanks Ginger-kun, family-zones him, and takes her leave. As she walks away, Ginger-kun pulls her from behind, and while in the process of confessing...
Jock-kun uses punch, but it is not super effective. Ginger-kun completes his confession, and Jock-kun gets even more pissed. He says he "won't lose" to Ginger-kun who "already ran away once." And marches off. 
While Heroine treats his face wound, Ginger-kun explains to her that he used to be in track, and Jock-kun admired him for that. However, he quit, and played it cool, never explaining to Jock-kun why he quit. He does, however, admire how Jock-kun has gotten so far by his own power. 

Ginger-kun does tell the Heroine that he would like to hear a reply to his confession whenever possible (two confessions in one episode? Crazy stuff!). 

Heroine goes to Jock-kun's door (he doesn't let her in because he's all flared up) and tells him that Ginger-kun admired his accomplishments.
I pity him, I really do
In the dead of night, Jock-kun sets off, Heroine stops him. Jock-kun says that he never really knew how Ginger-kun felt until Heroine told him. He tells her that he has been childish, and hurting his brother, in front of Heroine, no less. He tells her to forget everything he's said to her up to that point in time, and that he can't make her happy the way he is now. Heroine watches him walk away, and tears up a bit (A SIGN OF EMOTION?!?!?).

At the end of the episode, we see Classmate-kun vowing to confess to Heroine once he's passed his exams. Will he really do it?!?

Episode rating 5/10 Way too sappy for my taste and the shota talked way too much in the beginning, but the squirrel didn't talk much and we have (temporarily) eliminated one member of the harem.

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Brothers Conflict Episode 10 - Vacation Time~!

That's what I want to know
This episode starts off a little different, with the introduction of two new characters. One of them is uber sexy, and the other one looks like a pedophile. Who are they? The Molester Monk's coworkers. So Molester Monk has some festival event thing to do, which is some host club-ish activity. He, of course, invites heroine to attend. Lawyer-kun, however, is upset that this has nothing to do with temple activity.
Lawyer-kun is like the male alternative to an anime mom
But rest assured, Lawyer-kun, it is for the temple (apparently). So, they have a vacation place in wherever this festival thing is being held, and since their previous vacation plans didn't work out, they decide to use this as an opportunity for a "family" vacation.

Unfortunately, neither Tsubaki nor Classmate-kun participate in this vacation ( :( ), however, Tranny-kun is participating! (♥)
While they (Heroine, Tranny-kun, Ginger-kun, and Azusa) are driving to their destination, Tranny-kun decides to ask some questions. Questions like "did anything happen while you were at Natsume's place?" (*Ginger-kun spits out coffee*), "what about while you were visiting Azusa at the hospital?" (Azusa trips on feelings*) , and let's not forget "why isn't your little knight (squirrel) with you?"

Oh yeah, that's right, they forgot the squirrel!
Nobody loves you
This episode ought to be nice then...
Well, not really because shota was on screen for over a minute in total, and that is a crime to my ears. Luckily, after a quick look at Idol-kun's (yeah, he's there too) concert (yup, he's doing that), he has to pee. He had to pee so bad that an entire scene happened while he was in the bathroom.
Does having so many piercings on one ear but not the other make him interesting?
In said scene she is introduced to the two new characters shown in the beginning. Turns out, the sexy-looking guy was a creeper, and the pedophile-looking guy acts like an actual monk, unlike his kouhai. So the pedo-looking guy gives Heroine this speech about love and yadda, yadda, yadda, which causes her to have flashbacks of all the brothers' (or, at least, the ones that like her's) confessions to her.

The apparent inspiration from this speech causes Heroine to do this:
Tranny-kun certainly looks satisfied
Of course, this has the exact opposite effect on quite a few of the brothers.
At least he didn't do it on the lips
Like the Molester Monk,
Look at how sweaty he is. That's disgusting.

He then gives up because it's "too hot" and his sweat is dripping on Heroine (ew). When he goes downstairs to turn down the A/C, Tranny-kun tells him that it's quite cool. Perhaps it was just the heat of the moment getting to him (ba dum tss).
You can't have everything in life, Jock-kun
Later, we have some Jock-kun drama. He is offered a position that can start up his basketball career, but it's in Kyuushu, and there's no Heroine in Kyuushu (cry me a river, Jock-kun). He couldn't possibly take her with him when she has exams coming up! Heroine tells him that she likes him best when he plays basketball (way to lead him on), and then Jock-kun says that he'll think about it some more.

On their last day, the brothers decide to take Heroine to her parents' grave.
What does all this mean?!?!
At the end of the episode, we see Tranny-kun working on this Brothers Conflict (haha, get it? Because it's THE TITLE OF THE SHOW) chart.

You have some strange hobbies, Tranny-kun. That's okay though, because I still ♥ you~

Episode rating 7/10 too many things happening at once, no Tsubaki or Classmate-kun, and too much shota. However, there was lots of Tranny (♥) and no squirrel ( :D ).