Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Brothers Conflict Episode 9 - Family Problems and Humanized Squirrel's different, to say the least
This episode was so....weird.
This episode starts out with the revelation of what heroine discovered last episode.
What did she learn?
(wait for it)
Ginger-kun is her knight in shining armor
Heroine then goes to the park and sits in the rain...staring into space. Her cellphone (which is still miraculously working despite being soaking wet) rings, but she ignores the call, since it is interrupting her angst. Then Ginger-kun arrives lecturing her about answering the phone (he was the caller, you see). He asks her what's wrong, she doesn't answer. He says he'll take her home, she doesn't want to go home. He then offers to take her to his place (oh yeaaahhh), and she goes.

Fun fact: Ginger-kun named his cats after Tsubaki and Azusa
Wow, self-awareness, didn't think that would happen
Heroine later discussing her findings with Ginger-kun. She has somehow come upon the most glorious conclusion that she is unnecessary to the family. She is tearing them apart, and she knows it. Even her real parents didn't want her (or so she thinks). She tries to leave. Ginger-kun then kisses her, tells her this is not the case, she is very necessary, and they are all "in conflict" because they think of her THAT much (I'm pretty sure that said absolutely nothing).

He then confesses to her, and tells her she should stay the night. He sleeps on the floor.
Ginger-kun has a sexy body :3
In the morning, heroine makes Ginger-kun breakfast (like a good waifu), and Ginger-kun expresses jealousy towards his brothers for being able to eat meals made by Heroine frequently (CHEEEESSSSYYYY). Later, Hippie-kun and the squirrel come to pick Heroine up.

The squirrel attacks Ginger-kun. Heroine and Hippie-kun tell him to stop, squirrel tells them to shut up (he should take his own advice...). Before heading out, Hippie-kun gives heroine a makeover.

They later go to a boat Where Hippie-kun reveals something shocking.
He too is adopted. He tells his story, how he was in an orphanage, and Miwa (the Asahina mother) adopting him into her already huge (she already had seven kids at the time) family. How she treated him just like everyone else. When he grew aware of the fact he was adopted. How he noticed familiar traits in his brothers that he lacked, since he was adopted. His questioning whether they were family without a blood relation. His lack of confidence..very sad stuff.

He then tells Heroine that he grew to think of them as family, since they were the only family he remembered. He tells Heroine that family is not about the blood, but the heart (cheesy, but touching). He tells her that he wants her to think of him as family too. Then hugs, then this:
I found this scene surprisingly adorable
Surprisingly, the squirrel does not maul him for this. In fact, he doesn't even acknowledge it. Hippie-kun is like a bunny, perfectly harmless.

Now this is where things get really weird.

So after a short speech from the squirrel about the "Protect Chi-chan Club", he falls asleep on her bosom (and he calls the other guys dangerous HMMMM). Then Louis falls asleep, then Heroine does as well. What does she see in her dream? Well....
The human form...
So he pretty much tells her that he's been watching her from birth (STALKER SQUIRREL), and that her real parents died, they did not abandon her.
He also explained that it was difficult for her adoptive father to tell her the truth, no matter how much he wanted to.
So that's why you're so damn annoying
I guess Inu to Hasami wa Tsukaiyou wasn't enough beastiality for this anime season.

So in the end, Heroine returns home, is welcomed by her "siblings", gets and apology from her "father", and realizes that she and the squirrel really were spiritually entwined (if that's a good way to phrase it) in the dream.

In the last bit, Doctor-kun says to himself that he must take her father's place when he is not around. However, he also said that it would be a difficult problem. 
What could he possibly mean?!?!?

Episode rating 6.5/10 very weird, but had a lot of good moments. Squirrel in human form was wut.

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