Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Brothers Conflict Episode 8 - Angsty Cheese with a Side of Inception

Well, this episode wasn't much fun.
Since when did this turn into General Hospital?
Basically, this episode was about Tsubaki and Azusa forgiving each other. Tsubaki was beating himself up over guilt, other people rubbed salt in his wounds, Azusa was in the hospital, and squirrel was being a douche as always. Then, of course, someone else confesses to imouto, and then a loving scene between brothers took place.

The best part of the episode was this:
Also, Ginger-kun's faces are absolutely priceless.
It's a lot funnier when you watch the actual episode.

Also, heroine has made a startling discovery!
What could it possibly be?!?!?

Episode rating 4/10 too much sappy stuff, Tsubaki was a puching bag, and no tranny. But Inception and the last bit made the episode mildly entertaining.

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