Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Brothers Conflict Episode 7 - The Obligatory School Festival Episode + Tranny-san in Male Clothing ♥

So this episode starts off with some of the "...siblings" sitting around the TV watching  Idol-kun's new commercial. Classmate-kun does not enjoy this, and stops the shota voiced by Yuki Kaji from replaying it again. Doctor-kun suggests the family take a trip, to sit back, relax and relieve the stress of everyday life. But alas, heroine and Classmate-kun have exams coming up, so they're not really sure.

They discuss this while going to school, they (probably) decide to go on the trip. Classmate-kun then proceeds to check out heroine from behind while thinking of the possibility of her in a swimsuit.
Well at least he wasn't touching it!
Idol-kun catches him in the act, and heroine gets all embawassed (d'aww). Idol-kun then tells all the surrounding folks that Classmate-kun is his onii-san. Classmate-kun then get's the title of "Futo's older brother." 

Later heroine and Classmate-kun's class decide on what to do for the festival. They decide to do a butler café (because that's new and different). Later, heroine runs into Azusa, and wishes him luck with the anime.

Later heroine takes a nap on the couch. While asleep, Idol-kun bags the squirell (lol) and Classmate-kun stares at her sleeping face, which ultimately wakes her up.
You went too far on that one, Idol-kun!
Idol-kun says Classmate-kun was watching heroine sleep for about 10 minutes (creepy). Classmate-kun, of course, denies such accusations. Then Tsubaki walks in and tries to break up the fight. Tsubaki is tired you see, and tells the guys if they want to fight to take it outside. Idol-kun decides to stop, and proceeds to leave. Tsubaki ponders why Idol-kun is so famous despite being such a pain in the ass (not the exact words). Of course, Idol-kun bites back with a rude comment as well (which was unforgivable!).
#&^&%*&*%$@ !!!
The next morning Azusa is looking a Edward Cullen sort of color and passes out in the dining room, heroine on top of him. Then Tranny-kun walks in (it doesn't matter if he's dressed as a man or a woman, he is beautiful), and at first heroine doesn't recognize him. They both try to convince a sickly Azusa that he cannot go to work today, but Azusa is reluctant to stay home (it's his first day of recording for the anime, you see). Eventually, Tranny-kun manages to convince him.
Wow that was totally unexpected
So heroine arrives at school only to be told about the switch from just a butler café to a butler AND maid café (again, really unique developments here), due to a lack of male staff members. 
The double ponytail thing is really working for me
Classmate-kun has been converted to the role of Butler-kun, looking good while doing it too! Of course, heroine will have to dress up as well.

So after heroine dresses up as maid, and Classmate-kun is in awe of how kawaii she is. Later heroine goes wandering, and gets kind of sort of kidnapped by Idol-kun. 
Great, now she's gonna have a weird ass hickey. THANKS IDOL-KUN.
Idol-kun starts saying things that make a lot of sense, like how heroine is seducing the brothers, and whatnot. Then he says that he will solve her problem for her by making her his (are you following this?). He then proceeds to try to seduce her while subtly insulting his siblings, but she eventually pushes him off of her after picturing all of the other brothers in her mind. Heroine says she just wants to be family with everybody. Idol-kun says he'll make her his "for real" next time (aww shieet). She returns to her class.
I'm surprised he was even able to identify that thing as a hickey
When heroine gets home, she is exhausted. Tsubaki was asking her if she didn't have fun, but then identifies the hickey on her neck (he must be a wizard or something). He questions her about it, she does not answer. Tsubaki tells her he is very hurt by this and he wants an answer. Tsubaki then proceeds to do something which makes me question the purity of his intentions, but then is interrupted by a still sickly Azusa. They have the same argument they had last episode, but in this one Azusa states that he is worried more about Tsubaki, because if he's too forceful, things will go badly. Tsubaki refuses to listen. 

Then out of nowhere, Azusa faints (while saying Tsubaki's name). 
Plot, that's what's going on
Tsubaki proceeds to freak out as they do a close up of his eye for dramatic effect.
What could possibly happen next?!?!?

Episode rating 7/10 could've been better but was still very enjoyable. Tranny-san in male clothing made the episode for me.


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