Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Brothers Conflict Episode 6 - Amazing Things Happen....oh and Albums

So in this episode, I guess to make up for the rage-fest that was the last episode, awesome things happen. 

I don't doubt that, Idol-kun
For one, Idol-kun is now at heroine's school, and will likely be taking the tease route. Classmate-kun is not happy about this, because he was never informed. They also briefly mention the events of last episode, which I don't really care too much for, but it's nice to see they're not forgetting things in this episode.
You'd NEVER mind being naked
The molester monk is also back to his usual antics, which is good to see.

Most of the episode was about albums. Yes, albums, as in family picture albums. Heroine has a thing for albums because she never had one of her own. Classmate-kun discovers a blurry picture of a young Azusa. Turns out, Tsubaki had taken it, and since it was blurry, they set it aside.
Wasn't he a cutie?
After heroine makes the comment seen above, Azusa offers to give her that picture. He realizes what he said was weird and apologizes, but heroine says she wants it (the picture). Azusa then says that if she wants it, she can have it (the picture) while blushing. Tsubaki then gets a grasp of the situation, and puts his arm around Azusa. He asks Azusa if he's trying to get ahead, Azusa claims to not know what he means.
These lines are super cliché, but coming from him, they're sexy.
Then on their way back to their rooms, Tsubaki tells Azusa that he won't hand heroine over (OH SNAP!). Azusa continues to look confused.
I guess that's the case with everybody in this household
Later, heroine walks in on a confrontation between Jock-kun and Ginger-kun. Ginger-kun wants Jock-kun to focus on basketball, not his imouto/desired female. Then Jock-kun says that Ginger-kun is interested not in him, but in heroine (DUN DUN DUNNN). Ginger-kun does not confirm or deny Jock-kuns claims. 

As Ginger-kun takes his leave, he spots heroine. He gives her another video game sample (which was apparently why he was at the house), and tells her not to worry about what she has overheard.
Pretty sure there should be a comma in there somewhere 
She then runs in to Azusa, who gives her an album. He says it's as thanks for helping him resolve the whole voice acting issue (see episode 4 for more details). Apparently, if not for heroine, Azusa wouldn't have accepted the role. He later has a phone conversation with Ginger-kun, in which Ginger-kun says that everyone has changed. Likely because of heroine. Azusa denies this and says "she's just our little sister" (BULLSHIT).

Later heroine is working on her new album (in the middle of the night), and Tsubaki walks in. Shit proceeds to go down.
And that is why I ship you two
Tsubaki gets jealous because of Azusa's picture, after shouting some cheesy things (which turned out to be lines from whatever he was going to rehearse), and then says thing that completely contradict said cheesy things. He's pretty much confessing to her, to sum it all up (which I'm obviously happy about). 
I'm liking where this is going
Things are getting pretty hot, but then Azusa comes and puts out the fire (damn it). He also does in slow motion. Tsubaki gets pissed, and asks him if he's forgotten what he said. Azusa says he did because he remembered. Azusa then orders Tsubaki back to his room (while heroine lays watching). Tsubaki is still pissed, but he leaves (nooooo!).
Damn right, you don't.
Azusa asks heroine if she's alright, she says she is. Apparently the face she made was sexy or something, because it pretty much triggered Azusa to say that he had no right to lecture Tsubaki. Why? Because he, in fact, is...the same (DUN DUN DUUNNN)!

After the ending credits, we see a small conversation between God and Hippie-kun.

Episode Rating 8.5/10 They remembered! Lots of Tsubaki! Molester Monk and Idol-kun are back (classmate-kun too!)! Baby pictures (they were adorable)! Though Azusa cock-blocked during my favorite part. Damn you, Azusa! *Shakes fist*


Tranny ending card!

On an unrelated note:
As of today, I will stop blogging Free!, because it's starting to feel more like a chore than something I want to do. I will keep blogging Brothers Conflict though.


  1. Wow, just found your blog while searching on Google, and it's awesome! :o

    I'm really curious, how many hours of anime do you watch daily?? I've barely gotten past most of the 'basics' lol. Currently watching D. Grey Man.

    Gonna follow, even though I don't know half of the anime your talk about, but they're pretty awesome. :D


    1. Well thanks for the follow! ^_^
      In response to your question, I'd say on average about one and a half or two hours a day now.
      As for the 'basics', even I haven't gotten past all of them XD