Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Brothers Conflict Episode 9 - Family Problems and Humanized Squirrel's different, to say the least
This episode was so....weird.
This episode starts out with the revelation of what heroine discovered last episode.
What did she learn?
(wait for it)
Ginger-kun is her knight in shining armor
Heroine then goes to the park and sits in the rain...staring into space. Her cellphone (which is still miraculously working despite being soaking wet) rings, but she ignores the call, since it is interrupting her angst. Then Ginger-kun arrives lecturing her about answering the phone (he was the caller, you see). He asks her what's wrong, she doesn't answer. He says he'll take her home, she doesn't want to go home. He then offers to take her to his place (oh yeaaahhh), and she goes.

Fun fact: Ginger-kun named his cats after Tsubaki and Azusa
Wow, self-awareness, didn't think that would happen
Heroine later discussing her findings with Ginger-kun. She has somehow come upon the most glorious conclusion that she is unnecessary to the family. She is tearing them apart, and she knows it. Even her real parents didn't want her (or so she thinks). She tries to leave. Ginger-kun then kisses her, tells her this is not the case, she is very necessary, and they are all "in conflict" because they think of her THAT much (I'm pretty sure that said absolutely nothing).

He then confesses to her, and tells her she should stay the night. He sleeps on the floor.
Ginger-kun has a sexy body :3
In the morning, heroine makes Ginger-kun breakfast (like a good waifu), and Ginger-kun expresses jealousy towards his brothers for being able to eat meals made by Heroine frequently (CHEEEESSSSYYYY). Later, Hippie-kun and the squirrel come to pick Heroine up.

The squirrel attacks Ginger-kun. Heroine and Hippie-kun tell him to stop, squirrel tells them to shut up (he should take his own advice...). Before heading out, Hippie-kun gives heroine a makeover.

They later go to a boat Where Hippie-kun reveals something shocking.
He too is adopted. He tells his story, how he was in an orphanage, and Miwa (the Asahina mother) adopting him into her already huge (she already had seven kids at the time) family. How she treated him just like everyone else. When he grew aware of the fact he was adopted. How he noticed familiar traits in his brothers that he lacked, since he was adopted. His questioning whether they were family without a blood relation. His lack of confidence..very sad stuff.

He then tells Heroine that he grew to think of them as family, since they were the only family he remembered. He tells Heroine that family is not about the blood, but the heart (cheesy, but touching). He tells her that he wants her to think of him as family too. Then hugs, then this:
I found this scene surprisingly adorable
Surprisingly, the squirrel does not maul him for this. In fact, he doesn't even acknowledge it. Hippie-kun is like a bunny, perfectly harmless.

Now this is where things get really weird.

So after a short speech from the squirrel about the "Protect Chi-chan Club", he falls asleep on her bosom (and he calls the other guys dangerous HMMMM). Then Louis falls asleep, then Heroine does as well. What does she see in her dream? Well....
The human form...
So he pretty much tells her that he's been watching her from birth (STALKER SQUIRREL), and that her real parents died, they did not abandon her.
He also explained that it was difficult for her adoptive father to tell her the truth, no matter how much he wanted to.
So that's why you're so damn annoying
I guess Inu to Hasami wa Tsukaiyou wasn't enough beastiality for this anime season.

So in the end, Heroine returns home, is welcomed by her "siblings", gets and apology from her "father", and realizes that she and the squirrel really were spiritually entwined (if that's a good way to phrase it) in the dream.

In the last bit, Doctor-kun says to himself that he must take her father's place when he is not around. However, he also said that it would be a difficult problem. 
What could he possibly mean?!?!?

Episode rating 6.5/10 very weird, but had a lot of good moments. Squirrel in human form was wut.

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Brothers Conflict Episode 8 - Angsty Cheese with a Side of Inception

Well, this episode wasn't much fun.
Since when did this turn into General Hospital?
Basically, this episode was about Tsubaki and Azusa forgiving each other. Tsubaki was beating himself up over guilt, other people rubbed salt in his wounds, Azusa was in the hospital, and squirrel was being a douche as always. Then, of course, someone else confesses to imouto, and then a loving scene between brothers took place.

The best part of the episode was this:
Also, Ginger-kun's faces are absolutely priceless.
It's a lot funnier when you watch the actual episode.

Also, heroine has made a startling discovery!
What could it possibly be?!?!?

Episode rating 4/10 too much sappy stuff, Tsubaki was a puching bag, and no tranny. But Inception and the last bit made the episode mildly entertaining.

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Fall 2013 Anime

So the summer anime season is about half-way over. We've seen the previews for many of the upcoming anime, and once again, I shall be sharing my opinion on many them.

A chart for the fall season can be found here:
fall 2013 anime chart

As always, the list shall be in order of interest:

Magi: The Kingdom of Magic

The second season of Magi. It will be set in Magnostadt.

More Magi is never a bad thing! Seeing the events in Magnostadt animated will be awesome, though I do have my worries. Hopefully, they won't skip the second Sindria arc and the pirates arc. As long as they don't it'll be great! And as long as A-1 doesn't screw up the animation again, it'll be perfect!

Kyoukai no Kanata

The dark fantasy follows a high school sophomore named Akihito Kanbara. Although the boy appears human, he is half youmu and invulnerable to wounds because he can heal quickly. One day, Akihito meets freshman Mirai Kuriyama when it seems she is about to jump from the school rooftop. Mirai is isolated because of her ability to manipulate blood, which is unique even among members of the spirit world. Disturbing events begin to unfold after Akihito saves Mirai.

This show sounds extremely interesting. Add to that that it's being done by Kyoto Animation and you've got a recipe for success. Oh yes, I am very excited to see this one.

Kyousou Giga (TV)

Koto and her brothers, A and Un are stuck in a strange city causing massive mayhem through the land called Kyoto but not the Kyoto they are from.

They are searching for an atypical rabbit in order to return home. Koto, who is the eldest of the three, seems to have some sort of connection to this weird place ruled by a monk, a demon, and a priest.

I loved the acid trips that the OVA and the shorts presented to me, so needless to say, finally seeing a TV version of this being made gets me quite excited.

Golden Time

Tada Banri, a newly admitted student at a private law school in Tokyo, found himself completely lost after the opening ceremony, trying to find his way to the freshman orientation. At that moment, he ran into another lost freshman from the same school, Yanagisawa Mitsuo, and they hit it off at once. Somehow arriving at their intended goal just on time, there appeared in front of the two a beautiful girl holding a bouquet of roses. The girl then whacked Mitsuo across the face with the bouquet and handed the flowers over to him. "Freshman, congratulations", was all she said, and then left. The stylish, well dressed, perfect woman that had swung at Mitsuo was his childhood friend, Kaga Kouko. As children they had promised to marry each other one day, fulfilling their dreams. In order to escape from her, Mitsuo had gone out secretly and taken the examination for this well known private college, but now she showed up in the freshman orientation hall. She too had taken the law school entrance examination, catching up with him there.

Well, the biggest reason I'm looking forward to this series so much is that it was written by the person who wrote Toradora!. Also, it's about college students, NOT high school students. Of course, this show does have the whole childhood friend thing, but it's more stalky than sweet. I'm looking forward to see where this goes.

Kuroko no Basket 2

The second season of Kuroko no Basket.

I am extremely glad this got a second season. The first season always had me on the edge of my seat during matches. Also, it seems that the rest of the "generation of miracles" will be making appearances. Oh yes, my body is ready.


The "life-and-death sibling" story follows Utsutsu and Yume Hasegawa, a boy and his little sister who find themselves all alone. One day, Yume sees a mysterious red butterfly and her body undergoes a strange metamorphosis—into a creature that eats humans. Utsutsu struggles to find a way to restore his sister.

Wow, what a concept. With a plot like that, who wouldn't want to watch? I'm a bit curious about whether it leans more on the drama side or the horror side, but I'll watch it either way.

BlazBlue: Alter Memory

The story is set in December of 2199, when the streets are full of anticipation for the end of the year and the start of the new one. Amid the celebrations, word spreads that Ragna the Bloodedge, an SS-class rebel with the highest ever bounty on his head, has appeared in the 13th Hierarchical City of Kagutsuchi. The apparent aim of Ragna or the "Grim Reaper" is the destruction of the system controlling the world. To collect the bounty, a motley array of unrivaled fighters converge on Kagutsuchi.

I haven't played the games, but I know of some of the characters, and boy do they look like some interesting folks. That's pretty much why this is placed so high, the characters sound interesting. Also, the story looks pretty cool too.

Kill La Kill

Ryuuko, transfers into her new school, scissor-like sword in hand, and causes all sorts of trouble. Her main rival, Satsuki, is described as being every bit the protagonist that Ryuuko is, with the whole story centred around their relationship.

The people who are making this made Guren Lagann. Which means, senseless madness and awesome battles. Yes please. I also like the idea how it's centered around a rival relationship, this should make for some interesting dialogue.


In 2016 a meltdown of a nuclear power plant creates a big catastrophe in Tokyo. 20 years later, the city has become a ghost town due to the high levels of radiation. From that area a distress signal is received. The Self Defence forces dispatch 3 girls from the special unit Coppelion to search for survivors. But why aren't they wearing any protection against radiation?

So three teenage girls who seem to be immune to radiation search for survivors in a virtually abandoned Tokyo? Weird, but it looks really interesting. Also, the visuals look gorgeous.

Nagi no Asukara

The series centers around two middle school friends, the indecisive crybaby Manaka Mukaido and Hikari Sakishima, who has looked after her since they were children.

It's a show about childhood friends and romance...and it looks B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L. I like romances, especially when it takes place among a group of friends. So count me in on this one!

Sekai de Ichiban Tsuyoku Naritai!

Hagiwara Sakura and Miyazawa Erena are the leading members of a popular idol group Sweet. One day, Erena is injured by the attack of a female pro-wrestler Kazama Rio during the recording of a TV program. Sakura gets mad at Rio and gives her a dropkick. To avenge Erena, Sakura enters the female pro-wrestling matches.

I am not lying, I am actually very excited for this series. To be honest, I'm not too sure why they hadn't come up with an ecchi series like this earlier. Also, I like how the women actually have meat on their bones, and aren't anorexic with G-cup boobs. This show will be legitimately sexy, I just know it!

Tokyo Ravens

Tsuchimikado Harutora was born into a prestigious Onmyoji family, but he can't see "spirit energy". Therefore, he's been enjoying a peaceful daily life with his friends at an Onmyo branch school. One day, his childhood friend Tsuchimikado Natsume, heir to the head family, suddenly appears. Will this cause his destiny spring into motion!?

A shounen show about spiritual powers? Yes, it's been done, but I've already stated how much I love shounen shows. This one in particular looks really, really good as well.

Strike the Blood

The Fourth Primogenitor—That's the world's strongest vampire that should only exist in legends. Accompanied by twelve Kenjuu and spreading calamity, this phantom vampire appeared in Japan. For the observation and obliteration of this Fourth Primogenitor, the government and Lion King decided to dispatch an attack mage known as a Sword Shaman. However, for some reason, the one chosen for the observation was a apprentice Sword Shaman girl, Himegari Yukina. Wielding the strongest anti-primogenitor spirit spear, Yukina arrived at Demon District, Itogami City. What is the true identity of the Fourth Primogenitor, Akatsuki Kojou, she encountered over there!?

Another shounen! About vampire hunting (which will likely not take place)! This one has ecchi in it though, and that tends to be distracting when the show seemingly has a plot. Regardless, this show sounds like it'll be enjoyable.

Samurai Flamenco

Original anime scheduled to run on noitaminA for 2 cours. The anime's taglines read, "To those 'adults' who don't want to become adults..." and "Hero will never give up, never hide, never be defeated, never accept evil."

Superheroes. Seeing the latest visual, I get the feeling this show will have a Tiger & Bunny sort of feel to it. Still, I'm judging solely based on visuals and a mysterious synopsis. Who knows how this'll turn out.

Super Seisyun Brothers

The story involves two pairs of teenage elder sister and younger brother, Niimoto's who are a bit of narcissist and Saitou's who look a bit mysterious, and their everyday life in school and at home.

Simple concept, I know. However, for some reason, I find the idea extremely charming. That's pretty much it, that's why I look forward to it. Also, the visual adds to the charm.

Diamond no Ace

The story follows Eijun Sawamura, a pitcher who joins an elite school with a brilliant catcher named Kazuya Miyuki. Together with the rest of the team, they strive for Japan's storied Koushien championships through hard work and determination.

I'm not a huge fan of sports. However, I do think, with all the hype this has been getting, that this show might just be another case of Kuroko no Basket for me. Also, the visuals look great, and the cast looks pretty good as well.

Kakumeiki Valvrave 2nd Season

Second season of Kakumeiki Valvrave.

Valvrave is so ridiculous it's amazing. You take pretty much every single mecha series cliché and made a pretty damn good series out of it. Seeing more will definitely be a treat.

Galilei Donna

The story is about three moons in the form of three of Italian astronomer Galileo's female descendants who are on international wanted lists.

Can someone explain to me why these girls are fugitives??? No? Well, okay then. Also, why are these girls moons? I don't that either. Sure, there isn't much explanation here about what exactly will be happening, but this show looks so darn pretty. I also have a hunch this shall be quite interesting...

Non Non Biyori

Elementary school student Ichijou Hotaru has moved with her parents from Tokyo to the middle of the country. Now she must adapt to her new school, where there are a total of 5 students in the same class who range through elementary and middle school ages. Join their everyday adventures in the countryside.

I guess this'll be this season's cute show. Personally, I'm interested in this because it looks like it'll have more substance than "cute girls doing cute things." I might be wrong though.

Yowamushi Pedal

Freshman and road racing cyclist, Shokichi Naruko visits Akihabara to get some Gundam plastic models for his younger brothers and meets Onoda who catches his attention because of the his cycling skill and later find out they go to the same school.

An otaku turned...bicyclist? Well, okay, that certainly hasn't been done before. This sounds different, and it might actually turn out to be pretty good. I'll watch it.

Machine-Doll wa Kizutsukanai

During the early 20th century, along with technological advancements, scientists were able to develop sophisticated magic. The combination of science and sorcery was Makinot, circuits made from spells that were put into objects to bring them to life and even gain a personality. It was developed as a military weapon and has now spread throughout the world.

Akabane Raishin is now attending the Royal Academy to become the best in the world. Accompanied by the lovely teenage girl Yaya, who is actually Raishin’s puppet weapon, he plans on rocketing to the top of the class. However, his test scores come nearly dead last although his combat skills and determination are second to none. Raishin has to compete with the deadliest of classmates if he wants to come out as the king.

Oh hey, another show about dolls! And it sounds kind of interesting! Hm...yeah, I'll give this a watch. I don't have anything against dolls.

IS: Infinite Stratos 2

Second season of Infinite Stratos.

More of this harem mecha series? Okay, sure! Also, there's some new characters, which is always cool.

Yuusha ni Narenakatta Ore wa Shibushibu Shuushoku wo Ketsui Shimashita. 

The story revolves around Raul, a boy who did not become a Hero, since the demon lord was already defeated just before his Hero exams. His dreams dashed, Raul spends his days working at a magic shop in the capital. One day, a part-time job seeker appears at the shop with an amazing résumé:

Name: Phino
Previous Occupation: Demon Lord Heir
Motive: Because my father was defeated

The work comedy revolves around this former Hero-in-training and the daughter of the demon lord.

This is kind of a switch up of the situation in Hataraku Maou-sama! what with the guy being the hero and the girl being the demon. I did thoroughly enjoy that series, but I'm kind of iffy as to whether someone else can pull it off as well. On a positive note, the character designs are pretty cute, they remind me of Nyaruko-san.


Gintaro is a fox spirit that has been protecting the small Inari temple since the Edo era. Saeki Makoto's family possesses the power to see the gods' agent, but the ability is limited to one living relative at a time. When Makoto's mother passed away while she was still young, Makoto inherited the ability as the sole remaining family member. With the help of fox spirit's power, Makoto and Gintaro help the people of their community, in spite of their many differences.

Spirits again, except this show looks kind of cute and innocent. It might turn out a bit differently though, but even if it doesn't, it still has some potential.

Log Horizon

The story begins when 30,000 Japanese gamers are trapped in the fantasy online game world Elder Tale. What was once a sword-and-sorcery world is now the real world. The main lead Shiroe attempts to survive with his old friend Naotsugu and the beautiful assassin Akatsuki.

Another SAO? Ehh...well, maybe this one will be done right..or at least not be super cliché and completely ridiculous. Well, this one does have fantasy-ish looking creatures in it (look at the picture, I see cat-man), which could be a good sign...? Maybe..ehh..

Little Busters!: Refrain

Second season of Little Busters!

I actually liked Little Busters, but I put this so low. Why? Well, the reason I liked Little Busters season 1 was because the show was funny, and it wasn't a complete and utter sob fest. Refrain, however, is pretty much all the drama that didn't take place in the first season. We're in for sad things, sad things, and hey, more sad things. Oh joy. I'm not saying it's bad, I just don't enjoy watching sad things too much.

Outbreak CompanySynopsis:
Kano Shinichi is a thoroughbred otaku. One day he found himself transported to a fantasy world where elves live and dragons fly. And he is given a task—not to fight monsters, but to enhance cultural exchange by becoming a "moe missionar"!

So an otaku gets transported to a fantasy land and spreads the word of moe? That sounds completely and utterly ridiculous, but depending on how they go about it this show could be good.


The story revolves around a group of 5 glasses-wearing high school boys and their relationship.

Guys wearing glasses do things. Oh how exciting...
I guess this might be a female audience's alternative to the frequently done "cute girls doing cute things" anime. I'll give it a shot, but I really hope this isn't another one of those "kind of" shounen ai series.

Walkure Romanze

The story centers around Takahiro Mizuno, a student training to be a begleiter (knight's assistant) at an academy where aspiring knights joust. He himself had come to this academy to train as a knight, after becoming the unrivaled junior champion in his own home country. However, an injury in a tournament's finals forced him to withdraw. Instead, he decides to be a begleiter to one of the academy's maiden knights and help her win.

It's a show about jousting! I can't wait to see all of the tasteless sex jokes being thrown around. I look forward to being one of those telling said sex jokes.

Diabolik Lovers

Komori Yui is a positive-thinking girl who nevertheless is troubled by seeing spirits and experiencing poltergeist phenomena. In her second year in high school, she transfers to a new school—a night school for entertainers and celebrities—due to her father's work. There are rumours that vampires exist among the student body, and Yui ends up living with the six sadistic Sakamaki vampire brothers.

A vampire brother reverse harem? What? Did they take Vampire Knight and fuse it with Brothers Conflict or something? Eh, I don't even know anymore. I'll watch it though...why not?

Ore no Nounai Sentakushi ga, Gakuen Love Comedy wo Zenryoku de Jama Shiteiru

The story centers around Kanade Amakusa, a boy cursed with the mental power of "absolute multiple-choice"—a multiple-choice quiz will suddenly appear in his mind, and the choice he makes will become his reality. For example, he would have to choose between going nude from the waist up or the waist down in school. While in school, he is given another choice: 1) A beautiful girl will fall before him or 2) he will fall from the rooftop in female clothes. He chooses option 1, and a blonde girl named Chocolat falls before him.

Are long-ass titles a fad or something now? Stop, please stop already. Titles aside, this sounds really bad. This looks like it's the typical magical ecchi combined with a romantic school comedy, and we all know how that's never ever, ever been done before! Ugh, but who might be okay...maybe..I don't know...

Arpeggio of Blue Steel: Ars Nova

In the story, a Fleet of Fog loaded with super weapons suddenly appear all over the world. Without the ability to withstand this fleet, humanity was defeated and could no longer travel the seas. 17 years after the devastating naval war, Chihaya Gunzou and his friends somehow commandeer a Fleet of Fog submarine and rename it I-401. Together with Iona, they take on the Fleet of Fog.

I kind of feel bad for putting this at the bottom, because it actually sounds kind of interesting. The problem: I saw the preview, and this show looks like CG hell. I don't like CG animation in my anime, I abhor it. So much so that a show that could actually have a great story is put below quite a few not-so-good-looking shows.

There are quite a few shows that are missing (because of the lack of visuals, having no idea what it's about, or it being a sequel to another show I have yet to watch), but there will be updates to this list, so do check every once in awhile for them!

Update 9/2/13:
Added Super Seisyun Brothers, Samurai Flamenco, and Yuusha ni Narenakatta Ore wa Shibushibu Shuushoku wo Ketsui Shimashita. 

Update 9/14/13:
Added PupaDiamond no Ace, and Kakumeiki Valvrave 2nd Season

Update 9/28/13:
Added Kyousou Giga (TV)