Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Magical☆Star Kanon 100% OVA

So when it was announced that there would be a Kaminomi spin-off about Kanon becoming a magical girl, I was fairly skeptical (and baffled!). Seeing the actual thing was...a pretty interesting experience.

Let the pagan god worship begin
So the story starts with Kanon beginning to perform a concert, and then flashes to Elsie. Elsie wants to participate in a contest to perform with Kanon as her younger sister. And of course, with Elsie, nothing comes easy.

"Come here often?"
She finds a runaway spirit which catches Kanon in the shower, and ultimately turns her into an adorable child. She begins to panic, but Elsie says she's got this.

God help us.
So naturally what does Elsie do first? She calls Keima for help, and naturally he refuses, because he don't have time for that shit. While Elsie is being rejected by Keima for help, Kanon wanders off and by a completely unexpected coincidence...

No shit, Sherlock
...she runs into her manager who's pretty much thinking "OMG she's the perfect imouto!" So she automatically thinks that little Kanon is participating in the contest. Kanon goes by the alias of Maron (genius) while participating in the contest.

PLOT TWIST: you're already talking to her!
She then meets the low self-esteemed Kozue-chan, who thinks she's not as cute as the other girls. Because she has low self-esteem, she plays an important role in the episode.

To them you're a GOD
Then, oddly enough another Kanon is there judging the contest. After seconds of awe from the real Kanon, she then listens to Kozue pondering whether Kanon was a real magical girl. Kanon then temporarily forgets about her clone to coo over how cute her little worshipers fans are. Then she goes back to freaking out over her predicament. 

Then Elsie shows up, and realizes that the other Kanon is the runaway spirit she was chasing earlier! What in the world can be done?!?! Shortly after, the staff kick Elsie out again. She hastily gets back into the building and explains the situation to Kanon (who doesn't understand what's going on anyway). So they go back to the studio. After failing to get everyone to realize the real Kanon is the child, the expose the spirit with...

Yeah, I'm sure you saw that coming.

The mask shows you that it's evil
Then, a mask appears on the fake Kanon as it begins to rampage in the studio and kidnap all the little girls. It takes them to the roof to do...something with tentacles (I'm not kidding). And in order to save the day Kanon becomes........
wait for it....

She proceeds to the roof to fight the hybrid cloud-jellyfish with THE POWER OF SOONNGG!!!

I love these sparkly backgrounds.
Then by singing Kanon simultaneously kills the hybrid cloud-jellyfish and transforms back into her original self.  Elsie captures the spirit, and then everyone's mind is erased. They all thought it was a dream. However, Kozue knows it wasn't a dream, and Kanon says to keep it a secret. And through some form of magical girl blackmail, Kozue wins the contest. HAPPY ENDING.

But wait...
"Your turn! Teehee! ;P"
Elsie realizes the spirit is only partially captured, and then the other...part of the spirit slaps Elsies butt and turns her into a child.

The end.

Despite my making fun of the OVA, it was a very much enjoyable watch so I'll give it a 7/10

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