Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Free! Episode 4 - Mission Impossible

Well, I guess you didn't say it quick enough!
Training in the pool has finally begun! And what's our first objective?

This is just sad
Teach Rei how to swim! The first half of the episode is spent on many attempts of teaching Rei to swim. Each and every single one of them fail.

I was expecting a really long and complex answer about being in love with water
During all this there was also a little moment between Haruka and Gou. 
We also get some more of angsty Rin. Angsty Rin does not accept his victory in his swim race with Haruka because Haruka wasn't in good shape. 
Cry me a river, Rin.

Later, Gou tells Rei that he needs to learn to swim within a week. Rei thinks it's impossible, but they shall find a way. Somehow, Rei eventually becomes convinced that his penguin speedo is the problem. 
The solution? 
Shopping time~!

Even Gou couldn't handle it
The guys try on so many swimsuits that it exhausts Gou, even with her muscle fetish. She then bumps into the captain of the rival school's swimming team. She realizes the possibility of her brother being there.


They stare at each other for a little while then eventually go outside to talk.

Rin then tells Haruka about all his angsty issues. Like how he felt that he didn't win their race, and that he needs Haruka to get in better shape so they could race again, otherwise he could never move on.

To which Haruka replies:

I'm glad someone said it!
And then proceeds to walk away.

To which, Rin responds:

No homo
By throwing Haruka against a fence and telling him to swim for him. 
Haruka responds by telling him it's fine, as long as he doesn't give up swimming, embarrass himself, or cry.
Rin then says he's not a kid anymore, and that he'll show him the difference between them.
Gou bears witness to all this.

Once they get back to school, we're back to training Rei in his new swimsuit. And by absolutely no surprise at all, he fails again.

They're fetal position buddies :3
Haruka then tells him to go by instinct, and Rei doesn't understand. Rei says he wants to swim as freely as Haruka. Haruka then tells him:
"I'm not free either."
Then a moth lands on Haruka's chest while saying this.
They then proceed to sit in fetal position together.

Then by some miracle, Rei learns to swim the butterfly stroke at the end of the episode. 

So no stripping scenes again. So instead, I shall provide you a collage with the many shots of Rei's ass.


Episode rating 8/10 lots of Rei, but too much sexual tension with Rin.