Thursday, July 18, 2013

Free! Episode 3 - Beauty and the Glasses

So in this episode Nagisa tries to seduce Megane-kun (also known as Rei Ryuugazaki) into joining the swim club. Also, joint swimming practice occurs (yay..)

We all know it's gonna happen, stop denying it
Of course, even with being denied on the first attempt, Nagisa just won't back down on this one!
Also, he's the calculating type, and that's sexy. He also has an obsession with beauty.

Nothing's gonna keep this man away from his water
In other news, the swim club has found a fabulous indoor pool for use in colder weather! 
Problem: it costs money, and the club has none.
How does the swim club get more money? Achievements!
How does the swim club get achievements? Relays!
How many people do you need for a relay? Four!

So they're in need of one more member! 

Is that the criteria for joining the swim club?
So obviously, Rei has to be that new member!
Has he been in a swimming club before? Nope.
Does he hold any type of record? Nope
Does he have a girly name? YES. 

It's clearly his fate guys.

Oh yes, nothing's more graceful than hurling yourself with a pole...over a pole...
And so, what does Nagisa do to get him to join? He follows him to and from school. Rei responds by explaining why track is beautiful and swimming is not.

Throughout the course of Nagisa's harassment we get lines like:

If you know what I mean *wink*
and let's not forget...

Now things are getting mildly sexual
Eventually, Rei gives in and decides to be a temporary member.
Later, they have practice matches against the Samezuka team.

Your sister just wants you to stop being a douche
Rin, of course, is not happy about this. He walks away dramatically, only to be seen later watching on the sidelines.

Awww...he's so cute when he's embawassed :3
Then things don't go to well, as it is discovered that Rei cannot swim. Then he goes into a pissy/embarassed mode. He then sees Haruka swimming, and is in awe of his *ahem* beauty.

Oh, just get married already
In the end, he joins the swim club, because Haruka's beauty is Rei's goal or something along those lines. He then tells Nagisa to "take responsibility"

"....And from that day on, a beautiful ship was born"

All the stripping took place off-screen in this episode :(

Episode rating 7/10, would have been higher, but there wasn't any stripping.

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