Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Free! Episode 2 - Females

So in this episode of Free! we find out that the ladies are pretty significant characters in the show. I have no issues with that, because Gou is awesome. What I do have issues with is angsty Rin popping up in every other scene. 

Hehehe she has a muscle fetish
Why is Gou awesome? Well, she's pretty much the embodiment of many, many of the fangirls who watch Free!. And who in the world could possibly resist that face! She's so cute~ 

I don't even have words for this.
In this episode, they finally establish the swimming club. They ponder over who would be the club president would be, ending up with Makoto. In the end, Haruka just doesn't have the...umph to be club president.

Most likely, she was a model
 They get Ama-chan-sensei to sponsor them via blackmail.
Meanwhile, Gou is on a quest to find her onii-chan.

Would it be weird if I shipped these two?
Of course, before they can start club activities, they must clean up the nasty-ass pool the school has. Haruka and Makoto panic, but Nagisa and sensei go yandere mode to get them to do it.  

Oh, you'll join the swim club eventually, we all know it.
Then Nagisa parades around the school asking several dudes if they want to join the swimming club. Of course, he is shot down by every single one of them.

She's got a free ticket to ogle at their sexy bodies
As sensei chills while watching the boys clean up the pool, Gou comes bearing gifts of food. She offers to join the swimming club as their manager. That officially makes the swimming club open for business! Yipee!

He looks like a wannabe musician
Later, Makoto goes and revists their old swimming club (again), and bumps into his old coach. The punk-ish looking coach reveals that Rin and Haruka secretly had a race when Rin was visiting for New Years several years ago. Which made Makoto come to the conclusion that Haruka stopped swimming because he "hurt" Rin. Makoto emails angsty Rin telling him to join his (Rin's) school's swim club so they could race against each other. Of course, Rin is obviously going to do that. 

That better be orange juice
After all that, the group toasts to the establishment of the club. Then Haruka goes swimming in the cold water. 


Now here's episode 2's stripping collage!
Only two stripping scenes this time around...

Episode rating 8/10 Because Gou made me lol, but angsty Rin was annoying.
So we finally established the swimming club this episode! YAY!
Next episode features more Megane-kun!


  1. i love your reaction to this episode! :D
    your posts are really fun, keep it up! :)

    1. Thanks! It's always good to hear when someone likes my posts :)