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Free! Episode 1 - Trespassing and Lots of Stripping

Again, not the actual title of the episode.
So we have this season's most controversial anime here: Free!

Top-notch animation as always, KyoAni
So this episode starts off with a flashback that sums up the main character, Haruka's childhood (and current) obsession with swimming. Then he's in a bathtub (wearing his trunks) in the morning, because he just loves the water so much. 

He also mentions a quote his late grandmother told him:
"When you're ten, the call you a prodigy. When you're fifteen they call you a genius. Once you hit twenty you're just an ordinary person."

What does this mean?
I don't know.
Maybe it's general otaku philosophy

But through this quote and a remark he made, we learn that he's seventeen. Well alrighty!

Then there's a few seconds of man service and then we get to school, being Haruka's first day.

Poor baby :( 
Haruka's first starts off on the wrong foot with his teacher mistaking him for a lady because of his name. But alas, there was more to their day than that.

Don't his eyes just sparkle with youth?
He and Makoto then reunite with their childhood friend (and shota) Nagisa. They then reminisce about the old days at swimming club and comment how their school lacks a swimming club and that the pool isn't even in use. They talk about Haruka's water-related hobbies, while Makoto notices a girl staring at them. She gives him a nod. Nagisa then says that their old swimming club is being torn down, and that they should dig up their old time-capsule. Haruka's not all for it at first, but gets all glittery-eyed at the mention of the pool.

I'm sure you will
There is then another quick flashback where the guys remember Rin, their dearly departed (to Australia) swimming buddy and his proposal to participate in the relay. Ain't that the sweetest?

Oh the fujoshi are eating this up, I'm sure.
Well, of course, their old swimming club is rumored to be haunted so anything that goes bump scares the shit out of someone (Haruka). They eventually get to the lounge and see a photo of them after winning the relay which triggers another flashback of them burying the trophy/time-capsule.

They then see a figure in the distance as they're leaving...

It's Rin-chan!! :3
Annndd...he's an asshole. Big surprise. 
He immediately challenges Haruka to a race after criticizing his posse.

When it comes to stripping, Haruka's more graceful.
They get riled up, ready to race, they're about to dive, but alas there is no water left in the pool (only a mouse). The guys shrug it off, but before leaving Rin asks them if they're looking for the trophy (while showing it to them).He says he doesn't need it anymore, drops it on the floor and proceeds to walk away. 
Makes you wonder why he even took the time to dig it up in the first place.
And of course, he's changed! He obviously wasn't this dicky when they were kids.

The next day, Haruka and friends ponder why Rin was so different. While doing so they are once again being observed by the red haired female by the name of Gou..
The guys later proceed to desperately such for Rin's locker, only to find his sister's.
Later, Nagisa and Makoto find her at Haruka's door, and start chatting with her.

Mhm...suuure you did.
She wants his sexy body, I just know it!
Gou explains she was there to ask Haruka about her brother, who goes to whatchamacallit swimming academy which is a boarding school that's famous for swimming. The guys sneak in, strip (Nagisa was completely naked wut), and swim. Then they're found out by Rin and that's pretty much the rest of the episode.

And now..stripping collage.

There are a total of 4 stripping scenes in this collage.
If you add them up with the two other strip scenes pictured above, that's 6 stripping scenes!

Episode rating is 7/10
Because it was good, but could've been better

This anime is highly controversial because it involves Kyoto Animation and man-service. Dudes who have issues have been calling this gay and trash before it even started airing. Also, because it's not Kyoto Animation's usual cute girls, or Key adaptations, people have been having cows. Meanwhile..yaoi fangirls have been...oh you know already. Well, it's not yaoi, and there are female characters in it.

But honestly, who cares? Just sit back, relax and enjoy the show.

And a little extra something.

All credit goes to whoever the hell had the time to print screen this.

Here's a hilarious slide show about the PV that inspired this show

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