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Brothers Conflict Episode 5 - THE GAME, MAN

This looks like a poster for a tragic romance
So before we start, let me just say one thing. I hate these little introductions they do every episode, they're so cheesy and unnecessary. 

Well, yeah, doesn't everybody?
So the first half of this episode was spent on a picnic, with absolutely no mention of the events in the previous episode (and that made me very sad). By the shota voiced by Yuki Kaji's suggestion, the "family" goes picnicking under cherry blossoms at the local park. The group consisted of heroine, Doctor-kun, Tsubaki, Azusa, Ginger-kun (who arrived a little later), Jock-kun (who arrived even later), and the shota voiced by Yuki Kaji. Tsubaki is singing for some girls when Ginger-kun arrives, heroine is giggling at Tsubaki. Ginger-kun thinks about how happy she looks when she laughs.

After the group enjoys dinner for awhile, heroine goes to buy some drinks. She runs into Jock-kun, who asks her to watch his next game. The two arrive together, and a drunk Tsubaki jokingly asks if it's just a mere coincidence. Jock-kun notes the absence of the shota voiced by Yuki Kaji, who they find annoying a duck with a stick. Ginger-kun gets worried shota's gonna fall in and runs to the rescue.

I really wish the two switched positions here
Also, Ginger-kun looks like Superman
Shota falls backwards, and Ginger-kun dives straight into the lake. Tsubaki, being the loving brother he is, pulls Ginger-kun out of the water....then pushes him back in. As heroine attempts to dry Ginger-kun with her handkerchief (yeah, like that's gonna help), Ginger-kun, with great sadness in his eyes, asks if her arriving with Jock-kun really was a coincidence. She reassures him. Ginger-kun goes home with everybody so he can take a shower.

 Upon emerging from the shower, he runs into Jock-kun. He tells Jock-kun that some magazine said he had lost his form. Jock-kun pretty much tells Ginger-kun to shut up, because he doesn't know what it's like on the team. Then a couple of insignificant scenes happen.

Later, Lawyer-kun shows heroine how to cut a chunk of meat, and then...

I love you, tranny, but I don't feel I can trust you
Tranny-san walks in on them! He/She thinks that they're having some sort of love-affair in the kitchen because Lawyer-kun was turning red as he held heroine's hand! Of course, Tranny-san promises not to say a word.

Later, heroine and Ginger-kun attend Jock-kun's game. Note that Jock-kun is unaware of Ginger-kun's attendance.

Jock-kun is put into the game after a picture montage of random dudes playing the game. Jock-kun shoots the winning basket, and is praised by is teammates in another still-shot.

Ginger-kun offers heroine a ride home, but has to take a call. He leaves momentarily, then Jock-kun arrives. Jock-kun hugs heroine and asks her if she has anyone she likes. Heroine answers no (WHAT ABOUT TSUBAKI, YOU BITCH?!!?!?!), and then Jock-kun tells her that he wants her by his side. Before she can answer...

Cock-blocked by Ginger-kun
Ginger-kun shows up, and it starts raining. He tells Jock-kun not to get arrogant and that he should be with his teammates. Jock-kun gets frustrated and leaves, but tells heroine to "think about it" before doing so. Ginger-kun asks heroine if she's going out with Jock-kun. She says she "doesn't know anymore." 

"But we're siblings" she says.
Didn't stop her from going along with what happened last episode.

Ginger-kun then proceeds to apologize to and comfort heroine, who is sobbing and confused.

I think this was the first time the squirrel actually made me laugh
At the end of the episode, Jock-kun tells the squirrel about his confession. The squirrel is not pleased.

Episode rating is 5/10 because no mention of last episode's "stuff", it centered around Jock-kun, whom I don't really care about, and the squirrel and the shota talked too much. Tsubaki's dicky behavior, the tranny and the confession (despite it being from the wrong guy) saved the episode for me.

No offense to Jock-kun, I want him to be rejected. In fact, I kind of dislike the development, but, at the same time, it's a development. I ship the heroine with Tsubaki, but Jock-kun would be my fourth choice.

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