Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Brothers Conflict Episode 4 - Twins' Conflict

That's not the actual title of the episode, but I think it's just as fitting as the actual title.

Suddenly, the funny twin is all serious
So in this episode, the twins announce that they're going to audition for the sequel of the anime that got them into voice acting. But, of course, this all must be kept a secret from the public (but I guess not from their family). Tsubaki (the funny twin) is very passionate about getting the lead role, whereas Azusa (the glasses twin) will be auditioning for the rival character.

D'awww Lawyer-kun is jelly~
When heroine arrives home, she find out that barely anyone can make it home for dinner. Then she gets a call  and/or text from just about everyone else, only to find out that pretty much no one is available for dinner! This makes Lawyer-kun jealous, because he used to be the one getting all the phone calls.

But wait! 
Jock-kun is available for dinner!

So they have dinner, only for Jock-kun to eat his food in thirty seconds and walk away. Of course, before leaving he tells heroine that he wants her to attend his game (if he's in one).

Uh oh
Later, Azusa gets a call from his manager telling him he got the role! But, all is not well, for Tsubaki was rejected. Then Tsubaki pretty much runs away from home...Azusa then goes on an off-screen adventure in search of Tsubaki.

I just included this because anyone expressing how annoying the squirrel is makes me very happy.
Heroine doesn't really grasp the situation at first, so the first thing she does is play video games. More specifically, a trial version of a game her brother, Ginger-kun is helping develop. Because Tsubaki and Azusa voice acted in this game, the squirrel starts the screen. Heroine then nudges the squirrel out of the way.  AND...that's the last we see of the squirrel in this episode (YAY!).

Now that I get a close look at him...he's pretty sexy
Heroine later meets up with Ginger-kun to discuss issues with the game. Then Azusa calls asking about the whereabouts of Tsubaki. Ginger-kun does not know, after hearing this Azusa hangs up on him. 
He didn't even say bye, that bastard.
Then Ginger-kun tells heroine that the person chosen instead of Tsubaki for the lead role was...
(wait for it)

Not sure if he's saying this out of love or subtle insult... (maybe both).
As Ginger-kun walks heroine out, they discuss their plans (or lack of plans) for Christmas. Christmas is a busy time for Ginger-kun, so even if he wanted to, he can't make any personal plans. Instead, as some sort of apology or something, he gives her his scarf. Because he's just that sweet.

This is getting WAY too sexual
Later Azusa tells the heroine that he's gonna pass up the offer for the lead role. Heroine says that won't make Tsubaki happy, and she's right! Tsubaki suddenly appears, and tells Azusa that he would feel better if he just took the role. All is forgiven now! Hooray!

Then Tsubaki tells heroine to join him for his "consolation party" (which was just them two talking in a park). He goes on and talks about how Azusa was always doing better than him even though their twins (FEELINGS). Heroine encourages Tsubaki and then...stuff happens (watch the episode if you want to know, damn it). This "stuff" makes me very happy. 

But then...!

You're such a whore, heroine~
Tsubaki questions the origins of her scarf. It pisses him off even, since apparently the scarf is his taste. Heroine is left speechless.

That zoom out was not for no reason
But wait!
Someone is watching them!
Who could it be?!?!?

I love how he acts like an ojou-sama
Tranny calls them "naughty little children" and then ponders who will have the last laugh...
Will it be you, Tranny-san?

Episode rating 9.5/10 Because twins, "stuff", no appearances of shota voiced by Yuki Kaji, someone expressed annoyance towards the squirrel, and TRANNY (again).

Something tells me after this, that the tranny will be the "villain" of the series. Does this change my feelings towards the tranny? Nope, not at all.

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