Monday, July 15, 2013

Brothers Conflict Episode 2 - My Little Brother Can't Be This Much of an Asshole

So, we've reached episode two of this lovely series, only to be disappointed by the lack of the tranny (AGAIN). I'm not too sure when he/she will appear, but I shall be patient. At least the rest of the show is entertaining, right?

I wish there was a mute button exclusive for his voice, along with the squirrel's.
As always, the shota voiced by Yuki Kaji made me want to kill it. In the first section of the episode, the older brother with glasses made breakfast, and all the wannabe tough bros (Jock-kun and Classmate-kun) joined them. Of course, the squirrel was doing its usual hissy fit over the two.

 I like Classmate-kun, he's the type that'll randomly shout what he's thinking in the middle of class. And he's acting all concerned for the heroine...

After the obligatory scenes with Classmate-kun, we are introduced to another brother.

Yes, thank you, squirrel. What would we be without your little character introductions?
Yes, we were introduced to one of the younger brothers, Idol-kun. Though, Idol-kun is different from the other brothers. How, you ask?

And heroine just sits there and takes it.
To put it bluntly, he's an ass. Just about all the scenes he appeared in this episode involved somehow insulting the heroine or playing jokes on her. 

Which means some shit is gonna go down with Jock-kun.
In other news, it's Jock-kun's birthday. So heroine goes shopping for more food. And Jock-kun sees her, and accidentally responds to her talking to herself. Of course, like any man with balls, he runs and hides. Then heroine gets home, and sees Hippie-kun collapsed on the stairs. Hippie-kun wants to do heroine's hair for the party, so he does. Then Idol-kun comes in looking for Hippie-kun. And plays a joke on his sister, acting like your typical shoujo guy who falls in love with a girl when she changes her appearance.

Oh, Idol-kun, you're so mean~
Of course, it's a joke. The sad thing is, she falls for it. Oh, heroine, what are we going to do with you? Still, Idol-kun has a special place in my heart for being the one asshole in this house of nice bishounen.

Later, we get to the party, where heroine has baked a cake. Classmate-kun just can't eat the cake even though heroine baked it (FEELINGS). Of course, he eventually decides to have his cake, otherwise the funny twin would have stolen it.

*Gasp* Jock-kun, you really thought that way? ;-;
After the party, the older brothers have a drinking session. After being teased by the funny twin, in a drunken rage, Jock-kun rants about how his new imouto is making his life difficult. Unfortunately for him, heroine overhears this, and he sees her. Of course, he goes to her room to apologize. He know where this is going, right?

Well, that progressed quickly.
Yup, and it's only episode two here. But that doesn't really count, it's a side-kiss. How does one even accomplish a side-kiss?

The twins find them and drag Jock-kun out of the room. Then they do some shit to him that's apparently so bad heroine can't see it. Once again, I love the twins. 

Maybe he's gonna chop that blasted ponytail off her head.
Later heroine accidentally exposes Idol-kun at a DVD rental shop. He makes her complete the errand for her, and then tells her upon her return that he'll do other things to "punish" her. More specifically, to her hair. I wonder what he has in mind?

One positive aspect of this episode is that the squirrel wasn't as annoying as he was in the first episode. Still, the few times he did speak it irked me. Also, it seems this show does not play it slow. It doesn't drop hints or any of that. It'll blatantly tell you when a guy likes the girl, but I can't say I have any issues with that.

7/10 - 'twas a good episode, but it lacked tranny once again. Also, shota voiced by Yuki Kaji spoke too much for my taste.

Looks like they'll be introducing another non-tranny brother next episode. When oh when will I see my tranny? I wonder...

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