Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Brothers Conflict Episode 1 - A Squirrel, a Molester Monk, a Hippie, and a Shota Voiced by Yuki Kaji

No, that's not the actual title of the episode.
During this first episode we encountered several characters, there are some more notable ones (three of which are not named in the title of this post) than others. Sadly, the one I wanted to see the most, the tranny, was not in the first episode. I am disappoint.

Though we did meet....

Yes, thank you for that tidbit of information.
This obnoxious squirrel that tries to convince the main character that her new brothers want to rape her. He also criticizes the brothers and introduces, and describes them, while doing so. 
Kill it with fire.

Times like these I wish the main character was a slut.
Then we have the molester monk, who wants to have a sexy sleepover with his new imouto the day he meets her. He provides us with semi-erotic humor.

They have moles. That makes them sexy.
Then we have the twins, they're cool because they made me lol the most out of anyone in this episode.

Dude looks like a pothead.
Then we have Louis, he's a hairdresser who talks really, really slow and looks like he's doped up. I suspect he's a hippie, everything about him points to his hippie-ness. 

Then there's the youngest...voiced by Yuki Kaji. Every time shotas (and I'm talking below the age of 13 shotas) are voiced by Yuki Kaji, I die a little inside.

*nudge, nudge* I bet he likes her :3
And then we have the classmate/brother, who, of course, probably has feelings for her. He won't accept her as his sibling, further proving my theory.

This series looks like the most out of control reverse harem I have ever seen, so I'm definitely going to watch it till the end. It was a very funny first episode, apart from the parts where the squirrel talked.

First episode rating is a 6/10
Because of the lack of tranny and shotas voiced by Yuki Kaji are poison to my soul.


  1. OK, I'm definitely going to set aside some time for this one! I have a weird thing for reverse harems, but I can never seem to get into the anime. I'm such a hardcore manga reader.

    1. Oh definitely! It's a pretty fun watch, especially if you ignore the squirrel! Also, if you have any manga you could recommend then please do ^w^

    2. Boku wa Kiss de Uso Tsuku
      Oresama Teacher
      Black Bird
      Yumemiru Taiyou

      I reeeeeaaalllyyy love Yumemiru Taiyou; I have yet to finish though. ;;w;;)

    3. Oh, I've read most of them (couldn't really get into Black Bird,though). I haven't read Yumemiru Taiyou, so I'll definitely check it out! Thanks ^_^