Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Brothers Conflict - Asahina Iori Theory

So, the other day while discussing Brothers Conflict with a friend of mine, I realized something. One brother seems completely and utterly insignificant. Iori, the 10th son in the family. Out of all of the brothers, he has had the least screen-time, nor does he leave much of a lasting impression the few times he appears. We haven't really learned anything about this guy, I don't even know which character archetype he's supposed to be. He's a complete mystery.

Then my friend came up with a fairly interesting theory.

What if...he was supposed to remain unseen? What if he was really watching over the household from afar? What if he...was a god?

Yes, it sounds crazy, but think about it a bit.

This would explain his lack of appearances, and the "mysterious" aura he has about him.

He must remain out of sight most of the time, because if he were to face the heroine one on one for too long, he may fall victim to her charm like the other brothers.

My friend says that everyone knows about it except the heroine. That may be true, and can be suggested at the Molester Monk's listening to him in that one scene where he appears telling him to stop molesting (not the exact words).

You be the judge
So whether this is just some silly little discussion between anime-crazed teenage girls or if it really is canon will be determined in future episodes. I just thought I'd share this with you.

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