Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Brothers Conflict - Asahina Iori Theory

So, the other day while discussing Brothers Conflict with a friend of mine, I realized something. One brother seems completely and utterly insignificant. Iori, the 10th son in the family. Out of all of the brothers, he has had the least screen-time, nor does he leave much of a lasting impression the few times he appears. We haven't really learned anything about this guy, I don't even know which character archetype he's supposed to be. He's a complete mystery.

Then my friend came up with a fairly interesting theory.

What if...he was supposed to remain unseen? What if he was really watching over the household from afar? What if he...was a god?

Yes, it sounds crazy, but think about it a bit.

This would explain his lack of appearances, and the "mysterious" aura he has about him.

He must remain out of sight most of the time, because if he were to face the heroine one on one for too long, he may fall victim to her charm like the other brothers.

My friend says that everyone knows about it except the heroine. That may be true, and can be suggested at the Molester Monk's listening to him in that one scene where he appears telling him to stop molesting (not the exact words).

You be the judge
So whether this is just some silly little discussion between anime-crazed teenage girls or if it really is canon will be determined in future episodes. I just thought I'd share this with you.

Brothers Conflict Episode 5 - THE GAME, MAN

This looks like a poster for a tragic romance
So before we start, let me just say one thing. I hate these little introductions they do every episode, they're so cheesy and unnecessary. 

Well, yeah, doesn't everybody?
So the first half of this episode was spent on a picnic, with absolutely no mention of the events in the previous episode (and that made me very sad). By the shota voiced by Yuki Kaji's suggestion, the "family" goes picnicking under cherry blossoms at the local park. The group consisted of heroine, Doctor-kun, Tsubaki, Azusa, Ginger-kun (who arrived a little later), Jock-kun (who arrived even later), and the shota voiced by Yuki Kaji. Tsubaki is singing for some girls when Ginger-kun arrives, heroine is giggling at Tsubaki. Ginger-kun thinks about how happy she looks when she laughs.

After the group enjoys dinner for awhile, heroine goes to buy some drinks. She runs into Jock-kun, who asks her to watch his next game. The two arrive together, and a drunk Tsubaki jokingly asks if it's just a mere coincidence. Jock-kun notes the absence of the shota voiced by Yuki Kaji, who they find annoying a duck with a stick. Ginger-kun gets worried shota's gonna fall in and runs to the rescue.

I really wish the two switched positions here
Also, Ginger-kun looks like Superman
Shota falls backwards, and Ginger-kun dives straight into the lake. Tsubaki, being the loving brother he is, pulls Ginger-kun out of the water....then pushes him back in. As heroine attempts to dry Ginger-kun with her handkerchief (yeah, like that's gonna help), Ginger-kun, with great sadness in his eyes, asks if her arriving with Jock-kun really was a coincidence. She reassures him. Ginger-kun goes home with everybody so he can take a shower.

 Upon emerging from the shower, he runs into Jock-kun. He tells Jock-kun that some magazine said he had lost his form. Jock-kun pretty much tells Ginger-kun to shut up, because he doesn't know what it's like on the team. Then a couple of insignificant scenes happen.

Later, Lawyer-kun shows heroine how to cut a chunk of meat, and then...

I love you, tranny, but I don't feel I can trust you
Tranny-san walks in on them! He/She thinks that they're having some sort of love-affair in the kitchen because Lawyer-kun was turning red as he held heroine's hand! Of course, Tranny-san promises not to say a word.

Later, heroine and Ginger-kun attend Jock-kun's game. Note that Jock-kun is unaware of Ginger-kun's attendance.

Jock-kun is put into the game after a picture montage of random dudes playing the game. Jock-kun shoots the winning basket, and is praised by is teammates in another still-shot.

Ginger-kun offers heroine a ride home, but has to take a call. He leaves momentarily, then Jock-kun arrives. Jock-kun hugs heroine and asks her if she has anyone she likes. Heroine answers no (WHAT ABOUT TSUBAKI, YOU BITCH?!!?!?!), and then Jock-kun tells her that he wants her by his side. Before she can answer...

Cock-blocked by Ginger-kun
Ginger-kun shows up, and it starts raining. He tells Jock-kun not to get arrogant and that he should be with his teammates. Jock-kun gets frustrated and leaves, but tells heroine to "think about it" before doing so. Ginger-kun asks heroine if she's going out with Jock-kun. She says she "doesn't know anymore." 

"But we're siblings" she says.
Didn't stop her from going along with what happened last episode.

Ginger-kun then proceeds to apologize to and comfort heroine, who is sobbing and confused.

I think this was the first time the squirrel actually made me laugh
At the end of the episode, Jock-kun tells the squirrel about his confession. The squirrel is not pleased.

Episode rating is 5/10 because no mention of last episode's "stuff", it centered around Jock-kun, whom I don't really care about, and the squirrel and the shota talked too much. Tsubaki's dicky behavior, the tranny and the confession (despite it being from the wrong guy) saved the episode for me.

No offense to Jock-kun, I want him to be rejected. In fact, I kind of dislike the development, but, at the same time, it's a development. I ship the heroine with Tsubaki, but Jock-kun would be my fourth choice.

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Free! Episode 4 - Mission Impossible

Well, I guess you didn't say it quick enough!
Training in the pool has finally begun! And what's our first objective?

This is just sad
Teach Rei how to swim! The first half of the episode is spent on many attempts of teaching Rei to swim. Each and every single one of them fail.

I was expecting a really long and complex answer about being in love with water
During all this there was also a little moment between Haruka and Gou. 
We also get some more of angsty Rin. Angsty Rin does not accept his victory in his swim race with Haruka because Haruka wasn't in good shape. 
Cry me a river, Rin.

Later, Gou tells Rei that he needs to learn to swim within a week. Rei thinks it's impossible, but they shall find a way. Somehow, Rei eventually becomes convinced that his penguin speedo is the problem. 
The solution? 
Shopping time~!

Even Gou couldn't handle it
The guys try on so many swimsuits that it exhausts Gou, even with her muscle fetish. She then bumps into the captain of the rival school's swimming team. She realizes the possibility of her brother being there.


They stare at each other for a little while then eventually go outside to talk.

Rin then tells Haruka about all his angsty issues. Like how he felt that he didn't win their race, and that he needs Haruka to get in better shape so they could race again, otherwise he could never move on.

To which Haruka replies:

I'm glad someone said it!
And then proceeds to walk away.

To which, Rin responds:

No homo
By throwing Haruka against a fence and telling him to swim for him. 
Haruka responds by telling him it's fine, as long as he doesn't give up swimming, embarrass himself, or cry.
Rin then says he's not a kid anymore, and that he'll show him the difference between them.
Gou bears witness to all this.

Once they get back to school, we're back to training Rei in his new swimsuit. And by absolutely no surprise at all, he fails again.

They're fetal position buddies :3
Haruka then tells him to go by instinct, and Rei doesn't understand. Rei says he wants to swim as freely as Haruka. Haruka then tells him:
"I'm not free either."
Then a moth lands on Haruka's chest while saying this.
They then proceed to sit in fetal position together.

Then by some miracle, Rei learns to swim the butterfly stroke at the end of the episode. 

So no stripping scenes again. So instead, I shall provide you a collage with the many shots of Rei's ass.


Episode rating 8/10 lots of Rei, but too much sexual tension with Rin.

Brothers Conflict Episode 4 - Twins' Conflict

That's not the actual title of the episode, but I think it's just as fitting as the actual title.

Suddenly, the funny twin is all serious
So in this episode, the twins announce that they're going to audition for the sequel of the anime that got them into voice acting. But, of course, this all must be kept a secret from the public (but I guess not from their family). Tsubaki (the funny twin) is very passionate about getting the lead role, whereas Azusa (the glasses twin) will be auditioning for the rival character.

D'awww Lawyer-kun is jelly~
When heroine arrives home, she find out that barely anyone can make it home for dinner. Then she gets a call  and/or text from just about everyone else, only to find out that pretty much no one is available for dinner! This makes Lawyer-kun jealous, because he used to be the one getting all the phone calls.

But wait! 
Jock-kun is available for dinner!

So they have dinner, only for Jock-kun to eat his food in thirty seconds and walk away. Of course, before leaving he tells heroine that he wants her to attend his game (if he's in one).

Uh oh
Later, Azusa gets a call from his manager telling him he got the role! But, all is not well, for Tsubaki was rejected. Then Tsubaki pretty much runs away from home...Azusa then goes on an off-screen adventure in search of Tsubaki.

I just included this because anyone expressing how annoying the squirrel is makes me very happy.
Heroine doesn't really grasp the situation at first, so the first thing she does is play video games. More specifically, a trial version of a game her brother, Ginger-kun is helping develop. Because Tsubaki and Azusa voice acted in this game, the squirrel starts the screen. Heroine then nudges the squirrel out of the way.  AND...that's the last we see of the squirrel in this episode (YAY!).

Now that I get a close look at him...he's pretty sexy
Heroine later meets up with Ginger-kun to discuss issues with the game. Then Azusa calls asking about the whereabouts of Tsubaki. Ginger-kun does not know, after hearing this Azusa hangs up on him. 
He didn't even say bye, that bastard.
Then Ginger-kun tells heroine that the person chosen instead of Tsubaki for the lead role was...
(wait for it)

Not sure if he's saying this out of love or subtle insult... (maybe both).
As Ginger-kun walks heroine out, they discuss their plans (or lack of plans) for Christmas. Christmas is a busy time for Ginger-kun, so even if he wanted to, he can't make any personal plans. Instead, as some sort of apology or something, he gives her his scarf. Because he's just that sweet.

This is getting WAY too sexual
Later Azusa tells the heroine that he's gonna pass up the offer for the lead role. Heroine says that won't make Tsubaki happy, and she's right! Tsubaki suddenly appears, and tells Azusa that he would feel better if he just took the role. All is forgiven now! Hooray!

Then Tsubaki tells heroine to join him for his "consolation party" (which was just them two talking in a park). He goes on and talks about how Azusa was always doing better than him even though their twins (FEELINGS). Heroine encourages Tsubaki and then...stuff happens (watch the episode if you want to know, damn it). This "stuff" makes me very happy. 

But then...!

You're such a whore, heroine~
Tsubaki questions the origins of her scarf. It pisses him off even, since apparently the scarf is his taste. Heroine is left speechless.

That zoom out was not for no reason
But wait!
Someone is watching them!
Who could it be?!?!?

I love how he acts like an ojou-sama
Tranny calls them "naughty little children" and then ponders who will have the last laugh...
Will it be you, Tranny-san?

Episode rating 9.5/10 Because twins, "stuff", no appearances of shota voiced by Yuki Kaji, someone expressed annoyance towards the squirrel, and TRANNY (again).

Something tells me after this, that the tranny will be the "villain" of the series. Does this change my feelings towards the tranny? Nope, not at all.

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Free! Episode 3 - Beauty and the Glasses

So in this episode Nagisa tries to seduce Megane-kun (also known as Rei Ryuugazaki) into joining the swim club. Also, joint swimming practice occurs (yay..)

We all know it's gonna happen, stop denying it
Of course, even with being denied on the first attempt, Nagisa just won't back down on this one!
Also, he's the calculating type, and that's sexy. He also has an obsession with beauty.

Nothing's gonna keep this man away from his water
In other news, the swim club has found a fabulous indoor pool for use in colder weather! 
Problem: it costs money, and the club has none.
How does the swim club get more money? Achievements!
How does the swim club get achievements? Relays!
How many people do you need for a relay? Four!

So they're in need of one more member! 

Is that the criteria for joining the swim club?
So obviously, Rei has to be that new member!
Has he been in a swimming club before? Nope.
Does he hold any type of record? Nope
Does he have a girly name? YES. 

It's clearly his fate guys.

Oh yes, nothing's more graceful than hurling yourself with a pole...over a pole...
And so, what does Nagisa do to get him to join? He follows him to and from school. Rei responds by explaining why track is beautiful and swimming is not.

Throughout the course of Nagisa's harassment we get lines like:

If you know what I mean *wink*
and let's not forget...

Now things are getting mildly sexual
Eventually, Rei gives in and decides to be a temporary member.
Later, they have practice matches against the Samezuka team.

Your sister just wants you to stop being a douche
Rin, of course, is not happy about this. He walks away dramatically, only to be seen later watching on the sidelines.

Awww...he's so cute when he's embawassed :3
Then things don't go to well, as it is discovered that Rei cannot swim. Then he goes into a pissy/embarassed mode. He then sees Haruka swimming, and is in awe of his *ahem* beauty.

Oh, just get married already
In the end, he joins the swim club, because Haruka's beauty is Rei's goal or something along those lines. He then tells Nagisa to "take responsibility"

"....And from that day on, a beautiful ship was born"

All the stripping took place off-screen in this episode :(

Episode rating 7/10, would have been higher, but there wasn't any stripping.

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Brothers Conflict Episode 3 - TRANNY!!!! ....and a Wedding

Where have you been all my life?
So in this episode, Tranny-san shows up! YAY!!!
But, well, that's not the only thing thing that happened.
Still, omigoshit'sthetranny!!!

Someone had to say it!
So it turns out the hair thing was a bad translation. What Idol-kun really said was that they'd do something in her room (bow chicka wow wow). The first thing he does is make heroine put the squirrel away. I...I think I love Idol-kun (I love the tranny more though). He then makes the heroine watch movies with him (that bastard!). 

In the middle of the romantic movie session, Classmate-kun walks in on Idol-kun making a move. Classmate-kun drags him away, leaving behind a career-something-a-rather on the floor.

How does this dude think he can protect his sister when he can't even make it to a couch without collapsing?
After the squirrel is released from the bag, he forms an alliance with Hippie-kun, who for some reason, can understand animals.

Then we get to school, where Heroine and Classmate-kun are discussing their plans for the future. Heroine knows she wants to go to a certain college. Classmate-kun...not so much. The two of them decide that Doctor-kun will be representing their guardian at the upcoming parent-teacher conference.

Even the teacher thinks he's shady
The next day, instead of Doctor-kun like they had planned, the molester monk comes to represent their guardian. They discuss the kids' future, imouto knows she wants to go to Subaru's college (but i-it's not like she's going there for him). Then Classmate-kun decides that since his love (this is not stated, but implied) will be going there, he shall also attend that college. 

Then we get a delivery from the one and only Tranny-san (♥), which happens to be a dress for their parents' upcoming wedding. Then suddenly, TIME SKIP TO THE WEDDING.

After meeting the parents, we meet Ginger-kun. Turns out, he's the twins' younger brother (they were all born at the same time), making them triplets. But, he's from a different egg, making him fraternal to the identical twins.

How does this shit even happen? 

We then find out Ginger-kun works at a video game company (so he's good), which just so happens to produce the games that heroine plays (who'd a thunk it)! Also, he has some issues with Subaru, which I guess we'll learn more about later.

Later, Subaru apologizes (again) for the things he said on his birthday. And heroine catches the bouquet.

Idol-kun's just partially in the picture.
Then all the brothers line up and welcome heroine to the family. Ain't that sweet.
We also see the Ginger-kun holding the wedding picture, and noticing Subaru staring off at a certain someone...

What could possibly happen next?

Episode rating 9.5/10 TRANNY! Not too much squirrel, and very little shouta voiced by Yuki Kaji.

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Free! Episode 2 - Females

So in this episode of Free! we find out that the ladies are pretty significant characters in the show. I have no issues with that, because Gou is awesome. What I do have issues with is angsty Rin popping up in every other scene. 

Hehehe she has a muscle fetish
Why is Gou awesome? Well, she's pretty much the embodiment of many, many of the fangirls who watch Free!. And who in the world could possibly resist that face! She's so cute~ 

I don't even have words for this.
In this episode, they finally establish the swimming club. They ponder over who would be the club president would be, ending up with Makoto. In the end, Haruka just doesn't have the...umph to be club president.

Most likely, she was a model
 They get Ama-chan-sensei to sponsor them via blackmail.
Meanwhile, Gou is on a quest to find her onii-chan.

Would it be weird if I shipped these two?
Of course, before they can start club activities, they must clean up the nasty-ass pool the school has. Haruka and Makoto panic, but Nagisa and sensei go yandere mode to get them to do it.  

Oh, you'll join the swim club eventually, we all know it.
Then Nagisa parades around the school asking several dudes if they want to join the swimming club. Of course, he is shot down by every single one of them.

She's got a free ticket to ogle at their sexy bodies
As sensei chills while watching the boys clean up the pool, Gou comes bearing gifts of food. She offers to join the swimming club as their manager. That officially makes the swimming club open for business! Yipee!

He looks like a wannabe musician
Later, Makoto goes and revists their old swimming club (again), and bumps into his old coach. The punk-ish looking coach reveals that Rin and Haruka secretly had a race when Rin was visiting for New Years several years ago. Which made Makoto come to the conclusion that Haruka stopped swimming because he "hurt" Rin. Makoto emails angsty Rin telling him to join his (Rin's) school's swim club so they could race against each other. Of course, Rin is obviously going to do that. 

That better be orange juice
After all that, the group toasts to the establishment of the club. Then Haruka goes swimming in the cold water. 


Now here's episode 2's stripping collage!
Only two stripping scenes this time around...

Episode rating 8/10 Because Gou made me lol, but angsty Rin was annoying.
So we finally established the swimming club this episode! YAY!
Next episode features more Megane-kun!