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Rozen Maiden Review

Rozen Maiden

I usually watch the prequels to the series premiering in later anime seasons. Since a sequel to the Rozen Maiden series was announced, it gave me motivation to watch a series that I had already wanted to watch in the first place. Well, it's already been said that I look forward to the sequel, but what do I think of its predecessor?


Sakurada Jun spends his days online, ordering whatever he takes a liking to, only to return it before the payment is due. Due to psychological trauma from school, Jun generally keeps contact with people as little as possible. One day he finds instructions online that tell him to put his order into his desk drawer. Rubbing it off as a joke, Jun mindlessly does so only to find that his order instantly disappears from his drawer. A package suddenly appears, containing a beautiful antique doll. When wound up, this doll comes to life. Sadly for Jun, this doll Shinku views Jun as an equivalent for a servant. Despite the constant demands Jun now receives from Shinku, she slowly helps him overcome his fears of human contact as well as protect him from the deadly battles that come into his life due to her appearance.

The Visuals

The visuals in this series are pretty unique. They are very artistic in a sense that they feel odd, yet old-fashioned at the same time. The character designs in particular are very eye-catching. Each of the dolls are beautiful in their own individual way. I can't really explain how this style appeals to the eyes, but just look at it, can you deny that it's gorgeous?

The Soundtrack

This series has a wonderful general soundtrack, the first opening theme was also good. However, I was not fond of the ending themes or the opening theme of the second season. Aside from that, this is a pretty lovely set of tracks, filled with songs that can trigger a variety of emotions.

The Characters

This series has a very good cast of characters, though there are some irritating ones in the mix. With the exception of one I grew to love each and every one of the dolls, of course there were some I liked more than others. As for the human characters...well, they were okay..aside from Jun and the otaku lady the rest of them were kind of boring.. 

Favorite Characters


If you asked me why I liked her the most...well, I honestly don't have an answer. I just liked her for no reason, maybe it was because she was so noble or maybe it was because she was the tomboy. I have no idea.

Hina Ichigo

At first, I found her really annoying, but I guess she grew on me... a lot. She's pretty much a little innocent child caught up in this bloody mess. Yeah, she's a little baby. I liked that about her, she was not as serious as the others, and would react to certain things like a small child would. I guess you could say I liked her due to my love of children.

Least Favorite Characters

Barasuishou I didn't like her at all, she was basically an emotionless monster throughout her appearance in the series. She only displayed emotion once and when it happened I had no remorse for her. In fact...I think I laughed at her..

Megu Kakizaki

She's weird. I've never seen a character so enthusiastic about her own death. Well, in her situation it is mildly understandable, but still. She looked so happy when she was getting close to dying, she made me cringe.

The Story

The concept is both simple and complicated at the same time. Living dolls have to battle each other and whoever claims all of  the Rosa Mystica can become the perfect girl and be reunited with Rozen, the creator of the dolls, also referred to as their "father." Some of them refuse to battle, while others are debating whether to do so or not. And of course, there's one doll who wants to battle no matter what. It's a unique concept and it was executed beautifully.


Rozen Maiden is a very creative and beautiful series, I can't say that enough. I'm very much excited for the new series that's coming out in the summer anime season.

Story - 9/10
Characters - 8/10
Music - 8/10
Voice Acting - 7/10
Visuals - 9/10

Overall - 8/10

Now, of course I do recommend this series.

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