Friday, April 5, 2013

Aoi Sekai no Chuushin de Episode 3 - Lost Star and Kid (NSFW)

So apparently this was the last episode
I guess this sums up my feelings about this episode in a non-frustrated fashion
Why is it that this show ends right when I start getting more interested in it? 
First we started with all that sentimental shit, didn't work too well, but Opal's fight was a way.

If you know what I mean... *wink*
So she was fighting some big musclelly guy who kind of reminded me of a fish, and there were some subtle hints that he would have preferred to have sex, but you know how ecchi anime is, there's no sex (just some mildly sexual situations). And, during the battle she constantly reassured herself that she was better than him (what can be expected of our over-confident heroine). 

I'm sure you can, dear.
 At one point, she got hammered (in the stomach, I'll leave it up to your imagination), and then she was making it nasty charging up her shooting attack by fingering herself so hard that her finger nails popped off. Then after all that she manages to shoot a finger barrage at fish-man-thing (I forgot his name), and successfully defeats him.

No, Opal, no it's not
And then after that, she's exhausted and collapses while holding her crotch. A job well done as always, Opal.

This is to benefit everyone, son.
Then we get back to Gear, who is still having some issues "absorbing" father, so he can inherit his power and whatever for the benefit of the kingdom because if he died it'd be a waste. I don't know, the whole thing is needlessly complicated. In the end, he made his decision, but not without a quick flashback from daddy-kins!

Don't ask me what she represents, because I don't know 
After a somewhat sad backstory that I really didn't care very much about (it came out of left field, so it didn't really trigger any emotions), the guy is "absorbed" and thus we move on to the next part of the episode which was...
(wait for it)

If you're wondering who the dude licking her is, it's Bays's brother Boys (yes, Boys)
Opal (almost) getting raped!
I had a feeling that Opal would have that kind of scene sometime in the show, so I guess they saved it for the not so grand finale. But, of course, Gear swooped in at just the right moment and saved her, which was very unsurprising. And then...

This stupid facial expression as he talks about torture adds to his evilness
This causes Gear to go into a violent rage and he kills everybody else in the fortress. 
But wait!
What about Bays?
What will we do about him?
Another battle?!?!?

Nope, Bays was tired, so he left, but not before asking about a technique Tejilof used on him earlier, and Tejilof tells him where he learned it and that he should drop by sometime, like an old buddy.

And...after that they took over the fortress, a not-so shocking revelation occurred, and a bunch of cameos of characters that weren't very prominent in this story took place including:

Who is him?
This chick with sexy ass white hair who is barely wearing anything,

So cute...where were you this entire series??
this adorable girl who represents Kirby,

Miss Reset is right...oh the delicious frustration of Fire Emblem games...
this chick who represents Fire Emblem,

Why does he look so much more badass than the guy who represents Mario? Blasphemy!
and let's not forget Weeegeeee!!!

Episode Rating: 6/10 Don't leave me like this! What anime am I supposed to make fun of on a every three month basis!?!? Well, I'll probably just do that for another random OVA. But, still, I need to see more of this show, not nearly enough was made.

At least make a spin-off only about the Nintendo characters :(


If you get the reference, and why I added it, you get a cookie

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