Tuesday, March 26, 2013

The Various Types of Anime Endings

Whenever I watch the final episode of an anime,  it tends to fall into a certain category, and quite frankly, it's pretty much the same shit most of the time.

I've jotted down as many as I could think of, see how many shows can you think of in each category.

Stupid Show, Serious Ending

A show that was really goofy for almost every single episode, or tried to be serious, and failed, tries to make shit get really dramatic in the final episode, leaving the viewer either teary-eyed or with a WTF sort of feeling.

Just Stopping at a Random Point

Stopping at a very obscure point in the story. Tends to make the show seem like it's going to get a sequel. Usually a sequel is never made, leaving fans dissatisfied with what they have seen.

Stopping at a Somewhat Conclusive Point

Stopping at a point in the story where it seems like the ending. Satisfies both anime-only viewers and people familiar with the source material on most occasions.

You Choose the Ending

Either displaying various alternative endings to the viewer, or leaving the protagonist in a position to choose their fate, not letting the viewer know what their choice was. Usually happens in anime adaptations for games. Feels a huge cop-out every single time.

Troll Ending

Something completely unexpected happens in the last few minutes of the episode, leaving you with a feeling of "Wait, what?" 

The Very "Comedy" Ending

Usually happens in, you guessed it, comedy series. Constant remarks about it being the last episode are made, and nothing really significant happens.

The Surprise Sequel

You're presented with a conclusive ending, and in the very last second of the program there's the announcement for a second season or a movie. SURPRISE!!!

The Not-So Shocking Revelation

Something that seemed completely obvious throughout the entire series is revealed in the last episode.

I Know You're Out There Somewhere 

Someone significant possibly dies in the episode, but there is no real proof of their death. Their friends are extremely confident that this person is alive, and continue on with their daily lives, or sometimes go searching for them.

The Harem

Main character hasn't picked the girl/guy in their harem they want. No problem! He/She can have ALL of them.

Walking Away

After the final conflict ends, protagonist epicly walks of to wherever, sometimes with companions.

Problem Not Solved

The biggest problem in the series is not solved, the characters can't deal with it, and decide to either live with it, or hope someone else can fix it.

The Ridiculously Happy Ending

Usually in action, fantasy, magic, and sci-fi series. Every single possible issue is solved with no deaths and little to no injuries. Even the stuff that seemed completely and utterly hopeless was solved in a manner that harms NO ONE (except the antagonist, on some occasions). YAY!

Anime-Original Endings

Adding in a conflict that does not take place in the original story. There are various types, most tend to leave fans of the source material with something else to bitch about.

So-and-So is leaving/dying but at the very last minute, they return?!?!?

The entire episode is dedicated to everyone feeling emo about a significant character having to leave or dying, but at the very last minute, they show up like "heyy, I'm baackk!" And everyone's all happy and sunshine and rainbows. Another cop-out.

The "Final" Battle

You think you're watching the final conflict in the story, but really, that was just some bullshit the anime writers put in to make it seem like a proper ending.

"Welcome to ______"

If the show's about a certain group or club, the final episode introduces one or two new characters in the very last few minutes, or just show the usual characters sitting in or standing in front of wherever the group gathers, welcoming the new members.

Almost All the Significant Characters of the Story Gather in One Spot for Absolutely no Reason

Usually takes place at the very end of the final episode. Not too sure what the point of such a scene is, but I've seen this happen on multiple occasions. Honestly, it's extremely stupid.

Other Elements of Anime Endings that are Typically used:

  • Playing the first opening theme of the series (instrumental, orchestral, or the original version) during the last bits of the episode
  • Cameos of characters from the source material who did not make any earlier appearances in the anime
  • A kiss scene
  • Someone dies, and everyone is sad about it for five minutes, then they don't give a f**k anymore

If you can think of another anime ending that I haven't named, feel free to tell me.

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