Sunday, March 31, 2013

Second Season of Magi Anime Announced

Well, that was some news I wasn't expecting
So, the finale of Magi aired earlier today, and with that episode came the announcement of a SURPRISE SEQUEL which will be airing in the fall season of this year. Well, I can say that I'm both happy and wary about this news. I'm happy to get another season of Magi, getting to see more of the characters animated and voiced and whatnot, but wary of the animation quality and how much of the story they may or may not be skipping.

First off, the reason a reader of the manga like myself actually likes the series is because I don't see it as an adaptation, but an alternative version of the story. It's actually a lot easier to like the anime this way, even with it's occasional derpy animation quality.

Which reminds me...

What the hell happened in the second half of the series? The animation went from gorgeous to pretty with some derp. Was A-1 really too busy drawing those disgustingly detailed adolescent asses in Vividred Operation to give a shit about the animation in Magi (and occasionally Shinsekai yori)? Get your priorities straight, A-1, Vividred was garbage. Stop taking on five or six anime at once so you can have better quality in your series, please.

Done ranting. Moving on....

So long as they include the Second Sindria Arc and the Pirates Arc, it's fine, but if they were to go straight to the World Exploration Arc and War Arc, I'll be pissed (but, I'll still accept it, after all, it is an alternative version of the story). The teaser on the anime's site did say "The story moves to Magnostadt," so does that mean they're starting in Magnostadt or not? We'll find out in the fall.

My question in the end is, if there was going to be a sequel, couldn't they have just skipped that anime-original ending and at least tried to follow the source material better? I don't know, that makes more sense to me.

Also, the ending for this apparent first season seems to go under the Surprise Sequel and "Final" Battle categories in my Various Types of Anime Endings post. I haven't even watched the final episode yet, but I think I have a good idea of what happens.

Let's hope they at least fix the animation in the second season. I'm looking forward to seeing who voices the characters being introduced next season (I'm crossing my fingers for some Yuu Kobayashi and Yuuichi Nakamura in that cast).

I'm probably not going to write a review of the first season, though, I'll probably wait until I know that the A-1 "adaptation" is over to do one.

My next post will either be my review of Lucky Star or my Final Thoughts on the Winter 2013 Anime post, the most likely is the Lucky Star review. Stay tuned!

Here's a link to the Crunchyroll Article where I learned this!

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