Sunday, March 31, 2013

Second Season of Magi Anime Announced

Well, that was some news I wasn't expecting
So, the finale of Magi aired earlier today, and with that episode came the announcement of a SURPRISE SEQUEL which will be airing in the fall season of this year. Well, I can say that I'm both happy and wary about this news. I'm happy to get another season of Magi, getting to see more of the characters animated and voiced and whatnot, but wary of the animation quality and how much of the story they may or may not be skipping.

First off, the reason a reader of the manga like myself actually likes the series is because I don't see it as an adaptation, but an alternative version of the story. It's actually a lot easier to like the anime this way, even with it's occasional derpy animation quality.

Which reminds me...

What the hell happened in the second half of the series? The animation went from gorgeous to pretty with some derp. Was A-1 really too busy drawing those disgustingly detailed adolescent asses in Vividred Operation to give a shit about the animation in Magi (and occasionally Shinsekai yori)? Get your priorities straight, A-1, Vividred was garbage. Stop taking on five or six anime at once so you can have better quality in your series, please.

Done ranting. Moving on....

So long as they include the Second Sindria Arc and the Pirates Arc, it's fine, but if they were to go straight to the World Exploration Arc and War Arc, I'll be pissed (but, I'll still accept it, after all, it is an alternative version of the story). The teaser on the anime's site did say "The story moves to Magnostadt," so does that mean they're starting in Magnostadt or not? We'll find out in the fall.

My question in the end is, if there was going to be a sequel, couldn't they have just skipped that anime-original ending and at least tried to follow the source material better? I don't know, that makes more sense to me.

Also, the ending for this apparent first season seems to go under the Surprise Sequel and "Final" Battle categories in my Various Types of Anime Endings post. I haven't even watched the final episode yet, but I think I have a good idea of what happens.

Let's hope they at least fix the animation in the second season. I'm looking forward to seeing who voices the characters being introduced next season (I'm crossing my fingers for some Yuu Kobayashi and Yuuichi Nakamura in that cast).

I'm probably not going to write a review of the first season, though, I'll probably wait until I know that the A-1 "adaptation" is over to do one.

My next post will either be my review of Lucky Star or my Final Thoughts on the Winter 2013 Anime post, the most likely is the Lucky Star review. Stay tuned!

Here's a link to the Crunchyroll Article where I learned this!

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya Review

The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya

This is one of the most popularized anime I know of. I mean, when I was 12, and the only anime I watched was Naruto (ah, so young and naive), I still knew this anime was popular. Not to mention all of those Hare Hare Yukai videos on Youtube. Quite frankly, this anime is pretty much a household name for otakus and regular anime fans alike. So, of course, since this anime is so popular I obviously had to check it out. What did I think? Read on to find out!


Kyon, your typical high school student, has long given up his belief in the supernatural. However, upon meeting Haruhi Suzumiya, he quickly finds out that it is the supernatural that she is interested in; aliens, time travelers and espers among other things. When Haruhi laments about the lack of intriguing clubs around school, Kyon inspires Haruhi to form her own club. As a result, the SOS Brigade is formed, a club which specializes in all that is the supernatural.

Much to his chagrin, Kyon, along with the silent bookworm, Yuki Nagato, the shy and timid Mikuru Asahina, and the perpetually smiling Itsuki Koizumi, are recruited as members. The story follows the crazy adventures that these four endure under their whimsical leader, Haruhi. The story is based on the light novels by Nagaru Tanigawa.

The Visuals

Well, as expected from something animated by Kyoto Animation, The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya is animated beautifully. I can't say I recall any moments where the animation was lax, which is more than I could say for many other series. However, I can't say I'm extremely fond of giant eyes, but other than that, I'd say the animation for this series is perfect.

The Soundtrack

In the original series the soundtrack was fairly good, but nothing really stood out. In the movie, on the other hand, was a different story. It was definitely beautiful, without a doubt. I liked both opening themes for the series, and the ending theme for the 2009 series (the internet has too many Hare Hare Yukai videos, I was sick of it before I even started watching this show).

Playlist is only that of the movie soundtrack, the better of the soundtracks in my opnion

The Characters

This show has a variety of characters, from the moe blobs, to the ordinary, to the creepy, and of course, the batshit crazy. This cast has so many different types of characters that there has to be at least one you like, and one you dislike. Strangely enough, the character of this series that is widely regarded as "annoying" in this series didn't bother me one bit, but, certain characters creeped me out, or just generally gave me this feeling of "no.." every time they showed up on screen. Still, this is a pretty impressive cast of characters.

Favorite Characters

Yuki Nagato

With or without emotion she is by far, the most amazing character in this series. She can endure just about anything and not show any concern about it. She helps almost every time the group is in some sort of trouble that Haruhi causes. But, she's not perfect, she causes a big problem herself at some point, but she also helps fix the problem she creates. I absolutely adored her character.


The commentary he has throughout the series always gave me a good laugh. He's the typical normal guy caught up in all of the crazy shit  that happens in the series. Strangely enough though, him being a smart-ass made him so much more interesting than the other "normal" protagonists I've seen in anime. 

Least Favorite Character

Ryouko Asakura *SPOILERS*

She seemed fishy in the beginning. She She's so obsessed with collecting data on Haruhi that she is willing to kill Kyon for the sake of seeing what her reaction is. Yuki, who's in charge of her, tells her not to, and she rebels thinking she has chosen the best course of action. So yeah, she's crazy.

The Story

This is a slice of life series combined with godliness and sci-fi elements. Definitely not something you see everyday, but there are certain series with similar elements in them. Still, this series had moments where it was funny, some where it was sad, and some that were just odd. Even with Endless Eight in the mix, this series is really good. 


All in all, this series is really good, and I sort of understand why so many people like it. However, it still didn't quite live up to the extremely high expectations set by how ridiculously popular it is. Still, it was really enjoyable, and I definitely recommend it.

Story - 8/10
Characters - 9/10
Music - 7/10
Voice Acting - 8/10
Visuals - 9/10

Overall - 8/10

 And by the way, I got through Endless Eight watching for the inconsistences in the repeats, maybe it'll be easier to go through if you do the same.

Other things I'm Marathoning at the Moment

Death Note

I've been wanting to watch this series for quite a while, and now that I've finally gotten around to it I'm really enjoying it. I already see why so many people like this series, it keeps me on the edge of my seat, and gets you to really think about what's going on. Is he doing the right thing? Is he doing something evil? I love it.

Lucky Star

It's a show about nothing! I question the origin of its popularity. I mean, I chuckle at some of the remarks made, but this series hasn't really gotten me to laugh really hard at anything, and I'm already half-way through it. I started watching it because I heard there would be a spin-off series about some background characters I have yet to see. Still, it's cute, but I can't see why it's so popular.

My next review is likely to be of Lucky Star, so stay tuned for that!

The Various Types of Anime Endings

Whenever I watch the final episode of an anime,  it tends to fall into a certain category, and quite frankly, it's pretty much the same shit most of the time.

I've jotted down as many as I could think of, see how many shows can you think of in each category.

Stupid Show, Serious Ending

A show that was really goofy for almost every single episode, or tried to be serious, and failed, tries to make shit get really dramatic in the final episode, leaving the viewer either teary-eyed or with a WTF sort of feeling.

Just Stopping at a Random Point

Stopping at a very obscure point in the story. Tends to make the show seem like it's going to get a sequel. Usually a sequel is never made, leaving fans dissatisfied with what they have seen.

Stopping at a Somewhat Conclusive Point

Stopping at a point in the story where it seems like the ending. Satisfies both anime-only viewers and people familiar with the source material on most occasions.

You Choose the Ending

Either displaying various alternative endings to the viewer, or leaving the protagonist in a position to choose their fate, not letting the viewer know what their choice was. Usually happens in anime adaptations for games. Feels a huge cop-out every single time.

Troll Ending

Something completely unexpected happens in the last few minutes of the episode, leaving you with a feeling of "Wait, what?" 

The Very "Comedy" Ending

Usually happens in, you guessed it, comedy series. Constant remarks about it being the last episode are made, and nothing really significant happens.

The Surprise Sequel

You're presented with a conclusive ending, and in the very last second of the program there's the announcement for a second season or a movie. SURPRISE!!!

The Not-So Shocking Revelation

Something that seemed completely obvious throughout the entire series is revealed in the last episode.

I Know You're Out There Somewhere 

Someone significant possibly dies in the episode, but there is no real proof of their death. Their friends are extremely confident that this person is alive, and continue on with their daily lives, or sometimes go searching for them.

The Harem

Main character hasn't picked the girl/guy in their harem they want. No problem! He/She can have ALL of them.

Walking Away

After the final conflict ends, protagonist epicly walks of to wherever, sometimes with companions.

Problem Not Solved

The biggest problem in the series is not solved, the characters can't deal with it, and decide to either live with it, or hope someone else can fix it.

The Ridiculously Happy Ending

Usually in action, fantasy, magic, and sci-fi series. Every single possible issue is solved with no deaths and little to no injuries. Even the stuff that seemed completely and utterly hopeless was solved in a manner that harms NO ONE (except the antagonist, on some occasions). YAY!

Anime-Original Endings

Adding in a conflict that does not take place in the original story. There are various types, most tend to leave fans of the source material with something else to bitch about.

So-and-So is leaving/dying but at the very last minute, they return?!?!?

The entire episode is dedicated to everyone feeling emo about a significant character having to leave or dying, but at the very last minute, they show up like "heyy, I'm baackk!" And everyone's all happy and sunshine and rainbows. Another cop-out.

The "Final" Battle

You think you're watching the final conflict in the story, but really, that was just some bullshit the anime writers put in to make it seem like a proper ending.

"Welcome to ______"

If the show's about a certain group or club, the final episode introduces one or two new characters in the very last few minutes, or just show the usual characters sitting in or standing in front of wherever the group gathers, welcoming the new members.

Almost All the Significant Characters of the Story Gather in One Spot for Absolutely no Reason

Usually takes place at the very end of the final episode. Not too sure what the point of such a scene is, but I've seen this happen on multiple occasions. Honestly, it's extremely stupid.

Other Elements of Anime Endings that are Typically used:

  • Playing the first opening theme of the series (instrumental, orchestral, or the original version) during the last bits of the episode
  • Cameos of characters from the source material who did not make any earlier appearances in the anime
  • A kiss scene
  • Someone dies, and everyone is sad about it for five minutes, then they don't give a f**k anymore

If you can think of another anime ending that I haven't named, feel free to tell me.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Golden Boy Review (NSFW)

Golden Boy

Also known as the sexiest anime alive
Awhile back, I think I was watching another ecchi series at the time, I came across a comment (which was probably on youtube) that said "the only ecchi you need is Golden Boy." And after a day off from marathoning anime, I decided that I'd spend my Sunday watching Golden Boy. How was it? Well, read on to find out! 


Kintarou Oe doesn't look like it, but he is a genius who completed all his university courses and then quit before graduating. He becomes a wandering student, going from place to place on his bicycle, seeking to learn what he can about life, the world, and women. He is willing and able to do any job he has to prove himself. His travels take him to a variety of locations and a variety of women, each who learns to love the hardworking guy, but not before he can run off.

The Visuals

The visuals in this series are really good, especially considering that this series was made in the 90's. The backgrounds were nicely done, and the characters were great-looking. I think out of all the ecchi series I've seen, I think this series had the best-looking bodies.

The Soundtrack

It's strangely relaxing. You'd think an ecchi series would have really lively music, but most of the tracks in this series were really calming. It's like music you'd hear at a spa or something. The ending themes weren't all that good though.

The Characters

The only really prominent male character in this series is the main character, which is fine because the main character is manly enough to count for several men. The women in this series, with the exception of one, were all very interesting and attractive characters. I have to say, this series has a great cast.

Favorite Characters

Kintaro Oe

He's a total pervert, but also a complete and utter genius, managing to learn valuable skills within weeks, and dropping out of his university because he had already learned the entire curriculum. He travels the country on his bicycle finding new things to learn. The only problem with him is his whole women's toilet fetish...


Instead of chasing after Kintaro like the other women, she simply wishes they meet again, and gets on with her life, that's pretty much the main reason I like Chie. That and she works at an anime studio, and that is awesome.

Least Favorite Character

Reiko Terayama

She was first seen, and I am not making this up, humping her motorcycle. So, yeah, this chick disturbed the hell out of me. Also, she's a bit too snobby, but that's not as bad as humping a damn motorcycle.

The Story

A man travels around Japan learning new skills for the sake of learning, and meets a multitude of beautiful women and helps solve their problems, and they fall in love with him in the process. It's a relatively simple idea, but it was very well-executed. It is most definitely better than the ecchi series that have been coming out in recent years.


This is a fantastic series, with great comedy, interesting characters, and attractive fanservice. Even if you're not a big ecchi fan, I'd suggest watching this show for its story, because it's humorous and grabs your attention.

Story - 10/10
Characters - 9/10
Music - 8/10
Voice Acting - 8/10
Visuals - 9/10

Overall - 9/10

Another thing I'm Marathoning at the Moment

The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya (2009)

I've only seen two episodes of the 2009 Haruhi series, and I think I started the first part of endless eight, not entirely sure, but it seems good so far, but knowing me, I might get extremely irritated watching pretty much the same episode over and over again.

The next review coming out will most likely be of the Haruhi series, I think I'm going to take a break from watching shoujo series for a little while, so whatever I watch next could be just about anything, whatever I feel like. Stay tuned for my next review!

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Vampire Knight Review

Vampire Knight

This anime if often regarded as the anime version of Twilight by my guy friends who've seen it, as well as one girl, but most other girls I know that have seen this show loved it. What did I think? Well read on to find out.


Cross Academy is an elite boarding school with two separate, isolated classes: the Day Class and the Night Class. On the surface, Yuuki Cross and Zero Kiryuu are prefects of the academy, and attempt to keep order between the students as classes rotate in the evenings. As the night class is full of utterly gorgeous elites, this can sometimes prove to be a bit difficult. It is completely necessary, however, as those "elites" are actually vampires. Yuuki and Zero act as guardians, protecting the secrets of the Night Class and the safety of the ignorant day class.

As the adopted daughter of the academy's chairman, Yuuki takes her job with a serious and energetic attitude. It also allows her to interact with her secret crush and savior, the night class' dorm president, Kaname Kuran. Zero, on the other hand, has a deep-rooted hatred against vampires, and at times, does not hesitate to kill.

Can vampires and humans co-exist, even in the strict setup of the Cross Academy? Only time will tell.

The Visuals

Beautiful, to say the least. The visuals were probably the best part of the series. If I had any complaints, it would be that the necks on the male characters are a bit thick. Other than that, they are very much outstanding visuals.

The Soundtrack

The soundtrack for this series is relatively good, it probably would have been better if some of the tracks didn't remind me of Luigi's Mansion. I wasn't fond of both the opening themes and the second ending theme (the first was fine). 

The Characters

Most of the characters, if not all of them, in this series were incredibly generic/cliché, you got the asshole love interests (though one is significantly less of an asshole than the other), the bishounen, two bishoujo (one is of course in love with the main love interest), hell, even the characters I liked were incredibly generic. 

Favorite Character

Akatsuki Kain

He was probably the nicest character in this series that didn't seem completely insignificant. He's a good friend, and would be a great pairing with Ruka if she wasn't so damn infatuated with Kaname.

Least Favorite Character

Kaname Kuran

My god, this guy is an asshole. He seems to like giving people guilt trips (mainly Yuki and Zero) whenever they do something that he doesn't like. He's also arrogant, likes rubbing shit in Zero's face, and makes me want to punch him in the face. Also for other reasons that would spoil the story so I won't say them.

The Story

Very cliché, hottest guy favors main character, hottest guy just so happens to be a vampire. Childhood friend/fellow guardian/classmate/adoptive brother (?) also likes girl, hates vampires. This is pretty much the anime version of Twilight if you take out the werewolves and replace them with vampire hunters (+ add a crazy/disturbing/disgusting plot twist). The ending is shit, too.


This show is overrated, to say the least. I did like the plot twist because it was crazy, and unexpected, but a vast majority of the series was filled with mostly predictable events, and the characters are difficult to like. I'm not going to tell anyone not to watch this series, some people enjoy it, but I think it is way overrated.  

Story - 4/10
Characters - 4/10
Music - 6/10
Voice Acting - 7/10
Visuals - 9/10

Overall - 5/10

Another thing I'm Marathoning at the Moment

The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya

I finished watching the first season, and I'll be moving on to the 2009 sequel, which means I shall be encountering Endless Eight, do wish me luck here. I did really enjoy the first season, though.

My next review might be Haruhi, or, depending how long the next shoujo series I'm watching is, whatever shoujo series I'm marathoning next. Do stay tuned for my next review!

Friday, March 8, 2013

Cromartie High School Review

Cromartie High School

Fluffy stuffed animals have never looked so manly


Folks, meet Takashi Kamiyama. Enrolled at Cromartie High, where everybody is a delinquent, Kamiyama is apparently the only non-delinquent in the school. Logically, therefore, he must be the toughest in his class - by the rather twisted logic that only a really tough rabbit would lie down with lions. Thus begins a story that parodies every cliché of tough-guy anime that you've ever heard of, and some you haven't. Oh, and Freddie Mercury is in it, too.

The Visuals

The visuals in this series are rather odd, the characters are drawn with extreme detail, looking somewhat realistic, and the backgrounds are extremely average-looking. Though, I'd say that's one of the ideal forms of animation for a comedy series. Detailed faces and ridiculous dialogue are a hilarious combination.

The Soundtrack

This series has a really great soundtrack, though, there are some bad songs in the mix, most of the songs in the soundtrack are really good. Though, they blended in with the situations so well at times I didn't notice music was even playing sometimes.

The Characters

The characters in this series were hilarious in their own individual ways, the only problem was the lack of female characters (apart from the last episode, but I won't go so far as to describe what happened there). There was one female character (two if you count gorillas) but it was a very masculine-looking woman with no eyebrows, and it was someone's mother. Though, apart from that, it was a really good cast filled with delinquents, two robots, two gorillas, one dude's mom, and a guy that looks like Freddie Mercury (and his horse).

Favorite Characters


He's epic beyond belief, he rides a damn horse to school every day, and no one even dares mess with him. Also, the fact that he never actually speaks in the series makes him even more epic.

Shinichi Mechazawa

Any character voiced by Norio Wakamoto is awesome, but this guy, he's a robot. Though as obvious as he looks, people would never agknowledge the fact that he's a robot. He also cares for his buddies, and would take a bullet for them, and everyone is always telling him what a great guy he is. He made for a lot of great scenes in the series, especially toward the end.

Least Favorite Characters

Maeda's Mother

Yeah...she creeped me out. Just having the same delinquent, no eyebrows face as several other guys in this series was just...icky....

The Story

The thing about this show's story is....well, there is no real story behind it. In fact, most of the series is a bunch of jumbled up skits, and usually the ones that are related to each other are split up into different episodes, though there were exceptions. Though, each individual skit was funny, there were times that I wished things went in order (my inner perfectionist is kicking in...).


Cromartie High School is a great comedy series, but if you like actual stories, and events happening in order, then this may not be the series for you. However, if you're a big fan of comedy anime, you'll probably enjoy it.

Story - 5/10
Characters - 9/10
Music - 8/10
Voice Acting - 7/10
Visuals - 9/10

Overall - 8/10

Other things I'm Marathoning at the Moment

Vampire Knight Guilty

Yes, I'm watching what is often referred to as the "anime version of Twilight." Though, if you ask me, it's not necessarily bad, or good for that matter, either. The first season was...meh. But, I heard from several people that the series had a certain crazy twist in it, and for that reason I'm watching the second season. It's pretty popular (mostly with girls), so, I never had any intentions of dropping it.

The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya

This is probably one of the most popularized anime I've ever heard of, so, I figured, I should probably watch it. I'm only two episodes in, definitely has some good laughs in it, the characters introduced so far are also very interesting. I'm liking it quite a lot so far!

The next review coming out will be for the Vampire Knight series, after that, probably the Haruhi series, after I've watched the first and second seasons, plus the movie. You can look forward to those reviews, so stay tuned!

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Spring 2013 Anime

The spring anime season is drawing closer, and I must say, I am looking forward to it. The weak season will be over, and a mass of potential masterpieces starts afterwards, I'm extremely excited! As always, I will be giving my pre-season thoughts on the series I found interesting on the anime chart. Anything not listed is not of my interest or may have been forgotten.

The season's chart can be found here:
Spring 2013 Anime Chart

As always, I'll be listing the series in order of interest:

Aku no Hana

Kasuga Takao is a boy who loves reading books, particularly Baudelaire's Les Fleurs du Mal. A girl at his school, Saeki Nanako, is his muse and his Venus, and he admires her from a distance. One day, he forgets his copy of Les Fleurs du Mal in the classroom and runs back alone to pick it up. In the classroom, he finds not only his book, but Saeki's gym uniform. On a mad impulse, he steals it.

Now everyone knows "some pervert" stole Saeki's uniform, and Kasuga is dying with shame and guilt. Furthermore, the weird, creepy, and friendless girl of the class, Nakamura, saw him take the uniform. Instead of revealing it was him, she recognizes his kindred deviant spirit and uses her knowledge to take control of his life. Will it be possible for Kasuga to get closer to Saeki, despite Nakamura's meddling and his dark secret? What exactly does Nakamura intend to do with him?

Who am I kidding? I'm a sucker for stuff like this. Evil children, conflicts caused by puberty, etc. It just sounds so.... I don't know, but I can say that this is most definitely the anime I look forward to the most.

RDG: Red Data Girl

A modern fantasy based on Japanese Shinto legends. Suzuhara Izumiko is a 15-year-old girl, who has been raised and protected in a shrine deep in the Kumano mountains. She is quite shy and destroys all the electric devices she touches. When she begins to think about going out of the mountains and moving to the city, her guardian Sagara Yukimasa recommends her to enter a high school in Tokyo and forces his son Miyuki to serve Izumiko for life. Miyuki and Izumiko repel each other but their relationship begins to change when a terrifying accident occurs on the school excursion. Izumiko learns her fate as the last representative (yorishiro) of a Himegami goddess and Miyuki learns of his duty as a guardian Yamabushi of Izumiko.

This series had my interest from the very first trailer I saw of it. I do like me some fantasy series, not to mention this series is done by P.A. Works, and their series tend to be really good. Also, the cast looks great, and the art is gorgeous (as expected from P.A. Works).

Suisei no Gargantia

The story begins in the distant future in the far reaches of the galaxy. The Human Galactic Alliance has been constantly fighting for its survival against a grotesque race of beings called "Hidiaazu." During an intense battle, the young lieutenant Redo and his humanoid mobile weapon Chamber are swallowed up into a distortion of time and space. Waking from his artificially induced hibernation, Redo realizes that he has arrived on Earth, the planet on the lost frontier. On this planet that was completely flooded by the seas, people live in fleets of giant ships, salvaging relics from the seas' depths in order to survive. Redo arrives on one of the fleets called Gargantia. With no knowledge of the planet's history or culture, he is forced to live alongside Amy, a 15-year-old girl who serves as a messenger aboard the Gargantia fleet. To Redo, who has lived a life where he knows nothing but fighting, these days of peace continue to surprise him.

The trailers had me really interested, the cinematic visuals, the story, it all seems so...amazing from just that trailer. Though, maybe my expectations for this series are too high, but, I still look forward to seeing how this series will turn out.

Arata Kangatari

Every 30 years, a new princess is chosen from the Hime family to serve the Hayagami. The time has come again, but over these past years, records state not a single female has been born, save for one, the 15-year-old Arata. The only problem is, Arata is actually a male! Forced to disguise himself and take the place of the princess candidate until a formal one can be found, he attends the festival only to witness the current princess, Kokuri-hime, murdered, and his own life is forfeit as well, by the hands of the princess' personal guard, the 12 Shinshou. As he runs for his life, Kannagi of the 12 convinces everyone that Arata is the one who has murdered the princess instead, and now everyone in the Imperial Court is after his head!

This series looks completely epic! Not to mention the source material was serialized in Weekly Shounen Sunday, which is the magazine where my favorite manga (Magi) and a few other manga I really like (The World God Only Knows, Denpa Kyoushi) are published. So, this is definitely a must-watch for me.

Karneval (TV)

Nai searches for someone important to him, with only an abandoned bracelet as a clue. Gareki steals and pick-pockets to get by from day to day. The two meet in a strange mansion where they are set-up, and soon become wanted criminals by military security operatives. When Nai and Gareki find themselves desperate in a hopeless predicament, they encounter none other than the country's most powerful defense organization—"Circus"!!

For one, the visuals are colorful (I love colorful visuals), the cast is great, and it has an interesting-sounding plot. I've read the first chapter of the manga, and it was pretty good, plus, it's a Josei (one of my favorite genres) which is another plus.

Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Kaku

The story is set in the same Hinamizawa village of the previous stories. The village has been completely sealed off due to a mysterious virus in 1983, and Maebara Keiichi and Ryuuguu Rena deal with the outbreak.

A new Higurashi series is good news for me, but from the trailer I've seen, it seems that this series will just be a massacre, not that I have a problem with that. The bloodiness of this series is one of its best traits.

Shingeki no Kyojin (Attack on Titan)

Several hundred years ago, humans were nearly exterminated by giants. Giants are typically several stories tall, seem to have no intelligence, devour human beings and, worst of all, seem to do it for the pleasure rather than as a food source. A small percentage of humanity survived by walling themselves in a city protected by extremely high walls, even taller than the biggest of giants.

Flash forward to the present and the city has not seen a giant in over 100 years. Teenage boy Elen and his foster sister Mikasa witness something horrific as the city walls are destroyed by a super giant that appears out of thin air. As the smaller giants flood the city, the two kids watch in horror as their mother is eaten alive. Elen vows that he will murder every single giant and take revenge for all of mankind.

Giant monsters, action, explosions, fantasy, this'll either be epic to extreme proportions or an epic fail, and you can sure as hell bet I'll watch this one.

Toaru Kagaku no Railgun S

The second season will focus on The Sisters Arc. Lasting only a single volume in the Toaru Majutsu no Index light novels, it was later expanded greatly in the Toaru Kagaku no Railgun manga.

The arc focuses on the ordeals of Mikoto Misaka after discovering the existence of the Radio Noise sisters that are being used in the Level 6 Shift, an experiment where they are killed in order for the highest-ranking Level 5, Accelerator, can achieve Level 6.

I do like the Railgun series, this one will be especially interesting because it focuses on the Sisters Arc. I just dislike the fact that I have to see Kuroko fanservice scenes (Kuroko annoys me), but, other than that, I'm looking forward to it.

Ore no Imouto ga Konnani Kawaii Wake ga Nai.

Second season of OreImo.

Yes, I actually like this series, particularly because of every girl except for Kirino and her school friends. I'm looking forward to seeing how things fare this season.

Devil Survivor 2 The Animation

While Japan in desperate situation, 13 "devil survivors" cut deals with devils to obtain abilities to fight against unknown invaders with only 7 days left until a world catastrophe, you need to make crucial decision to survive...

The trailers were what got me interested, it kind of reminds me of the Persona 4 anime in a way, which is one of the reasons I'm looking forward to it.

Kakumeiki Valvrave

The story is set in an era when 70% of the human race lives in space due to the development of space cities. Between two major powers — the Dorushia Military Pact Federation and the Atlantic Ring United States (ARUS) — there is a small neutral nation called Jiouru that has prospered economically. The protagonist Haruto, a high school student who lives in Jiouru, encounters the mysterious “forbidden” humanoid weapon Valvrave when the Dorushia army invades.

The trailer by itself was interesting, and considering this is done by Sunrise, it's likely to be really good.

Hentai Ouji to Warawanai Neko.

Youto Yokodera is always thinking about his carnal desires, but no one acknowledges him as a pervert. He learns about a cat statue that supposedly grants wishes. The boy goes to pray that he will be able to express his lustful thoughts whenever and wherever he wants. At the statue, Youto encounters Tsukiko Tsutsukakushi, a girl from his high school with her own wish — that she would not display her real intentions so readily.


I like perverted main characters, especially in romantic comedies, also the two main characters seem to create a perfect balance with each other (and I do like balance quite a lot).

Haiyore! Nyaruko-san W

Second season of Haiyore! Nyaruko-san.

The first season was pretty funny, so I see no reasons to not watch it.

Hataraku Maou-sama!

Devil King Sadao is only one step away from conquering the world when he is beaten by Hero Emilia and forced to drift to the other world: modern-day Tokyo. As "conquering the world" are the only skills the Devil King possesses—and are obviously unnecessary in his new situation—he must work as a freeter to pay for his living expenses!

I'm currently reading a manga that's based off of the high school aspect of the series, and it's funny, and a bit on the silly side. I'll definitely give this a watch.

Photo Kano

The story revolves around the male protagonist who just got a DSLR camera from his dad and start to develop photography as his new hobby.

From what I understand, this is supposed to be a harem series...? So, it's a photography harem this time...why not? The animation looks pretty, and the casting is really good, so I'll check it out.


The manga follows the school life of three girls in the data processing club—Yuzuko, Yukari, and Yui.

Seems like a pretty average series, though, I do like the choice of voice actresses for the three main characters, two of whom were in Yuru Yuri. So, I'll watch it.


The story centers around Amaya, Iwasawa, and Uehara—three "annoying, spirited high school girls with zero motivation"—and their classmates. Their daily life is "what happens when there is nothing happening."

Another anime about high school girls. If anything, the visuals are cute, they remind me a bit of the Working!! series. Hopefully it'll be decent and I won't watch it just for the visuals.

Miyakawa-ke no Kuufuku

A spin-off of Lucky Star. Centers around big sister Hinata Miyakawa and little sister Hikage Miyakawa's impoverished daily life at home (due to Hinata's wasteful habits) and Hikage's life at elementary school.

Lucky Star wasn't exactly my thing, but I still kind of enjoyed it, so I might as well give this a try.

Joujuu Senjin!! Mushibugyo

The action story is set in Edo-era Tokyo in the early 1700s. The eighth shogun Tokugawa Yoshimune ordered boxes to be installed so commoners can submit their thoughts. After hearing their voices, the shogun creates a new magistrate unit—Mushibugyou—to protect the people in the heart of the city. Each member is a specialist with unique fighting skills.

I have to admit, I'm not exactly a huge fan of historical anime series, though this does interest me a bit because the manga this series is adapted from is in Weekly Shounen Sunday. I have faith in Weekly Shounen Sunday, so I'll definitely give it a shot.

Zettai Bouei Leviathan

The story is set in Aquafall, a fantasy world abound with water and greenery, and populated by dragons and fairies. Meteorites suddenly bring forth evil creatures that threaten all living things on the planet. The fairy Syrup assembles the Aquafall Defense Force, with three girls of the dragon clans as recruits. The story follows Syrup and the dragon girls Leviathan, Bahamut, and Jörmungandr as they work together to battle enemies and grow up.

So, let me get this straight. This is a story about a fairy who recruits dragons to fight monsters? Oh, okay, seems legit.

Dansai Bunri no Crime Edge

Haimura Kiri is a seemingly ordinary boy with one slight problem: he is obsessed with cutting other people's hair. One day he meets Mushiyanokouji Iwai, the "Hair Queen" who cannot cut her hair because of an inherited curse. Kiri finds out that his scissor, "Dansai Bunri no Crime Edge" is the only thing that can cut them. But little did he know that their meeting sparked the start of an old murder game to kill the "Hair Queen" using the cursed killing tools, the "Killing Goods." Can Kiri protect Iwai from the Killing Goods Owners? Let the game begin!

So...people are trying to kill this girl because she's the "Hair Queen", and a guy with a hair-cutting fetish is protecting her from the people who are trying to kill her....weird. But, I'll give it a chance, I mean, why not?

Date A Live

Itsuka Shido is a high school boy. On the last day of the spring holidays, an explosion destroys the town and a girl in armor appears in front of him. Shido's sister-in-law, Kotori, tells him that the girl is called "Special Disasterous Designated Creature: Spirit", which causes a timespace quake. Kotori disclosed that she is the commander of the anti-spirit organization Ratatosk and orders him to go out on a date with the spirit girl. Kotori says, "I don't ask you to beat the spirit. Just let her fall in love with you and save the world."

Is this the new action harem series that tries to be original but will most likely turn out extremely generic? It might be. But, this might surprise me, so I'll give it a chance. Even it is generic, it should be watchable.

Yahari Ore no Seishun Love Come wa Machigatteiru.

This romantic comedy revolves around an antisocial high school student named Hikigaya Hachiman with a distorted view on life and no friends or girlfriend. When he see his classmates talking excitedly about living their adolescent lives, he mutters, They're a bunch of liars. When he is asked about his future dreams, he responds, Not working. A teacher gets Hachiman to join the volunteer service club, which happens to have the school's prettiest girl, Yukinoshita Yukino.

This plot sounds somewhat familiar, most likely because it has elements that are extremely popular in generic romantic comedies. Friendless guy somehow ends up spending his days with the prettiest girl in school, becomes target of jealousy, etc... But, I'll give it a chance, maybe there'll be some crazy twist or something. Probably not, but it'll be a good time waster. 

Hayate no Gotoku! Cuties

Fourth season of Hayate no Gotoku!

Manglobe doesn't seem to be convinced that they're not very good at making a Hayate series (animation looks bad, Can't Take My Eyes Off You was...weird, as was Heaven is a Place on Earth). Knowing me, though, I'll watch it to bitch about it later. Who knows, maybe this will be an improvement from the last series (I doubt it'll be though).

Namiuchigiwa no Muromi-san

Mukoujima Takurou is a lonely teenager who spends his time fishing at the pier and, to his incredible surprise, fishes up Muromi, a mermaid. Muromi first off doesn't realize she's a mermaid until she meets Takurou. Not only that, she is incredibly dense and crazy and has a drinking problem to top it off. Now every time Takurou goes fishing, Muromi appears and makes life interesting for him.

This sounds like it might be really bad, and the animation looks weird, but, maybe I'll give it a chance.

Uta no☆Prince-sama♪ Maji Love 2000%

Second season of Uta no Prince-sama.

Okay, so, to put it bluntly, I didn't like the first season, it was bad. HOWEVER, there are certain voice actors that I'm terribly fond of in this bad series (Norio Wakamoto and Yuuichi Nakamura), also, who knows, maybe this won't be terrible. Maybe, just maybe, guys will stop falling in love with this girl after spending one day with her. Though, I don't have very much faith in this series, I'll watch it for those certain voice actors.

Ginga Kikoutai: Majestic Prince

In the latter half of 21st century, humans leave the Earth and begin to live in space. In order to adapt to the environment in space and deal with the hostile aliens in Jupiter, genetically engineered children called "Princes" are artificially raised and trained to be pilots of armed robots "AHSMB (Advanced High Standard Multipurpose Battle Device). This is a story about one of the teenage "Princes", Hitachi O Izuru, who studies in an academic city Grandzehle.

The title is ridiculous, I literally busted out laughing at it. The plot sounds kind of ridiculous as well, maybe I'll skip on this one...

So, those are my pre-season thoughts on Spring 2013. The season looks pretty good, I might even have too much to watch! This post may be updated from time to time, so look out for those updates.


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