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Winter 2013 Anime First Impressions

With the winter anime season getting started, I've started watching quite a few anime. I've decided on what to watch, and, a few of the things I'm watching aren't very good. In fact, not very many of the new series from this season are more than fine in quality. There are a great deal of poor-quality anime this season, but there are also quite a few that are pretty good. Now, I'll be telling you my first impressions of the series that I've watched, as well as my thoughts on the returning series current situations.

New Series:

Ai Mai Mi

It's not funny and it has absolutely horrible animation. I don't know why the quality suddenly dropped so much between this series and Recorder to Randoseru, but it did, big time.

AKB0048 Next Stage

Pretty much picked up right where the last season ended, but things are getting quite a bit more heated up this season, what with the trial and so many more events. This series is cute,but it has good serious moments too.


The story seems interesting enough, and the animation is superb, but things are a bit rushed, and it does get confusing at times. Still, it's one of the better series this season.

Bakumatsu Gijinden Roman

It's really good, the plot is pretty interesting, and the animation is nice and old-fashioned looking. I just wish some people would give this series a chance, because it is really good.

Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai NEXT

Pretty much a continuation starting right where the last season left off. Nothing wrong with it, it's actually quite funny at times. Though something about it feels off, I don't know what though.

Chihayafuru 2

Another sequel, but this was the one I was looking forward to the most. I love Chihayafuru, and I'm loving the new developments, can't say too much about the new characters because I don't really know much about them yet. Knowing me though, I'll probably like them.

Cuticle Tantei Inaba

It's like someone's throwing you jokes at 100 MPH and expecting you to find it funny. There are moments where it's funny, but most of the time the jokes are just "meh". It seriously needs to slow down, the comedy is way too fast paced.


Another comedy that isn't very funny. I was expecting this to be a short series, but it isn't. There really isn't much too good about it other than the animation being kind of cute looking. Other than that, there isn't really anything good to say about it.

Hakkenden: Touhou Hakken Ibun

Much to my surprise, this is not a reverse-harem series. In fact, the main female can be shipped with one guy, and that's it. Meanwhile, mildly suggestive situations happen between the main male leads. This series has a good plot, and it also has a bit of action in it. It's pretty entertaining, and I would definitely recommend it. 

Hetalia: The Beautiful World

It's pretty much a shinier, slightly less funny version of Hetalia. Though, I'm only one episode in, so who knows how thing will change between now and the end of the series.

Ishida to Asakura

It's not a complete success at being a comedy, but it has its moments where you'll laugh quite a bit. Also, I find it questionable why everyone is in love with Asakura, I think its the afro.


Surprisingly dark, I was not expecting this series to have much drama, if any. But damn, this series has a bunch of drama, and it's really good. The comedic moments in it are also good, definitely a must watch.

Love Live! School Idol Project

It's a pretty good series, they didn't completely succeed at their first event, and apparently there are many more characters that will be added to the current group (there are only three so far), so I'm excited to see them all join the group.


Deceiving title, extremely deceiving title. The humor in it is rather dry, but at least the animation is pretty to look at.

Maoyuu Maou Yuusha

It's interesting, two enemies, becoming lovers for the sake of continuing the war for the purpose of peace. Yes. My only problem is that sometimes I'm not too sure whether this series is supposed to be serious or not.

Mondaiji-tachi ga Isekai kara Kuru Sou Desu yo?

It's pretty interesting, the concept is pretty unique, like a blend of Alice in Wonderland and an RPG. I do have issues with the animation being extremely similar to that of a generic ecchi anime.

Ore no Kanojo to Osananajimi ga Shuraba Sugiru

This series is pretty good, I'm liking the whole fake lovers thing that's going on, and I also like Masuzu is secretly evil. I was thinking this would be just another, average shounen love/comedy, but this turned out to be a pleasant surprise.

Puchimas!: Petit iDOLM@STER

Exactly what I was expecting it to be, it'll make you chuckle every now and again, but it's nothing that is particularly engrossing or special in any way.


There's quite a few mixed opinions for this show, but I, for one, thoroughly enjoy this series' chaotic setting. It's trippy, and that's why some people don't like it, but the insanity is pretty much why I like this series. I love the story-book-ish animation as well, it's extremely appealing to the eyes.

Senran Kagura

It's pretty much your generic/bad ecchi-action series with an amazing voice cast. It's really bad, but I'll watch it all the way through. I watch it for the Yuu Kobayashi, I swear.

Tamako Market

I love this series, one episode in and I was hooked. It's a hilarious story with some romance and slice of life mixed in. The characters are all lovable, and it leaves you with a really nice feeling after each episode. Definitely a must watch, and probably my favorite new series of the season.

Vividred Operation

It's a futuristic mahou-shoujo series where the girls don't wear any pants during their school days. I do like how the characters can do fusions in this series, but it's a little bit rushed. And if you want to pick this series up, a warning to you. You will see a lot of ass and crotch shots. Depending on your morals, you may or may not feel like a pedo watching this show. That is all.

Yama no Susume

Probably the best out of all the short series, it has good humor, and the characters are enjoyable. It's actually a bit disappointing that this is only a 3 minutes per episode series.

Ongoing Series from Previous Seasons:

Aoi Sekai no Chuushin de

It's likely that I will not be seeing another episode out of this series for another two to three months, but regardless, from the two episodes that have aired, I'd say that this series isn't very good. It's hilariously bad, so I guess it at least lives up to the comedy genre it has. Still, it's pretty entertaining, and I wish that this would have been a weekly series and not a series with an episode every few months. That's a bit irritating.

Bakuman 3

Bakuman is just as engrossing as ever, though, it is a bit saddening knowing that the series is nearing its end. Still, the characters, the story, pretty much everything about it, is enjoyable.

JoJo's Bizarre Adventure (2012)

I started liking more, and more, and more ever since Joseph Joestar took over as the protagonist. I think his being an asshole makes the series all the more entertaining, also, I'm liking Lisa Lisa. Her character is particularly interesting.

Little Busters!

I really like this series, but sometimes all of the drama can almost get me depressed, but after the drama ends, there's a hilarious episode or two, but then you're back to the inevitable drama, and you will cry. There's no escaping it.


The Balbadd arc is nearly over, and then at long last, my favorite parts of the manga, the Sindria arc and the Zagan arc will be animated. I'm also loving the new opening theme, brings a smile to my face every time I listen to it.


The Sybil system is starting to show its flaws, the antagonist is learning to make is way around it. The last few episodes have been especially thrilling and disturbing at the same time. I wish it was going to last more than 22 episodes, but I'll enjoy it while it lasts.


The most recent episodes of this series brought my enjoyment of it way up. It got much darker really fast, but in the most recent episode, things are seemingly resolved, but who knows how thing will pan out later on? Also, I love Frau, she's so cute and weird.

Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo

I have to admit that, for me at least, the most interesting romances in this series have nothing to do with the main character. I've been extremely frustrated with Jin and Misaki's especially, just when you think things are about to work out, they don't! But I still like their romance regardless of how frustrating it is. I also like Ryuunosuke and Rita's romance, but it's also frustrating. Why is the romance in this series so damn frustrating to watch?

Shinsekai yori

This series has so many crazy plot twists, and characters keep on disappearing, and it's just...crazy. I like this series a lot, but the time skips seem to come out of nowhere, but it still manages to keep my attention every episode.

Uchuu Kyoudai

The latest episodes are showing me that Hibito's luck is getting worse, and worse, but he tries his best to overcome it. Mutta, on the other hand, still remains the most interesting character of the series.

Zetsuen no Tempest

This series has become a lot more light-hearted in the second half, but it's still really good. Though, things may go back to being serious, I've enjoyed most of the series so far, so I doubt they'd do anything to change that.

That's my watch list for the winter anime season, I may watch one or two of the shows I didn't pick up later on, but in the mean time, these are the series I'm gonna stick to. Hopefully the bad ones will get better, and the good ones won't go downhill. I'm definitely looking forward to the rest season though, mainly because of Magi and Tamako Market. 

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