Friday, December 28, 2012

Aoi Sekai no Chuushin de Episode 2 - Killer

Remember the anime Aoi Sekai no Chuushin de? You know, that anime with the characters representing Nintendo and Sega, and the whole show pretty much documents the video game wars in an abstract, fantasy, ecchi anime adventure. Yeah, well, there was a new episode of this series the other day, 3 MONTHS after the first episode aired.

Well, it's a good thing you asked that question, son, because that is exactly what we're gonna learn about today!
So, in this episode, we learn about what and who the killers are, and that our dear protagonists either have the potential to become or are already said killers. 

Take a wild guess as to what once-glorious video game console brand that represents
We also learn the story of the downfall of the once great, Atarika empire. Although they had a massive army, due to the bad-quality of their soldiers, the empire had fallen. Which led the other kingdoms to believe in quality over quantity and all that shit. Which is pretty much how killers came to be.

Can't say I've seen a girl get this aroused from someone holding her hand
After briefing Gear on the killers, Tejilof goes to give Opal a "private lesson" (no, they did not have sex, but that probably would have been less ridiculous than what actually happened) and teach her a new skill. As he holds her fingers and a light emits from her hand, she gets aroused, really aroused. She makes a bunch of squealing noises and crosses her legs tighter, and tighter, and tighter until she reaches a point where she can't take it anymore. As she prepares to climax, a large green beam erupts from the tip of her fingers in a spontaneous pink and sparkly background.

And thus, Opal has learned the skill: Shot

That scene was, for me, the highlight of the whole episode, and I would advise you to, even if this show isn't you're thing, stop, and just watch that part of the episode, purely to laugh at it.

Nothing's sexier than a beam of light in front of the goods.... mhm
Nel comes along and tells Tejilof that her brother is looking for him, and after a lot of explaining and a demonstration of Nel's impeccable sense of hearing and feeling, it is discovered that she has a special ability, that may or may not be of some use in the near future. Nel thinks of going into combat herself as a foreign concept, so it's hard to say what will happen with her.

I know that chick definitely represents some fighting game
As Tejilof explained who exactly the killers were, I was trying to guess who they were supposed to be representing, but to no avail. One probably represents Street Fighter I'm sure, but I don't know the rest.

The strongest killer in Tatoland, Bays
Like this guy for instance, I have no idea who or what he's supposed to be representing, but I'm guessing it has something to do with the bubbles.

Opal is obviously weaker than her opponent but...
Later, Opal has to face a killer temporarily to buy the rest of the guys some time. Tejilof tells her to get away when she has the chance to, but Opal, being as modest as she is...

Aren't we over confident? Or does she have a death wish? It's hard to say. 
She decides that she will defeat him then and there. So, she stays behind, while Gear has a run in with someone he hasn't seen in a long, long time. Who is it? Find out by watching the episode.

But what oh what will happen to our precious, uppity, quick to climax heroine?!? Who knows, I can't say I really care what happens to her, but the show would probably be a little less funny without her.

Episode Rating: 5.5/10 I have to say, because of that whole orgasmic fingers scene I enjoyed this episode more than the last one.

With this new episode, I observed more orgasms, less clothes ripping off, more of Opal's stupidity, and less appearances of the Nintendo characters. What could possibly be in store in the next episode? I have no idea, but we'll probably have to wait three more months for it.


  1. Basically that guy that blows bubbles (Bays) is from the game 'Bubble Bobble'by the company Taito. It kind of explains why he has a dragon tattoo, because the characters in the games are dragons. It kept bothering me so I had to figure out what the hell he was.

    1. Thanks for telling me, it was irking me a bit too