Thursday, October 25, 2012

Psycho-Pass Episode 3 - Rearing Conventions

Manservice certainly isn't a bad way to start the episode
Psycho-Pass is back on track with the latest episode. We're back to having cases where they actually have to do some investigating, and some enforcing, and this episode included a unique addition; robots.
The bullying scene felt all too much like a situation that can happen in real life, and it does. Some people who are bullied end up cracking, and that's what ended up happening
The first half of the episode was completely filled with dialogue, it seemed to drag on a bit, but the second half of the episode was totally worth it. Today's setting was inside a drone factory, which is completely isolated from the outside, there is no internet, TV, telephone, etc. And one man served as the stress reliever for the other workers. How? By being their involuntary punching bag. However, he himself was stress and seeing as he himself was a stress reliever, how did he rid himself of his own stress? 
He certainly didn't take a subtle approach
The team of enforcers suspected him, mostly because of his hue being more clouded than all of the other workers' and him having no other form of a stress reliever. So, Kougami decides to use a more unique way of proving he's the culprit; by triggering his desire to kill once more. I must say, this approach was certainly unique, and it also allowed us to see a more cruel side of the ever so interesting Kougami.
I love it when they do shots like this
My favorite part was the action they had in the final portion of the episode, the race against death, the rush to the scene, that crazy look in Kougami's eyes, that was awesome. Though we didn't see any gore in this episode, the action was definitely satisfying, and this is definitely a huge improvement from the last episode.

Episode Rating: 7.5/10 A little too much dialogue at the beginning, but the action in the second half certainly was worth it

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