Friday, October 19, 2012

Psycho-Pass Episode 2 - Those Capable

Yes, you still have hands
This was an okay second episode. Although it was not as good as the first, the second episode ended up being a little entertaining in its own way, introducing another character and whatnot. Though the atmosphere in this episode was far, FAR more relaxed then the super-tense darkness of the last episode, which was what made it so good in my eyes.

I love how the first thing our protagonist notices about this woman is her cleavage
We were introduced to a new character this episode, Shion Karanomori, the sexy, blonde analyst with large breasts. (of course) Though her debut scene was mostly talking, and discussing Kougami's condition and whatnot. We'll probably be seeing more of her, because she seems to serve as the fanservice character of this series. I don't think we see very many intelligent fanservice characters now, do we?

Such a relaxed atmosphere despite their line of work
This episode did get kind of boring at times, it was dialogue heavy, and not really that much was going on for half the episode. The second half was definitely the highlight of the episode, where you get a tiny bit of action and some character development for Kagari. However, the first half nearly put me to sleep.
Seeing Masaoka restrain this man in that cartoony suit was quite entertaining
Though this episode completely lack in the bloodiness factor, it did have a very short scene where Masaoka restrains a guy, who is jealous of a pair of lovers, while he was dressed in a mascot suit. Kind of disappointing how this episode's only action was that scene, and that's it.

I'm glad to see Kougami expressing some emotion in this episode, in fact, I was quite touched seeing it
Probably the most entertaining part of this episode was towards the end, when Akane visits Kougami in his recovery room. It was cool to see him express some emotions, as opposed to the last episode, where he remained completely monotone. It also gives a little more light on his side of things, which I wish to see more of. Hopefully, next episode we'll be seeing more of him.

Other notes on this episode:
  • The ending theme was really good, the soft voice went really nicely with the fast beat of the song
  • The protagonist's friends seem like those generic friend characters that you seem to find in any anime or manga with a slice of life setting

Episode Rating: 6/10 It was decent, but the last episode was far better

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