Thursday, October 11, 2012

Psycho-Pass Episode 1 - Crime Coefficient

Got to admit, that's a damn nice way to present the title

After watching this I think I see a lot of potential for a top-fiver in this anime. It has all the things I like about anime, action, blood, and so far, great characters. Many great first episodes don't leave impressions as good as this one did. 

I kind of thought that was a semi-harsh, cliché statement, but some of these guys act like they don't care about human life whatsoever
The concept on its own is a very frightening, yet realistic portrayal of the future. Where people who are mentally unstable are forced to get treatment, and when they become unstable to the point where they are "incurable" will be killed without hesitation by these "Enforcers". It was certainly an interesting concept, and with the main character seeming to be the only one who possesses a heart, she attempts to help the innocent who are still subject to the "incurable" label even when they did nothing wrong. In fact, they are the victims.

He's rather handsome, but he's got the personality of a rock
I haven't seen much of the enforcement officers except Kougami and Masaoka, but from what I've seen, these guys don't really value people's lives at all, including their own. Kougami does seem to have a pre-established rival, so I'm kind of looking forward to seeing more of their interactions. Also, hopefully Kougami will have some development, and eventually get some more prominent emotions, because, quite frankly, the guy was cold as hell.

One thing that bothered me was how when they did those close ups of the target's lips and made them look all dry. I mean, does being mentally unstable also mean dehydration or something in this show?
The villain of this episode had the looks of an average business guy at first when the were checking up on his background, but it seems after being targeted by the drones and him refusing treatment, him being chased has taken a huge toll on him psychologically, to the point where he takes a hostage and rapes(?) her.

They definitely had nice, disturbing and gory death scenes, but the director of this series worked on both Blood+ and Blood-C, so that's kind of to be expected.
There is also some blood and gore in this series. People basically exploding. Yes, exploding, as a result of being shot with that gun that we kept on seeing during the promos. I have to admit, I am a bit of a fan of gory shows, so that was a plus for me.

Your final decision, what will you do?
I have to admit, I kind of respect the main female character for having the guts to go against the rules of that warped society. Stand up for your beliefs, girly, it'll help change society. Maybe.

Other notes on this show:

  • The opening song is great!! I can't wait to see the opening animation sequence.
  • I absolutely love the character designs
  • If this show screws up from this point, I will be pissed as hell

Episode Rating: 9.5/10 Awesome first episode, a great way to start the series.

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