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Magi Episode 1 - Aladdin and Alibaba

So Magi starts off this season with condensing four or five chapters of the manga into one episode. This is actually pleasing for me, because, even as a huge fan of the manga, the beginning was slow as hell. Seeing it sped up like this was actually pretty good, and a lot more entertaining.

I'm not exactly used to reviews, so basically what I'm doing is a partial summary/review of the episode.

Now, it kind of starts off like your typical shounen anime, guy kind of lives a mediocre life, but has a big dream. However, in order for that dream to come true, he needs power, and that's where our friends Aladdin and Ugo come in.
Aladdin's love of boobs has no boundaries
Aladdin is a very much gluttonous and perverted young boy with a magic flute that holds Ugo, a giant blue ripped djin. Djins are pretty much like genies (that's the only comparison I can think of at the moment), who each hold a great strength, but I won't go into too much detail since the anime hasn't really explained that much yet.

And here's a shot of our lovely protagonist being stepped on Budel (the fat guy)
Alibaba, the main protagonist, pretty much lets those of a higher class push him around, he's only out to make money, and doesn't want any unneccessary problems. After getting in trouble because of Aladdin eating Budel's watermelons, Alibaba tries to go home and relax, but Aladdin is still follows him home and eats all of Alibaba's food. After getting mad and yelling at him for eating all of his food, he teaches young Aladdin about dungeons and how he dreams of conquering one and obtaining great riches. The next day he seems to have no issues about taking Aladdin around town, even though he's telling him how much he doesn't want to be involved with him.

Alibaba begins to tell Aladdin about the wonders of money, and how it can get you anything. From the most delicious food to the most beautiful women, as long as you have money, you can have it all.

I couldn't help but coo and Morgiana's cuteness, sucks that she's a slave at the moment, though
While dancing around with glee, Aladdin bumps into a girl carrying a basket of lemons (Morgiana), she falls back and drops a few, but promptly picks them up as Aladdin apologizes. Alibaba asks if he could help her, she refuses and begins to walk away. Aladdin notices the chains around her ankles, she hears him, and tries to cover them with her cloth but she falls over, spilling all of the fruit. Alibaba tells him that she's a slave, and explains what exactly slaves are. Aladdin, not knowing it's a crime, cuts Morgiana's chains and says that she can now walk freely. Alibaba and the surrounding people are all stunned by this, Alibaba tries to explain it, but then Budel shows up and does it for him. Budel begins pestering Alibaba about the money he owes him (for the watermelons) and tells him he'll end up as a slave if he doesn't pay him back. He starts saying how life as a slave is hard, and starts beating on Morgiana in the process. Alibaba just watches in horror, but then Aladdin tells Budel to stop. Budel threatens to call the guards, as Budel's servants suddenly show up and hold knives in front of Aladdin and Alibaba's faces. Budel starts saying that he should just kill them now, and then Aladdin summons Ugo, and everyone around them is stunned as Ugo attacks Budel and the guards. After that, Alibaba and Aladdin make a run for it, and Morgiana runs off somewhere else.

After seeing Ugo, Alibaba concludes that he's a djin, and basically thinks they'll be useful in beating the dungeon, so Alibaba takes Aladdin to a hostess bar. (I guess you can call it that) Aladdin is sitting with and groping two fabulously gorgeous women, and while he explains Ugo asked him to search for other djin, and asks Alibaba to show him where the dungeon is. Alibaba is relieved to have a companion to clear the dungeon with, and that he'll finally be getting the riches he's been dreaming of. He decides to have a little fun for himself.

Unfortunately for him, luck was not on his side when it came to getting a hostess.

That's where I'm wrapping up my summary. There's still some more of the episode that it didn't cover, but if you really want to find out, go and watch it, it was really good.

Notes on other things:

  • The opening theme is amazing
  • Kaori Ishihara's pitch is still a little too high
  • Yuki Kaji is doing a pretty good job
  • Ugo's voice is REALLY deep
  • The soundtrack is pretty good
  • The ending theme is really annoying

Episode rating: 8/10 off to a pretty good start here, and the hostess scene was hilarious

All I have to say is that the rest of the episode was very much enjoyable, but the next episode will probably be even better, seeing as the real action, the dungeon arc, starts then.

Now, the down side to Magi having such a typical shounen first episode is that a large bunch of people are going to drop it right off the bat, saying it's unoriginal, bland, weak, etc. and drop it. I'm not gonna go trying to convince them otherwise, they'll just be missing out on the awesomeness to come. 

Now that the first episode's out of the way, the real action's gonna start in the dungeon next episode, so you can look forward to that!

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