Saturday, October 20, 2012

Aoi Sekai no Chuushin de Episode 1 - The Hard Wars of Consume

What in the hell did I just watch?
I didn't know too much about this show, but I expected it to be awesome. However, what I got was a complete and utter disappointment. It was rushed, it had censored fanservice, they made the Nintendo characters look like a bunch of epic assholes, (something I was expecting) and it was just...weird

I wasn't really sure of what the point of her naked montage was
So the show starts off in a very cliché manner, with a flashback, and throughout the first half of the show we are shown what a Marty-Stu (male alternative to Mary-Sue) our main character is for a vast majority of the episode. And for some reason, the show had two very random scenes with girls' clothes ripping off. There was a very brief scene showing the Nintendo characters, but it didn't show all of them or really elaborate on them very much, which was a shame. They were the characters I wanted to see the most. (I don't know of very many Sega characters apart from Sonic)

Her logic of "Oh, I don't like this guy, so he shouldn't be in the army," baffles me. He's the only guy who seems to know how to fight amongst all of those other soldiers, but she still didn't think he's suited.
One thing that really bothered me was Opal. At first, she appears to be a snobby bitch who can't accept Gear for absolutely no reason, and challenges him to battle saying that if she wins he has to leave the castle, despite their country fighting a losing war.

So not only is she acceptant of him when she loses, she is also willing to be raped!  Luckily, she doesn't say it out loud, she only hints at it.
Then you find out she's a slut, who makes herself appear all high and mighty, but the second she was defeated she fawns over the guy and becomes a fangirl for him. She also fantasizes about being raped by him. Then for the rest of the episode, she acts as his friend with a one-sided love.

Sex jokes were a thrown around a little too often for them to be funny, but I guess since this guy is represents a puzzle game, they kind of make sense in another way
Ramsus is also kind of a slut, just sitting back and letting herself be groped by Tezhilov (the Tetris guy) not to mention her random naked montage earlier in the episode. Also, Tezhilov bothered the hell out of me with his sex jokes. I mean, an occasional sex joke is funny, but when you're constantly making them every two minutes, it's just annoying. Such classy people in the Segua Empire, can't help but root for them (sarcasm).

No shit, Sherlock
I didn't really care when I saw Mr. Marty-Stu finally get defeated by the pervert making all the stupid sex jokes, at that point I really didn't care, and now I just want to get to the next episode. Hopefully then, I'll get to see more of the Nintendo characters.

Other notes on this show:

  • The opening theme sucks, I will never listen to that piece of crap again
  • The ending theme was kind of like a slow dance song, I wasn't too fond of it
  • If someone can help me figure out some of the Sega references, that would be awesome

Episode Rating: 4.5/10 It was bad, but its stupidity made it kind of funny and I'm crazy enough to want to see more of it. (mostly because of the Nintendo characters)

If you're like me, and don't know who all of the characters are supposed to represent, check out this character guide (which will also show you characters who haven't debuted yet):

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