Thursday, October 25, 2012

Psycho-Pass Episode 3 - Rearing Conventions

Manservice certainly isn't a bad way to start the episode
Psycho-Pass is back on track with the latest episode. We're back to having cases where they actually have to do some investigating, and some enforcing, and this episode included a unique addition; robots.
The bullying scene felt all too much like a situation that can happen in real life, and it does. Some people who are bullied end up cracking, and that's what ended up happening
The first half of the episode was completely filled with dialogue, it seemed to drag on a bit, but the second half of the episode was totally worth it. Today's setting was inside a drone factory, which is completely isolated from the outside, there is no internet, TV, telephone, etc. And one man served as the stress reliever for the other workers. How? By being their involuntary punching bag. However, he himself was stress and seeing as he himself was a stress reliever, how did he rid himself of his own stress? 
He certainly didn't take a subtle approach
The team of enforcers suspected him, mostly because of his hue being more clouded than all of the other workers' and him having no other form of a stress reliever. So, Kougami decides to use a more unique way of proving he's the culprit; by triggering his desire to kill once more. I must say, this approach was certainly unique, and it also allowed us to see a more cruel side of the ever so interesting Kougami.
I love it when they do shots like this
My favorite part was the action they had in the final portion of the episode, the race against death, the rush to the scene, that crazy look in Kougami's eyes, that was awesome. Though we didn't see any gore in this episode, the action was definitely satisfying, and this is definitely a huge improvement from the last episode.

Episode Rating: 7.5/10 A little too much dialogue at the beginning, but the action in the second half certainly was worth it

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Fall 2012 Anime Watch List

So, with the fall season finally starting, a lot of good anime have come out. Of course, as always there's also a mix of really bad anime in there, but I basically rooted out what I want to watch, what I'll wait to watch, and what I will never watch. (the ONA series this season are terrible) So now, I will be sharing with you what I will be watching this season, and what my first impressions are of the series.

New Series:

Aoi Sekai no Chuushin de

This show is basically a combination of all of the bad elements in anime I've seen this year. It's rushed, it has unnecessary and censored fanservice, and female characters that either quickly develop or were always slutty. What makes me question my sanity is my random desire to continue watching it. Though, I can tell you the only reason I'm still watching this is for the Nintendo characters.

Bakuman 3

Bakuman is one of my favorite anime, and seeing more of it is great. My only complaint is that I have to wait a week for every new episode, I can't wait for them! I'm liking the way things are developing, and something tells me it'll only get better.


I've watched three episodes of this series and it is awesome. I like the idea of their only weapon being bombs instead of the usual guns, swords, axes, etc. I'm also liking the characters, quite a unique set of different characters. The story is also really good, and I would definitely recommend it, just as long as you're okay with things like rape, blood, etc.

Chuunibyou demo Koi ga Shitai!

I like this show, it's a romantic comedy about delusional people. Who open a club. That has to do with one of the girl's delusions. It's an interesting concept, and I definitely enjoy it. The characters are also pretty funny, seeing as one of them is formerly delusional, another two are completely bonkers, one of them just plays along, and two of them are seemingly normal. It's pretty interesting. I'm also enjoying the Lite episodes.

This show is good, I like it a lot. My problem is it's not really faithful to its source material. Even though I only read a few chapters of it, I could still easily tell this series was doing its own thing at several parts. It's good and all, but I think I'd prefer reading the manga.

Hayate no Gotoku! Can't Take My Eyes Off You

I'm not really loving this new Hayate series to be honest. I mean, for one, this does seem to have a third season-ish setup to it, and another thing, it lacks something very important that the other two Hayate series had. What is it? NORIO WAKAMOTO. There's no more narration, which means no more Norio Wakamoto, which was a huge disappointment.

JoJo's Bizarre Adventure (2012)

This show is hilarious. Problem; it's not supposed to be hilarious. It's just that it's REALLY rushed and extremely over-dramatic. The combination of the two just got me laughing so hard during the first episode. The second and third episodes weren't as bad, but it was still pretty rushed.

Jormungand: Perfect Order

This is just a continuation of the last season of Jormungand, more of the same, but it still manages to entertain. I'm liking the new developments, but reading some spoilers might have messed this series up for me. So, nothing will surprise me with this show.


This show was supposed to be amazing, but, it's good. Not amazing, just good. Not that there's anything wrong with that, it was still a bit disappointment, and Neko is very annoying and seems to turn anything serious into something stupid. Still, it is a decent series.

Kamisama Hajimemashita

I like the manga for this series, but I'm not really crazy about this anime adaptation. It's rushed (a frequent problem for anime this year), the music is terrible, and the colors used look like a washout of something that was once bright. Though the story progression is rushed, that is just about the best part of the series. It's gonna be short, though, so I'll keep watching.

Little Busters!

This is one of my favorites of the season. I've long been looking for a show where a group of friends hang out, with a touch of drama and romance. One thing that worries me though, this is an adaptation of a Key game. That means they'll probably kill off someone you really like because that's Key does. Still, I'm enjoying this series a lot.


I'm loving the anime adaptation of Magi. It rushes the beginning, but I have no problem with that, because the manga's first few chapters progressed really slow. I like most of the voice actors used, but I have really mixed feelings for Kaori Ishihara. Sometimes she sounds good, sometimes she sounds too feminine. That's my only problem with this series, other than that it's a perfect adaptation, and my favorite of the season.


The first episode for this series was awesome, the second, not so much. However, this series is still very good. Though sometimes the main character seems like a Mary-Sue, it's still pretty good.


This show is good and all, but I kind of want to have more characters around in the setting. Right now there is only the main girl and guy in the club, and so far three other characters have debuted, but have not yet joined the club. Hoping they join soon, because the atmosphere in the show is a bit lonely with just two of them.

Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo

This show is cute, I could go without the ecchi element, but it's not bad ecchi, it's not censored. I like the characters, especially the main character (he rescues cats, and I love cats). This show is gonna have over twenty episodes, so I'm looking forward to seeing more of it.

Shinsekai yori

This show progressed a tab bit slow, but it's starting to go from creepy, to scary. I mean especially with the latest developments, I'm getting real scary. I also like the animation, and judging by the trailer, there will probably be a time skip at some point in the show. I'm enjoying this series, and it seems to be getting better with every episode.

Sukitte Ii na yo

Even though I couldn't really read through the manga without wanting to stop, the anime is surprisingly entertaining. I'm enjoying it a lot more than I thought I would, despite it having most clichés that shoujo manga and anime have. I'm enjoying it, and I hope things move fast paced for this one, the manga was a bit too slow for me.

Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun

This was another adaptation of a manga I'm reading, and I'm liking it. I can't help but feel things are a bit different from what I expected, but it's still a great adaptation. I do have a problem with it being only 13 episodes though.

Zetsuen no Tempest

This is another of my favorites of the season. It kind of reminds me of No.6 except without the boys love and all the dirt. The plot is really good, and I love the fantasy elements of this show. I don't know why, but I have a feeling Aika is alive, I may be wrong, but I can't help but get that feeling.

Ongoing Series from Previous Seasons:

Sword Art Online

The Sword Art Online arc has ended and they've moved on to the Alfheim Online arc, and I have say, it's pretty good. Though I'm not too fond of Kirito's sister having a crush on him, everything else seems to be moving along well so far. It did feel like the ending of the SAO arc was a bit rushed, though.

Uchuu Kyoudai

So the exams have finally concluded and Mutta is waiting with his parents to watch Hibito go off to the moon. Things are moving well for this series, Mutta still remaining the most interesting character of the series. 

So those are my thoughts of the fall anime season of this year. Stay tuned for my weekly reviews of Psycho-Pass and Aoi Sekai no Chuushin de! 

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Aoi Sekai no Chuushin de Episode 1 - The Hard Wars of Consume

What in the hell did I just watch?
I didn't know too much about this show, but I expected it to be awesome. However, what I got was a complete and utter disappointment. It was rushed, it had censored fanservice, they made the Nintendo characters look like a bunch of epic assholes, (something I was expecting) and it was just...weird

I wasn't really sure of what the point of her naked montage was
So the show starts off in a very cliché manner, with a flashback, and throughout the first half of the show we are shown what a Marty-Stu (male alternative to Mary-Sue) our main character is for a vast majority of the episode. And for some reason, the show had two very random scenes with girls' clothes ripping off. There was a very brief scene showing the Nintendo characters, but it didn't show all of them or really elaborate on them very much, which was a shame. They were the characters I wanted to see the most. (I don't know of very many Sega characters apart from Sonic)

Her logic of "Oh, I don't like this guy, so he shouldn't be in the army," baffles me. He's the only guy who seems to know how to fight amongst all of those other soldiers, but she still didn't think he's suited.
One thing that really bothered me was Opal. At first, she appears to be a snobby bitch who can't accept Gear for absolutely no reason, and challenges him to battle saying that if she wins he has to leave the castle, despite their country fighting a losing war.

So not only is she acceptant of him when she loses, she is also willing to be raped!  Luckily, she doesn't say it out loud, she only hints at it.
Then you find out she's a slut, who makes herself appear all high and mighty, but the second she was defeated she fawns over the guy and becomes a fangirl for him. She also fantasizes about being raped by him. Then for the rest of the episode, she acts as his friend with a one-sided love.

Sex jokes were a thrown around a little too often for them to be funny, but I guess since this guy is represents a puzzle game, they kind of make sense in another way
Ramsus is also kind of a slut, just sitting back and letting herself be groped by Tezhilov (the Tetris guy) not to mention her random naked montage earlier in the episode. Also, Tezhilov bothered the hell out of me with his sex jokes. I mean, an occasional sex joke is funny, but when you're constantly making them every two minutes, it's just annoying. Such classy people in the Segua Empire, can't help but root for them (sarcasm).

No shit, Sherlock
I didn't really care when I saw Mr. Marty-Stu finally get defeated by the pervert making all the stupid sex jokes, at that point I really didn't care, and now I just want to get to the next episode. Hopefully then, I'll get to see more of the Nintendo characters.

Other notes on this show:

  • The opening theme sucks, I will never listen to that piece of crap again
  • The ending theme was kind of like a slow dance song, I wasn't too fond of it
  • If someone can help me figure out some of the Sega references, that would be awesome

Episode Rating: 4.5/10 It was bad, but its stupidity made it kind of funny and I'm crazy enough to want to see more of it. (mostly because of the Nintendo characters)

If you're like me, and don't know who all of the characters are supposed to represent, check out this character guide (which will also show you characters who haven't debuted yet):

Friday, October 19, 2012

Psycho-Pass Episode 2 - Those Capable

Yes, you still have hands
This was an okay second episode. Although it was not as good as the first, the second episode ended up being a little entertaining in its own way, introducing another character and whatnot. Though the atmosphere in this episode was far, FAR more relaxed then the super-tense darkness of the last episode, which was what made it so good in my eyes.

I love how the first thing our protagonist notices about this woman is her cleavage
We were introduced to a new character this episode, Shion Karanomori, the sexy, blonde analyst with large breasts. (of course) Though her debut scene was mostly talking, and discussing Kougami's condition and whatnot. We'll probably be seeing more of her, because she seems to serve as the fanservice character of this series. I don't think we see very many intelligent fanservice characters now, do we?

Such a relaxed atmosphere despite their line of work
This episode did get kind of boring at times, it was dialogue heavy, and not really that much was going on for half the episode. The second half was definitely the highlight of the episode, where you get a tiny bit of action and some character development for Kagari. However, the first half nearly put me to sleep.
Seeing Masaoka restrain this man in that cartoony suit was quite entertaining
Though this episode completely lack in the bloodiness factor, it did have a very short scene where Masaoka restrains a guy, who is jealous of a pair of lovers, while he was dressed in a mascot suit. Kind of disappointing how this episode's only action was that scene, and that's it.

I'm glad to see Kougami expressing some emotion in this episode, in fact, I was quite touched seeing it
Probably the most entertaining part of this episode was towards the end, when Akane visits Kougami in his recovery room. It was cool to see him express some emotions, as opposed to the last episode, where he remained completely monotone. It also gives a little more light on his side of things, which I wish to see more of. Hopefully, next episode we'll be seeing more of him.

Other notes on this episode:
  • The ending theme was really good, the soft voice went really nicely with the fast beat of the song
  • The protagonist's friends seem like those generic friend characters that you seem to find in any anime or manga with a slice of life setting

Episode Rating: 6/10 It was decent, but the last episode was far better

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Fall 2012 Anime: What I Will Review Weekly

Okay, so I know I said I would probably be doing episode reviews of Magi, however, there is a bit of a problem with that. Seeing as I am a huge fan of the series, I will probably like each and every episode (like the one I watched today, it was awesome XD), even if there are changes from the manga. There's really no point in reviewing something when you'll automatically give each episode an 8 or above.

What I will be doing regular reviews of is Psycho-Pass, but I may also include Aoi Sekai no Chuushin de, but I don't know if I'll be doing that one for sure. That way, I can honestly review, complain, and praise things about the series. When you're already a fan of something, you'll probably back it no matter what. Since I don't have any idea what's gonna happen in both Psycho-Pass and Aoi Sekai no Chuushin de, I'll actually be able to give more accurate reviews.

I'm not doing more than those two because I don't have the time nor the energy to do weekly reviews for all of the series I'm watching right now. (I'm watching twenty-something shows from this season, plus a bunch of OVAs and specials from series that finished previously)

I may do reviews of the filler-arc that Magi might have, but at the moment it's a no for that series.

So you can look forward to my reviews of Psycho-Pass and maybe Aoi Sekai no Chuushin de. For now, I'll just enjoy Magi, and maybe give a review of the series as a whole when it finishes airing. However, there's a chance that I just may be doing that for all of the shows I'm watching this season.

My watch list will come out in a week or two, so be sure to check back in :)

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Psycho-Pass Episode 1 - Crime Coefficient

Got to admit, that's a damn nice way to present the title

After watching this I think I see a lot of potential for a top-fiver in this anime. It has all the things I like about anime, action, blood, and so far, great characters. Many great first episodes don't leave impressions as good as this one did. 

I kind of thought that was a semi-harsh, cliché statement, but some of these guys act like they don't care about human life whatsoever
The concept on its own is a very frightening, yet realistic portrayal of the future. Where people who are mentally unstable are forced to get treatment, and when they become unstable to the point where they are "incurable" will be killed without hesitation by these "Enforcers". It was certainly an interesting concept, and with the main character seeming to be the only one who possesses a heart, she attempts to help the innocent who are still subject to the "incurable" label even when they did nothing wrong. In fact, they are the victims.

He's rather handsome, but he's got the personality of a rock
I haven't seen much of the enforcement officers except Kougami and Masaoka, but from what I've seen, these guys don't really value people's lives at all, including their own. Kougami does seem to have a pre-established rival, so I'm kind of looking forward to seeing more of their interactions. Also, hopefully Kougami will have some development, and eventually get some more prominent emotions, because, quite frankly, the guy was cold as hell.

One thing that bothered me was how when they did those close ups of the target's lips and made them look all dry. I mean, does being mentally unstable also mean dehydration or something in this show?
The villain of this episode had the looks of an average business guy at first when the were checking up on his background, but it seems after being targeted by the drones and him refusing treatment, him being chased has taken a huge toll on him psychologically, to the point where he takes a hostage and rapes(?) her.

They definitely had nice, disturbing and gory death scenes, but the director of this series worked on both Blood+ and Blood-C, so that's kind of to be expected.
There is also some blood and gore in this series. People basically exploding. Yes, exploding, as a result of being shot with that gun that we kept on seeing during the promos. I have to admit, I am a bit of a fan of gory shows, so that was a plus for me.

Your final decision, what will you do?
I have to admit, I kind of respect the main female character for having the guts to go against the rules of that warped society. Stand up for your beliefs, girly, it'll help change society. Maybe.

Other notes on this show:

  • The opening song is great!! I can't wait to see the opening animation sequence.
  • I absolutely love the character designs
  • If this show screws up from this point, I will be pissed as hell

Episode Rating: 9.5/10 Awesome first episode, a great way to start the series.

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Magi Episode 1 - Aladdin and Alibaba

So Magi starts off this season with condensing four or five chapters of the manga into one episode. This is actually pleasing for me, because, even as a huge fan of the manga, the beginning was slow as hell. Seeing it sped up like this was actually pretty good, and a lot more entertaining.

I'm not exactly used to reviews, so basically what I'm doing is a partial summary/review of the episode.

Now, it kind of starts off like your typical shounen anime, guy kind of lives a mediocre life, but has a big dream. However, in order for that dream to come true, he needs power, and that's where our friends Aladdin and Ugo come in.
Aladdin's love of boobs has no boundaries
Aladdin is a very much gluttonous and perverted young boy with a magic flute that holds Ugo, a giant blue ripped djin. Djins are pretty much like genies (that's the only comparison I can think of at the moment), who each hold a great strength, but I won't go into too much detail since the anime hasn't really explained that much yet.

And here's a shot of our lovely protagonist being stepped on Budel (the fat guy)
Alibaba, the main protagonist, pretty much lets those of a higher class push him around, he's only out to make money, and doesn't want any unneccessary problems. After getting in trouble because of Aladdin eating Budel's watermelons, Alibaba tries to go home and relax, but Aladdin is still follows him home and eats all of Alibaba's food. After getting mad and yelling at him for eating all of his food, he teaches young Aladdin about dungeons and how he dreams of conquering one and obtaining great riches. The next day he seems to have no issues about taking Aladdin around town, even though he's telling him how much he doesn't want to be involved with him.

Alibaba begins to tell Aladdin about the wonders of money, and how it can get you anything. From the most delicious food to the most beautiful women, as long as you have money, you can have it all.

I couldn't help but coo and Morgiana's cuteness, sucks that she's a slave at the moment, though
While dancing around with glee, Aladdin bumps into a girl carrying a basket of lemons (Morgiana), she falls back and drops a few, but promptly picks them up as Aladdin apologizes. Alibaba asks if he could help her, she refuses and begins to walk away. Aladdin notices the chains around her ankles, she hears him, and tries to cover them with her cloth but she falls over, spilling all of the fruit. Alibaba tells him that she's a slave, and explains what exactly slaves are. Aladdin, not knowing it's a crime, cuts Morgiana's chains and says that she can now walk freely. Alibaba and the surrounding people are all stunned by this, Alibaba tries to explain it, but then Budel shows up and does it for him. Budel begins pestering Alibaba about the money he owes him (for the watermelons) and tells him he'll end up as a slave if he doesn't pay him back. He starts saying how life as a slave is hard, and starts beating on Morgiana in the process. Alibaba just watches in horror, but then Aladdin tells Budel to stop. Budel threatens to call the guards, as Budel's servants suddenly show up and hold knives in front of Aladdin and Alibaba's faces. Budel starts saying that he should just kill them now, and then Aladdin summons Ugo, and everyone around them is stunned as Ugo attacks Budel and the guards. After that, Alibaba and Aladdin make a run for it, and Morgiana runs off somewhere else.

After seeing Ugo, Alibaba concludes that he's a djin, and basically thinks they'll be useful in beating the dungeon, so Alibaba takes Aladdin to a hostess bar. (I guess you can call it that) Aladdin is sitting with and groping two fabulously gorgeous women, and while he explains Ugo asked him to search for other djin, and asks Alibaba to show him where the dungeon is. Alibaba is relieved to have a companion to clear the dungeon with, and that he'll finally be getting the riches he's been dreaming of. He decides to have a little fun for himself.

Unfortunately for him, luck was not on his side when it came to getting a hostess.

That's where I'm wrapping up my summary. There's still some more of the episode that it didn't cover, but if you really want to find out, go and watch it, it was really good.

Notes on other things:

  • The opening theme is amazing
  • Kaori Ishihara's pitch is still a little too high
  • Yuki Kaji is doing a pretty good job
  • Ugo's voice is REALLY deep
  • The soundtrack is pretty good
  • The ending theme is really annoying

Episode rating: 8/10 off to a pretty good start here, and the hostess scene was hilarious

All I have to say is that the rest of the episode was very much enjoyable, but the next episode will probably be even better, seeing as the real action, the dungeon arc, starts then.

Now, the down side to Magi having such a typical shounen first episode is that a large bunch of people are going to drop it right off the bat, saying it's unoriginal, bland, weak, etc. and drop it. I'm not gonna go trying to convince them otherwise, they'll just be missing out on the awesomeness to come. 

Now that the first episode's out of the way, the real action's gonna start in the dungeon next episode, so you can look forward to that!