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Summer 2012 Anime

So, the summer anime season is approaching, and since I watch shows by season, I thought I should post about it. Though I'm usually willing to give every anime a watch on the first episode, I have a pretty good impression of what I'll be watching throughout this season. The summaries come from the Summer 2012 Anime chart provided by animucharts on twitter. My reasons for selecting each show are under the summaries.

Definitely Watching:

Yuru Yuri♪♪

Summary: The second season of Yuru Yuri.

I've already seen the first season of this pervy show and loved it, so I'll certainly be tuning in for its second season.

Moyashimon Returns

Summary: A sequel of the first series. College student Tadayasu Sawaki has a unique ability. He can see and communicate with bacteria and other microorganisms. Hijinks ensue.

I saw the first series, and I can't get enough of those adorable microbes, and this is probably going to be one of the more educational anime this season.

Rinne no Lagrange 2

Summary: The second season of Rinne no Lagrange

The first season wasn't a masterpiece, but it was a pretty good watch, and I'm kind of curious about Lan's brother, amongst other things. So, why not?

Jinrui wa Suitai Shimashita

Summary: It's been several centuries since human beings declined due to the steep drop in birthrates. The most prosperous species on Earth are "Fairies", 10 cm tall creatures with high intelligence. I became a UN arbitrator between the humans and the fairies and returned to my hometown to help my grandfather. I thought my job would not be a tough one and visited one of the fairies' habitats to say hello to them but...

I've seen the preview to this anime, and it looks trippy as hell. So I'm definitely watching it.


Summary: Based on the manga by Kumeto Kouji (Sayonara Zetsubou-sensei), a group of female rakugo performers discusses random things and usually reaches an unusual or humorous conclusion that's far from the initial discussion topic.

Sayonara Zetsubou-sensei is probably my favorite comedy anime, so needless to say I have high hopes for this series. Though I'm not too sure what to expect with a summary like that, all I can do is hope for a good comedy.

 La storia della Arcana Famiglia

Summary: Arcana Famiglia is a self-appointed organization with mysterious powers that has protected a small Mediterranean island from pirates, foreign countries, and other threats. The only daughter of the family's Papa, Felicita will be married to the next head of the family in two months - and the successor will be decided in a competition that Felicita herself will take part in.

A mafia reverse-harem? Sounds interesting enough.

Kokoro Connect

Summary: The "love and teen pentagonal comedy" follows the strange phenomena at the Yamahoshi Academy's Culture Club, starting with the five male and female club members switching bodies with each other.

I saw a little sneak preview of the first episode, it's only 11 minutes per episode, and the plot is a little over-used, but I'll give it a shot. Plus, the animation is adorable.

It turns out, this series is a full, 23 min per episode show, so I'm not sure if I'm going to keep on watching it.

Binbougami ga!

Summary: Sakura Ichiko is a 16-year-old girl who leads a charmed life and is blessed with beauty, brains, and health. She has an abundance of "Happiness Energy", which can make people happy, but at the cost of absorbing all of the Happiness Energy from her surroundings. She has caused the energy balance of the world to become unbalanced and because of this, she becomes the target of a Poverty God named Momiji. Momiji's goal is to remove Ichiko's power of absorbing other people's Happiness Energy and to return all the energy she has taken to its rightful place.

This seems pretty interesting, and if Momiji turns out to be the so-called "villain" of the series, I just might be rooting for the "bad" guys this time around.

Natsuyuki Rendezvous

Summary: A young man with poor eyesight named Hazuki works part-time in a flower shop and falls hard for the shop owner Rokka. But what happens when he discovers that residing in her apartment is the spirit of the man she can never forget?

The plot seems to be pretty interesting judging by the description, and the animation looks beautiful. Plus, I usually enjoy Josei anime, so I'll give this a watch.

Koi to Senkyo to Chocolate

Summary: Yuki, who wants to fall in love, and Chisato, who doesn't like chocolates. They are lifelong friends and students of the same school. They both belong to the food club with Mifuyu, their classmate. Actually, they don't do anything everyday, just enjoy chatting. But one day, Satsuki, president candidate of the student council, promises to close the clubs that do nothing. To stop it, they decide to run against her. But who? Yes, Yuki is forced to run for the election. To save the club, he will just need to be the next president!

Sounds like a normal, slice of life/ harem, but since a lot of my favorite voice actresses are in it, there's a good chance I'll be watching it.

Arve Rezzle

Summary: In the year 2022, people can upload their minds to cyber space leaving behind soulless bodies. After an accident occurs that causes the system to get overloaded, all of those people become trapped in cyber space leaving a young man named Remu with no choice but to try to get his sister back.

I think the idea has some serious potential, I'll definitely give this a watch.

Sword Art Online

Summary: A genius programmer named Kazuto "Kirito" Kirigaya enters a virtual-reality, massively multiplayer online world called Sword Art Online. There is no escape from this world unless the player clears the game, however getting a "game over" results in the death of the player.

It seems kind of similar to the .//hack series in the sense that what you do in the game affects your life. I do like the risk factor though and the animation looks good, it seems like a really good watch.

Maybe Watching:

Blood Lad

Summary: The black comedy follows a vampire named Staz, an elite vampire otaku who resides in the underworld. His figurative heart is stolen by Fuyumi, a human girl who suddenly appears in his world. Unfortunately, she is just as suddenly killed, and thus becomes a ghost. Staz makes a promise to bring her back to life.

I'm not too sure what to do about this one. This will either be really funny or really stupid.

Tari Tari

Summary: Wakana Sakai once took music lessons, but she withdrew from music after losing her mother. Konatsu Miyamoto is a postive-thinking girl who loves singing and spends time after school at the vocal music club. Sawa Okita is a spirited archery club member who dreams of becoming a horse rider. Daichi Tanaka is a chronically late badminton team member who lives with his older sister who is in college. "Wiin" just transferred into Wakana's class after 12 years abroad in Australia. Music brings Wakana, Konatsu, Sawa and the others together into an ensemble during their last summer in high school.  

Though the plot sounds interesting, I can't help but wonder if this will be another one of those good ideas turned into a boring ass show. Hopefully it'll be decent.

Chouyaku Hyakunin Isshu: Uta Koi.

Summary: Uta Koi tells the "super-liberal interpretation" of the Hyankuninisshu anthology compiled during Japan's Heian period of 100 romantic poems from 100 different poets such as The Tale of Genji's Murasaki Shikibu

I just generally don't have the knowledge to understand the plot. I know nothing about Japanese poems or history, so I might pass on this one, though I'm not sure.

Kono Naka ni Hitori, Imouto ga Iru!

Summary: Abiding by his father's will, Shougo was transferred into an academy where many young girls attend. It appears as though his younger sister (separated from him at birth) also attends this academy, and that she is trying to get closer to him without letting him know who she actually is. Problem is, Shougo seems to be popular with the other girls as well! Can Shougo "properly" reunite with his little sister while getting a girlfriend at the same time.

Oooh, I smell incest. The plot sounds very cliche and a little similar to Onegai Twins, which really wasn't that good. I might watch it if it doesn't have too much fanservice, because I have serious issues with too much and/or censored fanservice.

Ebiten: Kouritsu Ebisugawa Koukou Tenmon-Bu

Summary: Revolves around a high school boy who wanted to join his school's astronomy club but mistakenly joined the school's club for fujoshi.

A fujoshi harem? Hmm....not sure if want.


Summary: A harem comedy plus magic battles. Kusanagi Godo is a 16-year-old high school boy, who once killed the god "Verethragna" and acquired the title of "Campione (god killer)" when he was 15. Erica Brandelli is a 16-year-old Italian girl, who is a "Great Knight" of the magic society "Bronze Black Cross" and has fought together with Godo to defeat Verethragna. Godo doesn't like fighting but his title of "Campione" makes him get involved in battles against other Campiones and uncontrollable gods.

This might be good, this might be bad. It's a good idea, I just hope that it'll be done right, and there won't be any unnecessarily added fanservice.

Muv-Luv Alternative: Total Eclipse

Summary: Based on the Total Eclipse spin-off series Muv-Luv Alternative. It's main medium is short stories supplemented with photographs of dioramas mainly featuring senjutsuki action figures by Volks. Total Eclipse is set in the same world as Alternative, at Alaska's Yukon base, test site 18, where first-class staff from all over the world regardless of country gather to work on new senjutsuki.  The main characters are engineers and pilots. Total Eclipse is to feature many senjutsuki that failed to show up in Alternative.

I'm not even sure of what the hell the description is talking about. All I know is that it is an adaptation of a game. For now, I'll just have to wait and see about this one.

Definitely Not Watching:

Chitose Get You!!

Summary: The story follows an elementary school girl named Chitose who wildly pursues the love of Hiroshi, an older young man who works at the town hall next door to her school.



Summary: In the Warring States Period of ancient China (475-221 BCE), Shin and Hyou are war-orphans in the kingdom of Qin. They dream of one day proving themselves on the battlefield. One day, however Hyou is manages to return to the village, barely alive. Shin then meets a boy who closely resembles Hyou, Ei Sei. For now he is the king of Qin; later he will become the emperor of Shi Huangdi.

I've seen what the animation looks like, it's bad. The show uses CGI animation throughout the anime, and it looks awful. Plus, after reading reviews on the first two episodes, it doesn't seem like the plot makes up for it. So this is a definite no.

Dakara Boku wa, H ga Dekinai

Summary: Kaga Ryosuke is an ecchi high school boy. One day, he meets a girls standing alone in the rain. She is Lisarah Restor, an elite Death, who visited the human world in order to find "Singular Man". Ryosuke makes a contract with Lisarah and she sucks energy required for her activity from Ryosuke. The source of the energy is his ecchi spirit. To recover the sexual desire, Ryosuke has no choice but to help Lisarah's search.

This just sounds completely stupid. Plus, if an anime has ecchi in the description, you know it's gonna be pretty f*cking ecchi. So yeah, hell no.

Dog Days'

Summary: The second season of Dog Days. Republic of Biscotti faces a predicament by the invasion of Galette Leo Knights. In order to save the country, Princess Milchore summons a "hero" from the outer world. Shinku, a junior high school boy living in the Earth is chosen as the hero.

I haven't seen the first season, so I don't know if I've missed anything important in the plot. So this is a no for now.

Kyoukai Senjou no Horizon II

Summary: The second season of Kyoukai Senjou no Horizon.

I didn't see the first season of this because it looked stupid. So, I'm probably not gonna go for the sequel.

Hakuouki Reimeiroku

Summary: A third Hakuoki TV series. It is the prequel of Hakuoki and tells the story of the dawning of the Shinsengumi.

I couldn't sit through more than one episode of the first season. I'm not gonna watch the prequel.

Oda Nobuna no Yabou

Summary: The historical romantic comedy follows 17-year-old high schooler Sagara Yoshiharu who one day time-travels to the Sengoku period, where all the major Samurai lords are cute girls. Yoshiharu meets Oda Nobuna, the girl counterpart of Oda Nobunaga, and begins to serve her as a substitute of Kinoshita Takichiro, who has been dead in the world.

This plot sounds very familiar....because it's been done before in two recent series. This is a no.

Hagure Yuusha no Estetica

Summary: In normal RPGs, a hero defeats the Satan King and the story ends. But what does the hero do after that? Ohtorizawa Akatsuki defeats the Satan king in the fantasy world of Alleyzard and returns to the real world. He is sheltered by the international organization BABEL, which protects and controls people transferred from the outer worlds. BABEL is astonished to know Akatsuki has really defeated Satan and brings Satan's daughter Miu from Alleyzard. In the academy of BABEL, Akatsuki confronts the other "returners", who have psychic powers.

I was actually considering watching this until I watched the trailer. Good lord it is raunchy. This takes ecchi to a whole new level, not to mention half of the trailer was censored. This is probably something I have to advise everyone against. I can already tell this will be an abomination.

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